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It has been said of Eric Javits that he does not just design accessories he celebrates women.

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For four decades Eric Javits has been a leader in the headwear industry. He is the inventor of Squishee® and is attributed with making hat wearing viable and modern for the 21st century. Because of Eric's early fine arts training as a painter and sculptor, every hat is designed to bring harmony and balance to the face. From a sculptural view point, he was fascinated with the way a hat could transform and flatter a person's appearance. When you try one on, you will see the difference!

Eric Javits Squishee Straw braids


In the mid 1990's Eric recognized the need for straw hats that could be packed for travel without cracking or losing their shape, so he developed a braid material that resembled natural raffia but which was actually a composite of man-made fibers. He named the material Squishee® because that best described what it could do. Squishee® is a design patented, innovative material, which is lightweight and durable. The density of the weave is ideal for sun protection headwear.



For four decades Eric Javits has been a leader in the hat industry. As an artist turned designer, his hats bring harmony and balance to the face. He has demonstrated his commitment to creating hats that are useful and beautiful, ones crafted to endure. 

No matter where summer takes you, Eric Javits has an entire range of packable, UPF 50+ Squishee® sun hats that will protect your face, neck and ears from the sun’s harmful rays; they make the process of getting dressed easier by enhancing your look and protecting your face. Squishee® hats are durable, comfortable and so lightweight, you will forget you have one on. Now you can revel in the sun safely, while looking your best!



After a year of development and product testing, Squishee, the innovative man made braid that resembles straw was brought to market and changed everything.
Eric says, “I didn’t invent packable hats; I developed the solution, a straw like material that worked better and looked as good as anything else in the market, at any price.” The Squishee material is not only resilient , products made with it look pretty and charm.


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