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After a year of development and product testing, Squishee, the innovative man made braid that resembles straw was brought to market and changed everything. Eric says, “I didn’t invent packable hats; I developed the solution, a straw like material that worked better and looked as good as anything else in the market, at any price.” The Squishee material is not only resilient , products made with it look pretty and charm.

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Eric Javits Spring Summer Straw Hats

Squishee® A List - Packable Fedora Hat
Squishee® Halo
from $235.00
Margot Straw Hat
Champ II
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SPF 50+
Summer Time
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Perfect Beach Bags

Twenty years ago this signature style (Eric’s first-ever bag design) catapulted the brand into the handbag category. Man-made fabric with partially recycled plastic resembles genuine raffia straw.