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Since their introduction more than a century ago, bucket hats have offered a chic alternative to other more obtrusive shapes. These water-resistant, easily packable rain hats are versatile enough to wear during any season and sufficiently durable for everyday use.

Browse our collection of bucket hats for women for sale online to find the perfect hat to meet your needs and suit your style. Get different bucket hats for each season or select a versatile favorite to wear year-round.


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Rain Bucket
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Quilty Bucket Hat
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Kaya Rain
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Marina Bucket
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Invincible Winter Puffer Bucket Hat
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Squishee® Bucket
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Valeria Bucket Hat
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Patti Bucket Hat
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Chevra Bucket
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Gogo Rain Bucket
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Squishee® Bucket
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Patti Bucket Hat - Final Sale
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Rain Bucket - Purple - Final Sale
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Meow Charade
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Charli Bucket Hat
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The women's bucket hat from Eric Javits will make you embrace hats as part of your wardrobe. The classic style of the bucket hat will never go out of fashion. The gently sloping brim and flat, deep crown of this hat make it an excellent choice for anybody since they can be fashioned to look great with any face or hair type and give any outfit an elevated look. You may dress up a bucket hat with a suit or dress, but you can also wear it with your coziest knitwear and feel adorable.

There are no limits to what can be done with this classic layout, and its continued success is proof of that. You cannot find an outfit that a bucket hat will not complement. The versatility of the bucket hat is impressive since it can be worn with almost any ensemble, in any season, or for any occasion. A bucket hat from Eric Javits will help you embrace this classic style with a modern, eloquent look.

Chic Ways to Wear a Bucket Hat

There are countless ways to wear your bucket hat from Eric Javits. Our collection of women’s bucket hats will let you look classy and embrace your hat as part of your wardrobe. Made with a material known as Squishee®, you will

Flipped Brim

Turn up the front of your bucket hat to highlight your stunning eyes. Changing the angle of your bucket hat's brim just slightly may completely transform your appearance. Mastering this trick is a timeless stylistic tip. The Eric Javits Kaya Rain Purple is ideal for adding a pop of color while maintaining an effortless yet sophisticated look, thanks to the gold buckle on the side. Clean and polished, the Quilty Bucket Hat from the collection has a well-structured design and the right amount of texture that gets noticed.

Low Brim Profile

Put on your bucket hat as it comes, brim turned down a little, and place it low to exude a carefree allure with anything you feel like wearing. Try a straw bucket hat, like the Birdie, for an instant look of class. It's a comfy and relaxed feel thanks to the patented Squishee material.

Seasonless Straw Bucket Hats for Women

Eric Javits has a collection of straw bucket hats for women's all-year fashion needs. Gone are the days of hanging up a particular type of hat for each season. The bucket hat knows no boundaries. The line of Squishee Straw Bucket hats women love to wear are stylish and elegant throughout the year. They provide UPF 50+ sun protection for your face and eyes on sunny days and keep you dry during the rain.

These are straw bucket hats women can trust not to lose shape when wet. If you want to make an Avante-Garde statement on rainy days, the Gogo Rain Bucket Hat is for you. This black hat sports a transparent brim with striking black edging that exudes a bold, fashion-forward feel. Stand out with a cheerful color on dark and gloomy days with a Patti Bucket Rain Hat. The vinyl material repels rain and the blues that sometimes happens in rainy weather, keeping you dry and in good spirits.

No one understands women's straw bucket hats quite like Eric Jartis. The quality material and impeccable design will make any woman feel like the most radiant in the room.

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