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Western hats, also known as cowboy hats, are an iconic staple of American headwear for both men and women. The traditional silhouette includes a medium to high crown and a wide upturned brim. Originally this shape was designed to provide shade for cattlemen working on desert ranches in the Wild West. Today numerous iterations of it have been adapted by young people that want a cool looking hat. 

While the basics of the style have not changed much over time, today's Western hats are more than just hats — they project a spirit of adventure, hard work and self-reliance. Whether you're looking for a cowboy hat to wear to a concert or you're planning an exciting summer hiking trip, you can find what you need in our collection of stylish Western hats.


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Western Hat
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Wool Western
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Camp Jav
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Eric Javits, a name synonymous with exceptional design and functionality, brings you a stunning array of Western Hats designed specifically for women. This collection showcases the brand's exclusive Squishee® material – a unique fabric with the look and feel of natural raffia straw. What makes Squishee® stand out is its unbeatable resilience; each hat can be folded, bent, and even crushed, only to spring back to its original shape unscathed. This unmatched durability coupled with appealing aesthetics places these Squishee® Western Hats for women at the pinnacle of the fashion industry.

These designer women's Western Hats strike a harmonious balance between classic Western style and modern elegance, offering a product with a long lifespan. Every design exudes timeless glamour, complemented by contemporary touches.

Women’s Western Hats

Crafted using the brand's unique Squishee® material, these hats showcase the aesthetic appeal of natural raffia straw while exhibiting extraordinary resilience. These cowboy hats for women can withstand folding, crushing, and bending, only to spring back to their original elegant shape, a testament to the Squishee® material's durability.

Western Hat

The Western Straw Hat offers superior UPF 50+ protection, shielding your face, ears, and neck from harmful UV rays, all the while maintaining an effortlessly cool and stylish look. Its versatility makes it a perfect addition to any outfit and hairstyle, truly capturing the essence of cowboy hats for women.


The Tucson Fedora western hat exemplifies the charm of women's cowboy hats with its simplicity and functionality. Its wide brim and Squishee® crown create a minimalist yet striking statement. This hat can easily be rolled up and carried in your bag, ready to add a Western flair to any occasion, from a leisurely beach trip to an elegant garden party. Tucson Fedora Straw Hat

Camp Jav

A testament to the adventurous spirit of cowboy hats for women, the Squishee® Camp Jav straw hat is a style icon for the bold. With a sturdy construction ensuring stability for any outdoor adventure, this hat exemplifies the balance of comfort and style that women's cowboy hats are known for.Camp Jav Straw Hat

Wool Western

The Wool Western Hat combines elegance and durability. Crafted from fine wool, this western felt hat offers a timeless design. With its wide brim and moisture-absorbing band, it's the epitome of wool cowboy hats. Not just an accessory, it's a statement, attracting admiration wherever worn. Wool Western Hat

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