All Eric Javits hats are lightweight, comfortable and packable. You will find packing instructions affixed inside the hat crown. Eric believes that the fit of a hat is as important as the fit of a shoe; it should be so comfortable in fact that you will forget you have it on.

Most people know if their head is smaller or larger than average. All visors’ styles have an adjustable feature with a VELCRO® tab in back. All other hats have an elastic inner band that has some give to embrace your head softly. Stock styles fit average head sizes 22” to 23”.

If you have a head size that is either smaller or larger than average, you will want to measure it in order to give us your exact measurement. Place a soft tape measure around your head at eyebrow level or ½” higher. The tape measure should not be pulled tightly, causing pressure but rather “hug” your head with no amount of pressure the way you want the hat to fit.

If a hat is too tight it will deter circulation and after a while, your head will feel itchy. You know a hat is too loose when it moves around on your head too easily. We can supply a self-adhesive foam tape which can be placed under the elastic sweat band, which will make the hat feel snugger. Another option to reduce the head size, is to hand stitch some vertical tucks in the sweatband. The final option would be to have us create a custom head size hat for you. Custom hats are not returnable and can take up to one month for us to complete. There is a $100.00 surcharge for this service.


Eric Javits hats can be stacked, (not squashed) one on top of the other, as many as three or four at a time, if there is support in the bottom hat’s crown, elevating it so the brim is not pressed against the shelf. If space allows, individual hat stands are recommended that will sit on a closet shelf. You can also put a crumpled sheet of tissue paper in the crown before sitting the hat on a shelf upside down so there is no pressure on it’s brim. Your hat will collect dust and lint sitting on a closet shelf unless you cover them with a plastic bag.


Surface dirt can be brushed off with a soft brush or cloth. A damp but completely wrung out clean washcloth can be used to remove dirt but avoid excessive moisture which can distort the hat’s shape. Dry cleaning is unnecessary except for soft construction, cut and sewn, fabric styles. Its always best to email us a photo of the stain or damage in order for us to assess the seriousness of the hat’s condition and if it can be restored.

Spot cleaning with cleaning fluids such as clear acetone nail polish remover or acetone from the hardware store is useful to remove make up stains on the inner sweatbands. Use a cotton makeup pad or the end of a Q-tip, dampened with acetone, then dab at the stain little by little and it should lift right out. Avoid over saturating with harsh chemicals because there is a risk of de coloration. Ink and lipstick stains should magically disappear.


Raffia fringe: if it gets wrinkled or too unruly press, it flat with a warm iron. Do not use an iron that is too hot.

It’s always best to have your old EJ hat professionally re-blocked by us. If that is not convenient, you can attempt to restore its shape yourself. Always direct the steam on to the part of the hat that you are trying to rejuvenate. For example, if the brim is misshapen, cover your hand with a small hand towel or wear an oven mitt to prevent getting burned and support the part of the hat you are steaming until it’s absolutely dry. You can advance the drying time by using a handheld hair dryer. Do not over steam the hat as you don’t want to drench it! Avoid touching the hot iron directly onto the straw or felt. If you feel it is necessary, always use a clean, soft cloth between the hot iron and the hat.

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