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Planning Your Next Vacation: What Hats Should You Bring?

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Whether you're going on a cruise to observe the beautiful ice caps in Alaska or preparing to relax on a warm and sunny coastline in Italy, heading away for a vacation is exciting. When it comes to preparing for a recess, the items you pack are essential to ensure you are comfortable and ready for any situation. Unfortunately, we can't take our entire wardrobe with us when we leave for a holiday, so it's important to be diligent and pack only what you need. 

You can reduce pre-planning stress by packing your favorite accessories for your vacation. Plan a stylish silhouette with hats for vacation. 

Why Are Hats Important On Vacation?

A hat is an essential accessory for your vacation wardrobe due to its versatility and accessibility. Caps provide fashion and functionality. You can create a wide range of unique and gorgeous looks based on the time of day on your trip with fashionable hats. Hats serve as barriers to protect your hair, face, nose, ears, neck, and shoulders from the harsh elements you may come across on your vacation. There are many benefits to bringing hats on vacation. Learn the many features of designer hats that will aid you below.

Hats Are A Versatile Accessory

Whether you're wearing a lovely sundress or shorts and a t-shirt, a hat is an excellent accessory to elevate your look to the next level. You can choose the color, shape, and style that best compliments your outfit with hats for vacation. Our collection of rollable hats makes traveling easy and fun. Find the perfect head dressing to match any activity you plan to enjoy on your trip. Are you looking to lounge on the beach and read a look? Sun heat will keep the heat off you so you can enjoy the plot of your book without the worry of sunburn. Is it going to rain at your vacation destination? You won't have to worry about carrying around an umbrella or rain poncho with a stylish and practical rain hat. 

Prevent Sun Damage

Hats for vacation protect your face, ears, nose, and neck from the sun. Why is it important to wear a hat while in the sun? While sunscreen protects your skin from the harmful ultraviolet radiation that the sun disperses, a hat is an additional coverage for your skin to prevent your skin from being burned and reduce the likelihood of skin cancer. Thanks to their versatility, there are many hat styles you can choose from for a protective hat. In order to have proper protection against the sunlight, your hat should have a wide-brim length of over seven and a half centimeters for adults and six centimeters for children. The brim should be proportional to your face to ensure proper coverage for your whole face.  

Regulate Your Body Temperature

While planning your vacation, you should consider the weather that you will experience at your destination. If you are going to a tropical island, you will want to stay cool. If you aren't used to a specific temperature, adjusting to these intense climates can be uncomfortable. A summer hat is beneficial in the heat as they are designed to keep you cool in even the hottest environments and will help your body adjust. Designers use color theory to their advantage to make breathable hats. Brighter-colored hats reflect the sun off your form, while darker-colored caps absorb the heat around you. Are you going on vacation to a cool climate? Winter hat styles insulate your body so you can stay warm and comfortable while enjoying your trip. 

Hats Are Perfect To Hide A Bad Hair Day While Traveling

Everyone wants to look their best on vacation. If you are planning on documenting your trip to share with the family or impress your followers on social media, a bad hair day is never ideal. Whether on the road for an extended period or on a plane, traveling can be cruel to hair. Reduce the stress of looking presentable by accessorizing your appearance with a cute and casual hat so you will be less worried about greasy hair and make it to your airport's gate on time. You won't have to worry about your appearance in any sudden photoshoots, and everyone will love your designer hat. 

Excellent Storage In A Pinch

When you're on vacation, storage is limited as you carry all your belongings on your person. If you are on a hike or planning on going for a swim and your tote bag, pockets, or purse are full; a hat is an excellent last-minute storage container. You can place your essentials in your hat to prevent them from touching the ground. Hats can also carry multiple items while walking. You won't forget to bring your hotel key when leaving your guest room with the card placed inside your hat. 

Our Favorite Hats To Pack For Vacation

When planning for your next vacation, there are many hats for you to choose from that will benefit you in different situations based on the trip you are planning to go on. As previously stated, weather is crucial while planning what outfits to wear on a trip. Luckily, hat styles are diverse and come in many shapes, colors, and sizes for you to best suit your needs.


A beanie is an excellent choice if you are looking for warm hats for vacation. Beanies aren't structured, so these rollable hats can be safely tucked anywhere on your person or suitcase without damaging them. If you want to dress more casually while driving or waiting for your flight at the airport, a beanie is a cozy accessory to pair with comfortable clothing. Beanies keep you warm in winter weather and are incredibly versatile in what ensembles you can pair them with. You can also use beanies as an additional barrier in your suitcase to protect more fragile items you plan to pack. 

Our black and cream patterned Knit Pom-Pom beanie is a chunky accessory that is guaranteed to keep you comfortable as you travel or venture into a frosty climate. Since beanies are rollable hats, you won't have difficulty storing this hat, even with its extra thick knit fabric that ensures excellent insulation around your ears and forehead. You can roll this beanie up when not in use and store it in your suitcase, tote bag, purse, or even your pocket for easy access.

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are convenient hats for vacation as they provide shade on your face while compact in size. You can wear a fashionable baseball cap while traveling, during relaxing strolls, working out, or during an excursion. Our baseball caps are designed to absorb perspiration and comprise a lightweight, flexible material that is perfect for a warm vacation to the coast.

Bucket Hats

One of the best hats you can prepare to bring on your next vacation is the bucket hat. These versatile hats come in an assortment of colors and sizes to protect against the sun or warm a chilly breeze. If you are looking for packable hats that will fit neatly in your suitcase or are easily accessible from your tote bag, a bucket hat is perfect. Bucket hats are a simple and attractive hat style that brings a modern and trendy aesthetic to any look you pack. 

Our Chevra bucket hat is an excellent accessory to pack in your suitcase for your next vacation to a destination with cold weather. This stylish bucket hat comprises quilted nylon that is crushable and water-resistant. To mix and match your ensembles, you can get the Chevra in black, silver, or jaguar print.  


Do you want to provide yourself with the ultimate protection from the sun for your next trip? A wide-brim hat is an excellent hat style to protect you from the sun's harmful rays. For a brim to be considered wide, it must be at least three inches to provide sufficient facial coverage. Wide-brim hats are commonly styled as summer hats with lightweight and breathable material to protect you while you have fun in the sun. 

The Gigantic Javits is a chic sun hat that will ensure your protection while reading your book on the beach or relaxing on a boat in the ocean with friends. This summer hat provides security against ultraviolet rays that threaten to age your skin prematurely. The oversized sweeping brim will cover your shoulders from the sun. You can reshape this hat's visor with the wired edge to customize the fit to your preferences. The Gigantic Javits come with a cotton grosgrain ribbon that you can tie around your chin. This vogue accent ensures your hat will remain on your head whenever a passing breeze catches your form. You can purchase this breathable and lightweight summer hat in sulfate, red, original and peanut, or white mix. Take to the beaches when you take your next trip and enjoy the warm weather under this wide-brimmed hat.


Add a stylish fedora to your outfit to elevate your nighttime look on your next vacation. Fedoras are excellent designer hats to bring on holiday, as you can wear them with casual and formal wear. They also come in several materials and styles to suit warm or cool weather. 

Eric Javits' Daphne fedora hat is an elegant and comfortable fedora to craft sophisticated looks while you are on holiday. The four-and-a-half-inch brim provides excellent sunshade coverage for your head, face, ears, and neck. The Daphne is composed of Squishee, an environmentally friendly material that is lightweight and durable. The fedora is well-suited if you are looking for flattering and packable hats. 


Berets are fashionable hats for a vacation that match any season and outfit they're paired with. Whether you're going to a fancy restaurant with friends or family or shopping on your vacation, a beret is a stylish accessory that is more accessible than a typical hat style due to its lack of brim. 

Our Sophie beret is a soft and rollable hat you can wear while showing off your outfit on vacation. The Sophie is made of milled yak fur and will insulate body warmth as you travel between stores on your trip or while in transportation. You can check this stylish beret out in brown or taupe to accessorize your outfits while embracing new cultures and destinations in 2023.

How To Store Your Hat

The last thing you want during your trip is to deal with the constant hassle of finding a flat surface to place your hat on while you are trying to enjoy your trip or find a place to pack it in your suitcase where it won't get crushed and crumpled. Here are some tips on how to pack your hat for travel to avoid damaging it.

Verify The Hats Material

Just as there are numerous hat styles for you to choose from for your next trip, each hat comes in a unique material that may affect the way you transport and package each hat for travel. Hats made of knit fabric that is flexible and not structured like beanies are rollable hats that you can store where you see fit. Fedora hats have a wider brim with a specific structure. To prevent any damage to your wide-brimmed hat while it is traveling, ensure you are strategically folding your hats for vacation.

Pack Your Suitcase Strategically

You can pack your hats for vacation in a manner that won't ruin them. Your hat should be the first item you put inside your suitcase. You can fill the center of the hat with soft items like socks, hand towels, scarves, and shirts to help the designer hat retain its structure. You can also pack your suitcase from the heaviest to lightest items you plan to travel with. When you place the hat on top, your hat is less likely to be crushed by the heavier products in your bag, and soft apparel items pad the damageable areas. Another method of protecting your hat during travel is to place it upside down in your suitcase and stuff the crown with articles to support the brim. 

Hats are an essential item to include when planning your next vacation. They provide a multitude of uses and benefit any outfit you style. No matter what destination you plan to go to for your next trip, you won't regret packing a designer hat. Eric Javits designs high-quality, beautiful hats for you to browse as you plan your next vacation. Check out our collection and find your new fashionable hat for the ultimate holiday. 

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