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Embrace Your Fashion in 2023 With a New Stylish Hat

Many men and women consider hats as only an accessory. However, hats have greater importance than simply complementing one's outfit. Designer hats provide additional benefits internally and externally. Fashion is important not only for the aesthetic pleasure it gives us but also because of the personal connection it provides. The clothes you wear in rotation and the hat styles you pair them with represent you and your personal tastes in fashion. The clothing items you wear on your body can also change and shape people's perceptions of you and how you feel about yourself. The clothing we wear affects our behavior, personality, and confidence. Therefore, clothing is an essential item that informs those around us and ourselves of our identities. Embrace yourself and expand your style in 2023 by exploring the hat styles available to you.

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Benefits of a New Stylish Hat

A hat is an excellent finishing touch to an outfit you've worked hard to craft, and there are so many hat styles to choose from to complete your ensemble. But what if you've never worn a hat before or you only stick to a particular hat style? While breaking out of your safety bubble can be nerve-wracking, you will thank yourself later for being brave. Check out the following reasons you should add a hat to wear in your daily routine. 

Improve Personal Appearance

With so many hat styles to choose from, you can amplify any outfit in your wardrobe. While your ensemble may look excellent all on its own, adding designer hats is the ultimate accessory for your day-to-day life. Whether you are commuting to the office, going on vacation, to the beach, or participating in a fun social gathering, hat styles reflect your mood and help fit the tone of your daily routine. Not only are hat styles customizable, but you can style the way you wear a hat. You can tilt designer hats up or down, move them further back on your head, or higher up based on your mood and outfit. Depending on the cap, the shape of your face, and how you wear your hair, a hat can enhance your natural appearance. 

Increase Self-Confidence

Fashion is all about confidence. There is a large selection of choices and statements you can make in the fashion world. New opportunities can be exciting, but they can also create new anxieties. Confidence comes when you can be comfortable with yourself. Be self-assured about your choices and proudly present yourself and your new designer hats. Hats have the power to attract attention to yourself and minimize your insecurities. Hat styles accentuate your self-confidence and are the perfect addition to top off any outfit you love. If you are worried about your appearance before leaving home, look in the mirror and review the fashionable hat you chose for the day. It's easy to be critical of oneself, so be kind to yourself. A little preparation before you leave the house can boost your confidence as you commute to your job, school, or event. People can tell when you believe in yourself and will respect you more. When choosing a designer hat, the style and how it makes you feel is meaningful.


Designer hats are beneficial to daily usage because they give you an advantage in standing out among the crowd. Fashion is about expressing yourself and building personal connections with those around you. Whether you want to impress a special someone, interact with your professor in your huge college classroom, or set yourself apart; hat styles aren't only for special occasions but also for your daily interactions. 

Hide Your Bad Hair Days

Waking up with a bad hair day can set the tone for the rest of your day. A bad hair day can decrease your self-esteem and increase feelings of embarrassment. While there is no need to be self-critical about a bad hair day, we all have them, and hats are an excellent tool to hide your insecurities. Eliminate the negative effects of a bad hair day by incorporating designer hats into your daily routine to feel and look your best. 

Functional Fashion

Designer hats serve a greater purpose than looking great when you leave your home. Hat styles come in an array of choices to expand the styles, shapes, and color schemes for the sake of fashion and function. The benefits of wearing a hat on a daily basis are excellent. Hats are barriers to protect your face, neck, and hair from harsh weather conditions as you commute. 

Prevent Excessive Sun Exposure

Incorporating designer hats into your lifestyle protects your head, ears, face, neck, and shoulders from sun damage. There is an assortment of hat styles to choose from that feature unique benefits for each situation you face in the sun. Summer hats are excellent at keeping harsh UV rays from bouncing off surfaces around you onto your face. Ensure you are safe from potential sunburn and premature aging with a chic hat.

Tips For Choosing Your Next Designer Hat

If you want to expand the style of hats available to you, there are styling guidelines that will help you in your journey. There is a wide selection of hat styles available for you to choose from. Learn how to find a hat that is flattering and speaks to you as a person.

Find a Hat Style That Complements Your Face Shape

Finding hat styles that best suit your face shape and body type on top of your personal taste can be challenging. Many people are hesitant to wear hats as they feel they'll look silly. But when you find the right hat shape, you won't be able to help but incorporate more hats into your daily appearance. Once you've found a hat that you feel confident and comfortable in, you'll discover that there are several hat styles to choose from at your leisure.

When it comes to finding a hat style ideal for your face shape, you will want to measure your head in three sections to categorize the shape of your face best. Measure your cheekbones, forehead, and jawline as they are the widest part of your face. The structure of your jawline is beneficial to examine as a strong jawline is best suited for different fashionable hat styles compared to less noticeable chins. And lastly, you should consider your face shape by measuring your forehead to your chin to determine if you have a long, short, or face shape somewhere between the two.


Long faces are relatively easy to determine as they are longer in length than width. Often this face shape has a softer and round chin and jawline with a broader forehead. 


A vital feature of a round face is its shorter length, with the cheekbones being the widest point of the countenance. Round faces typically don't have many angular features and have subtle cheekbones.


To determine if you have a square face shape, measuring your jawline is essential. A square face can have symmetry in width and length or be characteristic of a long look. A square-shaped countenance typically has the same width in the forehead, cheeks, and jawline. A pronounced jawline and minimal curves are characteristic features.


Heart-shaped faces have similar features to round and square faces and are often a combination of both. Features found in heart-shaped faces include a wider forehead, a slender jawline, and an angular chin.


You may have a diamond face shape if you have a narrow chin or forehead and wide cheekbones. Diamond faces are similar to heart-shaped faces in that they can have long or round proportions across the face's width and length.

Find a hat that is proportional to your body as well as your face shape. Indeed, the shape of your face plays a role in deciding what hat will look most flattering on you, but your height, face size, and type of hair are also crucial factors in finding perfect designer hats. 

Petite Frames

If you have a smaller body frame, hats with short to medium brims are an excellent choice. Designer hats with shorter brims are typically measured at one to two inches in width. If you want to elongate your figure, a slightly longer crown hat can perfectly create the illusion of added height to your frame. Short-brim hat styles include berets, bowlers, short-brimmed fedoras, and bucket hats. Those with short body types in size should avoid wearing long-brim hats, so the designer hat doesn't dominate their ensemble.

Tall Frames

Women that are taller in height or fuller in figure will find wide-brim hats to be flattering. Wide-brim hats include but aren't limited to sun hats, fedoras, and boater hats. Hat styles with short brims are less advantageous to taller ladies with long thick hair.

Fashion is personal, and you should choose accessories and apparel that make you feel your best. Your face is unique, and while there are categories you may identify with, you likely fit under more than one face shape style. Many factors go into what hat styles are best suited for each person. Exploring new hat styles is a fun and creative process to enhance the features you love about yourself. 

Are you ready to try new hat styles to show off your personal style and feel your best? Eric Javits designs high-quality designer hats that are perfect for daily wear. Browse our selection of fashionable hats to find a hat that puts forth the best-looking version of you. 

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