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How to Pick a Hat For Your Commute to Work

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Are you looking for new ways to dress comfortably and stylishly for your daily commute to work? Hat's come in a wide range of styles, shapes, and colors for the wearer to choose from, making them the perfect accessory to finish any outfit. Not only are hats fashionable, but they also provide great functionality against harsh weather threatening to ruin your ensemble. Protect yourself and your clothing while commuting to work with a stylish designer hat. Hat's are a fashionable supplement to make any outfit you wear look modern and unique. 

What Hats Are Ideal Choices For Your Commute To Work?

With so many types of hats available, you have ample options of styles and color schemes to choose from. A high-quality designer hat is an essential accessory as this apparel item is good protection from summer's heat and winter's chill during your daily commute. If you don't wear a hat often, now is the perfect time to experiment with your fashion and see what hat style works for you as you travel back and forth from your home and job. Learn what hat styles look and function best when commuting with the ideal outdoor hats. 

Winter Hat Styles

The approach of winter often creates the necessity for people to bundle up to combat the chill. This change in season is the perfect time to add additional accessories to your wardrobe, like scarves, gloves, and a designer hat. 

Bucket Hats

Do you need a travel-friendly hat that is easy and accessible when in or out of use? A bucket hat is an excellent hat style choice for outdoor apparel. Bucket hats are a growing fashion staple that you can wear in various textures and fabrics. Our Rain Bucket Hat is ideal for days when the rain and wind threaten your hairstyle. Our rain hats are durable and can be packed away into a tote bag, purse, or pocket when not in use. Eric Javits's rain bucket hat has an interior guard that prevents water from leaking through and is adjustable with its calf leather belt on the back of the hat's crown. You can wear this hat with guaranteed protection when the sun is shining, or rain is pouring from the sky. 

Bucket hats are a designer hat that is very versatile in complementing a large selection of wardrobes. For a casual day look, denim jeans or a denim jacket pair well with a bucket hat to create a classic look.

Rain Hats

Rain hats provide exceptional protection against the rain and sun during your work commute. Rain hats are similar to bucket hats in function but have a wider brim for more security. Did you know that rainfall can damage your hair? Wet hair has a greater chance of breakage than dry hair, putting your hair at risk while you commute to your job. Rain hats are a practical and elegant accessory that will prevent your hair or outfit from getting damp from any unexpected rainfalls. Stay warm and comfortable with one of Eric Javits' designer rain hats during your commute. The Kaya Rain Hat has a wide brim that protects your face, neck, and hair from the rain and sun. You can adjust this rain hat's brim based on your personal tastes, time of day, or mood. This microfiber fabric is durable and will ensure you remain dry in any downpour.

You can pair this stylish rain hat with muted and neutral colors like a black coat and matching rain boots while traveling to your workplace.

Summer Hat Styles

Summer's heat makes it the perfect time to wear fashionable, sun-shielding sun hats while commuting to your job.

The Visor

Keep cool and refreshed as you make your way to your job with a fashionable visor. Visors have breathable material that regulates your body temperature better than standard sun hats due to their open-top feature. Our ​​Lil Squishee Visor is a modern wrap-around visor that is comfortable and absorbs moisture. You have more hairstyling options with this sun visor than with a typical sun hat. The Lil Squishee from Eric Javits's Squishee material is composed of recycled fibers that are similar in structure to raffia but more durable and lightweight.

For best results, style this wrap-around visor with a ponytail, top knot, or other updos that your hat won't ruin. An adorable sporty look is well suited for outdoor hats. Pair this hat with a linen button-up and high-waisted business casual pants for easy commuting.

Boater Hat

The boater hat is a popular choice for fashionistas because its wide-brim and flat top protect the wearer's scalp, face, and neck from sun damage and design. The Gondolier Boater Hat is a versatile sun hat for your summer wardrobe. This adorable sun hat fashioned with a cotton grosgrain ribbon comprises environmentally friendly materials that won't crack or melt, making the Gondolier an excellent choice to carry on your person. 

For a stylish and comfortable look, pair the Gondolier with wide-legged pants or a graceful maxi dress to stay refreshed as you travel to work.

Fedora Hat

The fedora is a versatile hat style that compliments cold and warm weather based on the materials from which the hat is composed. The fedora is a popular choice for daily commutes since it is a style of outdoor hat that is malleable for casual outdoor wear and formal travel clothing. The Tyler Hat composed of super felt and a delicate grosgrain band is an excellent addition to any season or climate. Whether you have a job where you need to dress professionally or are more laid back and simple, a fedora hat is an excellent choice. 

Fedoras pair well with a wide range of clothing items. For best results, wear a dress or jumpsuit with a cardigan for professional looks. A linen shirt or dark jeans is a good combination for casual wearers. 

Eric Javits produces high-quality outdoor hats that are perfect for you to wear during your daily commute to and from work. Browse a selection of hats and apparel on our website to find the ideal designer hat for any occasion and wardrobe.

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