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What Type of Hat Looks Great For a Night Out in Town

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Are you looking for a new way to reinvent yourself through your wardrobe and fashion? The answer may be sitting on top of your head. Hats are more than just a functional accessory to wear when it's raining or keeping the sun out of your face. Designer hats come in many styles to choose from that accentuate your appearance as you hit the town at night. Find designer hats in numerous colors and shapes that best suit your personality and style. Embrace the nightlife and accessorize your outfit with the appropriate headdress when you want an enjoyable night out.

Why You Should Wear a Hat When Socializing at Night

Designer hats are a simple but effective tool women have at their disposal to show off their outfits and personality. If you are looking for ways to celebrate yourself and your sense of style, a night out on the town is the perfect occasion. Socializing at nighttime, compared to daylight, creates a unique ambiance that stimulates your mind and improves your ability to connect with others. Find the perfect designer hats when you go out at night to connect with your friends and reduce stress.


What Hat Style is Perfect For Evening Life?

Hats have developed the connotation of being an accessory worn for casual, everyday life. However, hats make an excellent addition to formalwear worn during a night out on the town. Designer hats help women feel comfortable in their skin by accentuating their features and creating various options for face shapes. Fedora hats have been a dominant hat since the 20s due to their versatility in design and color scheme, making them the perfect supplement for a fun night out on the town. Fedora hats provide fashion and function as the wide brim and indented crown with a pinched front protect the wearer's head from any breeze and weather conditions. Browse Eric Javits's collection of great-looking fedora designer hats to wear in the nightlife.

The Jamie

Eric Javits' Jamie is a high-quality and comfortable felt hat. This fedora hat's downward-sloping brim is flattering on every face shape and compliments any woman looking for the perfect addition to their outfit when they are going out to eat with friends. Sit comfortably in outdoor seating, and remain comfortable with this felt hat's lightweight and sustainable material. You can choose the Jamie felt fedora in colors such as chestnut, black, alabaster, almondine, misty, and peach skin to compliment several nightlife outfits.

The Quilty Fedora

Do you want fedora hats with a wide range of options to be worn with casual or formal appearances? Our Quilty fedora hat is an excellent versatile option. The Quilty fedora hat is a water-repellent wool and felt combined hat. You can wear this hat while enjoying the night with friends while drinking or at a more formal event like a cocktail party. 

The Wool Zora

If you are looking for elegant wool hats that will keep you warm and comfortable as you enjoy the night, the Wool Zora is a classic fedora hat. Wear this sophisticated water-repellent hat to stay dry and cozy when you hit the town at night during the year's cooler months. Eric Javits crafts his wool hats from sustainable wool shorn from well-cared-for sheep on small farms. Express yourself through your fashion when you wear our wool fedora hats to the theater or the restaurant at night.

The L'Avenue

Are you looking to accessorize for a nighttime concert? The L'Avenue is a functional and stylish hat that is perfect for staying warm while enjoying some live music with friends or family. Felt hats are beneficial for daytime and nightwear. Protect your face from the sun's rays during the day while keeping your head warm when the temperature drops at night. The L'Avenue comprises high-quality wool felt material available in several colors for you to choose from.

The Legend

Do you want simple fedora hats that can be worn to a variety of occasions when you go out into the town at night? Our Legend fedora is a simple and elegant soft felt hat. The legend is a hand-blocked felt fedora with a calf leather belt and studded collar detail. You can purchase this fedora hat in navy, black, or tabac for any occasion. Felt hats are well-suited toppers for social gatherings at pubs, nightclubs, and bars when you want to look fashionable with your friends or make a great first impression with a stranger.

Additional Hat Styles That Compliment Nightlife

There is a wide range of stylish hats outside of the classic fedora hats for women to wear at night in the town. Our Charlie Bucket Hat is a trendy felt hat for any nightlife lover. You can wear this super felt bucket hat to the nightclub when you want to dance with your friends. Another hat that is well-suited for a trip to the town at night is the Kate Suede beret. The kate suede beret is popular due to its versatility for the wearer. You can wear this chic cap with an array of outfits for any occasion, whether it be casual or formal. You can wear this beret while walking around with your friends from one event to the next at night. A beret is easily stored in your purse or tote bag when you go out to eat at night. There are numerous hat styles for you to choose from to experiment with when you go out at night.

A hat is a stylish supplement to any ensemble. Whether you're attending a celebration or going out drinking with friends, a hat is an excellent accessory to complete any outfit for a night out on the town. Try on several types of hats to find what hat style best suits you. Eric Javits designs high-quality and comfortable designer hats. Create a unique and refined outfit when you choose from our collection of chic hat styles today.

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