Hat Style: Summer vs. the Winter Months

Hat Style: Summer vs. the Winter Months

Hats are essential pieces of clothing that have the power to change a person's style in an instant. No matter the season or situation, hats provide function and fashion. But is there a difference between hat styles? Summer and winter hats have varying features that benefit the time of year they're worn. Explore the materials and silhouettes that make up a hat style to see what designer hats suit you for each season.

Why Do We Wear Different Hats For Different Seasons?

Do you want to protect your face from the sun's harsh rays or keep the chill breeze from nipping your nose? A hat style can come in many shapes, colors, materials, and designs based on the climate. Designer hats' ability to construct sophisticated looks with apparel while providing an important function in the outdoors makes these accessories a daily necessity for any fashion-forward adventurer.

What Varies Between Summer and Winter Hat Styles?

While the hat style doesn't necessarily dictate which season you can and can't wear your favorite hat, Some materials and colors better match the tone of certain seasons over others. 

Hat Materials

When choosing what hat style to wear outside in the cold or hot months of the year, the material of your hat can be a great indicator if it's well suited to keeping your body comfortable while matching your clothing. Luckily, there's a versatile selection of materials to choose from that enhance their wearability in seasonal weather.

Summer Hat Material

If you are looking for a hat to wear during the warmer months of the year, a summer hat provides the ideal comfort and material to ensure your body temperature stays cool under the sun's heat. Summer hats are composed of lightweight and breathable fabric that keeps your face from getting burned and your body from overheating. This material is well suited for relaxing strolls, enjoying a meal in outdoor seating, and physical exertion that naturally heats up your core body temperatures, like running and bike riding. Hat styles worn in summer typically consist of materials that include:

  • Raffia
  • Rush
  • Tencel Fabric
  • Grosgrain
  • Squishee
  • Terry Pads

Raffia material is soft, pliable, durable, and biodegradable. This fiber is an excellent choice to weave summer hats due to its breathability.  


Rush fiber is hand woven from the leaves of marshland grass plants. Rush straw creates a lightweight and airy summer hat style. 

Tencel Fabric

Tencel fabric is a rayon fiber made by dissolving wood pulp and spinning. As the fabric material is drying, a solvent is mixed with the wood chips to create a wet mixture. Tencel is a natural fiber, very durable and resistant to wear and tear. Tencel fabric is a breathable material that keeps your body cool.


Grosgrain is a long-lasting material well suited to accessorize hats and clothing apparel. Eric Javits designer hats are often paired with high-quality cotton grosgrain to craft an elegant everyday look.


Squishee is a custom and sustainable material produced by Eric Javits, made up of recycled fibers. This environmentally friendly item is similar in texture and feel to natural Raffia and is a natural protector against the sun. Squishee fiber is flexible, lightweight, and durable. 

Terry Pads

Terry pads are applicator pads that help absorb sweat and provide additional comfort. Terry pads protect your designer hat against possible makeup stains on your summer hat while you are enjoying hot weather. They are easily removable and washed by hand or domestic washing machine on a gentle warm water cycle before towel drying. To ensure your terry pad's quality remains excellent, avoid harsh detergents and bleach. 

Winter Hat Materials

Do you want a hat style that will keep your head warm during the year's cooler months? Winter designer hats' heavier material provides protection and insulation during winter. Common materials used for winter hat styles include:

  • Suede
  • Faux Fur
  • Wool
  • Felt
  • Leather
  • Vegan Leather Quilt
  • Patent Vinyl
  • Canvas

A type of leather made from the underside of animal skin, suede is a soft and thin synthetic fabric. Suede and leather are similar materials. However, leather material has a sheen, while suede has a matte finish. Suede is a great material for winter hat styles, with its durability and spectrum of color options perfectly matching winter aesthetics. 

Faux Fur

Artificial fur is a high-quality fabric designed to stimulate genuine animal fur. Faux fur is durable, accessible, and an ethical material commonly used to create designer hats. If you are looking for a classic winter hat style that will keep the coldest winds out, a faux fur hat provides long-lasting wear and superb comfort.


Made from the natural fibers of animals such as sheep, rabbits, camels, and goats, wool fabric is a fantastic material for winter hats. Wool is renewable and regulates your body temperature. This means wool insulates your body by trapping warm air inside, perfect for traversing through the city in the dead of winter. Wool is a natural water-repellent that protects you from harsh elements while maintaining a fashionable appearance.


Natural fibers create this material when they are condensed and pressed together. Felt comprises wool, animal fur, acrylic, and other synthetic fibers. Felt is made from raw wool and is a non-woven fabric material. Felt is a versatile material that will keep your head warm and cozy in cold weather. 


Compared to suede, which comes from the animal skin's interior side, leather comes from the exterior side. It is a sophisticated, high-quality material that provides numerous hat-style opportunities. Leather is a breathable and insulating material and is excellent for blocking out the wind and preventing moisture from seeping into the interior of your clothing, making it essential to wear in your winter collection. 

Vegan Leather Quilt

Faux leather comes from polyurethane, a sustainable and good-quality polymer. A vegan leather quilt is an excellent choice for colder weather when you want protection against winter elements while maintaining your chic appearance. 

Patent Vinyl

This vinyl-coated fabric creates artificial leather and is an excellent alternative to animal products. Patent leather is genuine leather coated with thin synthetic resin or lacquer layers. Patent vinyl is waterproof and a versatile material for various weather conditions.


Canvas consists of cotton or linen blended with polymer in a style of weave. This heavy-duty fabric is water-resistant and comfortable against the skin of one's head.

Hat Colors

While mixing and matching materials with different seasons is fun experimentation, the color of designers' hats can significantly indicate the season you live in. Additionally, you may not think that the color of your hat plays any impact outside of its visual appearance. However, the color of your hat style provides vital mechanics in regulating your body temperature. Different hat styles have different complementary colors with weather patterns. You can wear a gorgeous, high-quality hat in any season if you style them correctly. Fashion is all about confidence. Nevertheless, different hat colors benefit summer and winter wardrobes separately. 

Summer Hat Colors

Summer hat colors typically consist of warmer and softer color palettes. Why are sun hats commonly lighter in color? The idea behind brighter colors for warmer seasons is that it is hotter when the sun is more present in the year. And lighter colors such as white or beige help reflect heat away from your body. Summer hat styles provide refreshing and cooling colors that assist your body temperature in remaining calm under the hot UV Rays. Sun hats typically have a wider brim that is beneficial to wear in the sun as the sun's rays bounce off surfaces around you onto your face. Wider brims prevent that light from hitting your face and lower the chance of sunburn and premature aging. 

While we've stated that summer hats mostly consist of warmer tones, this doesn't negate that darker sun hats also provide significant benefits during the summer seasons. Just as a lighter-colored hat style reflects the sun away from your form, darker sun hats are very proficient at keeping you cool on hot days since they absorb heat more effectively. Dark summer hats are a great style to wear at the beach when the sun constantly shines on you. Mix and match your summer hat's color palettes with different styles to find what looks best on you and what you prefer. 

Winter Hat Colors

Flattering winter hat colors to wear are more muted in tone and hue. It is best to wear designer hats with color schemes like black, brown, gray, and navy for formal events. Why do we tend to favor darker colors in winter months? During the Earth's orbital tilt, we receive shorter winter daylight hours. Meaning the sun's rays are hitting us at a more shallow angle. With these rays more spread out, there is less energy to warm the sun, making wintertime a cold climate. We wear black or darker colors in winter to absorb the sun's heat and keep our bodies warm. Paired with winter material that traps body heat, darker colors are an added measure of protection from winter's frost.

How To Style Your Hats in the Summer

Summer designer hats are the perfect addition to your vacation wardrobe, whether traveling to the coastline or going on a road trip. Eric Javits styles designer hats crafted from sustainable materials that are breathable and refreshing to wear in hot weather. Elevate your appearance by styling your summer wardrobe with chic designer hats.

Straw Hats

Straw hats are great summer hats due to their breathability during physical exertion or general wear in the sunlight. One fantastic quality of straw hats is that they are versatile and will complement a large selection of your summer outfits. In particular, wide-brim hats make the perfect accessory for everyday wear in the summer season. The wider the brim of your sun hat, the better face coverage it'll provide you from harsh UV Rays. For a summer hat that provides both fashion and function, our Margot straw hat offers maximum sun protection during the hottest months of the year. The hats that inspired this wide-brimmed sun hat were worn by  women on the French Riviera during the 20s and 30s. Crafted from high-quality Squishee straw, this durable and comfortable designer hat is travel friendly for those who love to adventure in the great outdoors.


A visor is an excellent choice if you need a summer hat style that is more breathable than a traditional sun hat. Visor caps protect your eyes, nose, and cheeks from the sun and allow more hairstyle options. The Champ II has a prominent peak and is well suited to shielding faces from the sun, whether you are reading a book at the beach or power walking. 


The fedora is a trendy summer hat style. The fedora comes in various materials and designs for you to choose from. Our packable fedora is an excellent choice for summer weather and vacations on the beach. The fedora is fashioned with a wide brim to protect the wearer against the sun, and breathable materials will keep you comfortable in hotter weather. While traveling, you can roll or fold this summer fedora into a tote bag. 

Boater Hat

The boater hat style is an essential topper to wear for sunny days. The wearer can tilt this comfortable wide-brim hat to the front or side to create a modern twist. Eric Javits Bey is a beautiful flat-brimmed designer boater hat. Fashioned with a flat-topped crown and cotton-grosgrain ribbon, this chic and durable hat blocks 95% of the sun's harsh rays.

How To Style Your Hats in the Winter

Keep warm in winter by adding a sophisticated and reliable winter hat to your outfit. Dressing up to embrace the cold outdoors is an excellent way to keep out the cold. Find the perfect winter hat style to keep out the cold that compliments your clothing with a contemporary and cool winter hat style collection. 

Winter Beanie

The beanie is essential for winter designer hats. Flattering on any frame and versatile for multiple events, beanies are a warm and fashionable winter hat style. Treat yourself to a stylish and insulating chunky Knit Beanie with Pom-Pom. The thick bold black and the white pattern are well suited for numerous winter outfits. You can roll this knit beanie up at the bottom for a new look and better insulation. 


Berets make an excellent winter hat style with their stylish appearance and ability to keep your head and ears warm in cold weather. Our Tanya beret is a colorful, water-repellent designer hat that will keep your head warm and comfortable. You can slant these designer hats down or tilt them back on your head to provide different styles with different hairstyles. 


With their soft brim, center crease, and signature brim, fedoras are the perfect winter accessory. Our Fanny wool fedora is water-resistant, soft, and flattering. You can adjust the band of calf leather to best suit your face. Fedoras are well suited for elegant events such as dinner parties and weddings during winter.

Bucket Hat

If you are looking for a winter hat style that provides high-quality comfort and appearance in winter, the bucket hat is an essential accessory. Bucket hats comprise thick fabric covering your face and your head's sides. Bucket hats are stylish and versatile in appearance. If you want extra protection against the cold, the invincible winter puffer offers soft and warm faux fur on the brim. This high-quality designer hat is water-repellent and packable for any outdoor adventure in the cold.    

Discover new ways to wear and style your winter and summer wardrobe with the appropriate seasonal hat. Choose a hat style that best fits the occasion and your style with Eric Javits designer brand today.

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