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How to Pick a Fashionable Hat For the Beach

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With their comfort, style, and protection against harmful sun rays, straw hats are the perfect accessory for beach lovers. Are you looking for fashionable ways to protect your skin from the sun while enjoying the beach? Protecting your skin from premature aging with designer hats for the beach has never been easier than with Eric Javits. 

Benefits of Fashionable Beach Hats

Wearing a hat while at the beach provides many uses for happy beach-goers. 

Protection From The Sun

Not only are straw hats for the beach fashionable and comfortable, but they also benefit your health. The last thing anyone wants after a relaxing and fun day at the beach is to face the consequences of harsh UV rays from the sun. The sun's rays are detrimental to your health as repeated exposure can cause melanoma and additional forms of skin cancer. A lack of protection at the beach can irritate your skin with sunburns and strain your eyes. Cover your eyes, facial skin, ears, and the skin on your neck with tasteful designer hats.

They Improve Your Visibility

Prevent premature wrinkles and unnecessary eyestrain by wearing a hat out under the sun. The sun is a bright ball in the sky, so naturally, your eyes squint to adjust to its natural glare. Protect your eyes by accessorizing with hats at the beach. 

Regulate Body Temperature

Depending on the time of year, the beach can be scorching due to the sand's density and heat capacity. Sand absorbs sunlight and heats up quickly. While you're having fun at the beach, maintain your body's ideal temperature with hats at the beach. Straw hats protect your head from the sun's rays ensuring your body remains cool in the heat. 

The Brim

Provide fashion and functionality at the beach with a wider-brim sun hat. Three inches is a good measurement to provide protection to your face while showing off your style. The sun's rays strike from more than above your form. Sun is light; therefore, it reflects off surfaces around you. A straw hat is a valuable asset to stop the sun's rays from hitting your face.

The Materials

Besides the structural shape of your straw hat, the materials that make up your hat also vary in how much they protect you from the sun. Eric Javits provides high-quality designer hats for you to choose from that offer excellent protection against UV rays. 

The Color

Did you know that the color of your straw hat plays a vital role in how much protection it offers you? Lighter-colored caps reflect the sun's harsh rays, and darker-colored straw hats absorb that light. Neither color is better than the other, and both have great benefits. Reflection keeps your body cool in the hot sun while darker hats take extra care to absorb those rays so they won't touch your face. 

Types of Fashionable Hats To Wear At the Beach

There are many types of straw hats to compliment your outfit at the beach. Eric Javits provides high-quality designer hats to wear outdoors. Do you want to look fashionable while being environmentally friendly? All of our hats are composed of Squishee. Squishee is made from recycled material and is similar to raffia straw. Browse our selection of chic straw hats for the beach to find the perfect straw hat for your outfit.

The Champ Visor

Eric Javits was inspired to design a women's designer hat visor twenty years ago when he noticed a distinct lack of high-quality designer visors available for women. Designed with high-quality, comfortable material, the Champ Visor Hat is flattering and easy to wear. Sun visors are highly adjustable and breathable to wear. You can purchase this durable visor in two brim widths and an array of colors, such as:

  • Natural & Black
  • Original & Peanut 
  • Linen & Black
  • Peanut & White
  • Natural & Denim
  • Bark
  • Original & Black
  • Gold & Sand
  • Natural & Jaguar
  • Honey
  • White Mix & Navy

With so many color schemes and sizes to choose from, you'll be able to move around in the sun with ease while protecting your face from sun damage with this sun visor.

The Suncrest Straw Hat

If you are looking for a classic high-crowned hat with a practical visor, the fashionable Suncrest Straw Hat is an excellent choice. This Squishee sun hat has a four-inch brim. You'll find that this fashionable hat has a sophisticated look with its grosgrain ribbon trim. With its lightweight and water-resistant material, you can wear this adorable straw hat while lounging on the beach sand or in the ocean. Do you want to avoid hauling this hat around while traveling? The Squishee material is easily foldable. You can transport the Suncrest Visor in your beach bag, luggage, or purse. Browse our large collection of colors, like: 

  • Natural & Black
  • Blue Mix
  • Sky & White
  • White Mix & Navy
  • Aqua
  • Original White Mix
  • Shrimp
  • Bone
  • Original & Peanut

Block 95% of UV rays with our Suncrest Straw Hat.


Do you want a simple and chic straw hat to wear on the beach? Our Artista hat is a soft and whimsical sun hat fashioned with a grosgrain ribbon and chin strap ties of the same material. Eric was inspired to design this hat by the classic sun bonnets of 19th-Century landscape artists. The grosgrain ribbon makes this look versatile, with the option to tie it under your chin or at the back of your head, providing exceptional fashion and function for your day at the beach. You won't have to worry about a wayward wind blowing this hat away. You can choose this creative hat in the following color schemes:

  • Cream & Black
  • Original & Peanut
  • Natural & Black
  • Bone

Feel your best in the outdoors with Artista's high-quality material and timeless look. 

Craft your perfect beach ensemble with designer hats from Eric Javits. We create attractive, functional straw hats that help you feel confident while protecting your health. Remember, taking care of your body will never go out of style. Find a stylish hat for the beach and see the difference it can make on your next outing.

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