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Why Bucket Hats Will Always Be In Style

In recent years, the re-emergence of bucket hats has been a noticeable trend. It can be intimidating to try new styles of fashion. Hats can be daunting as they draw attention to yourself. Bucket hats are excellent accessories that help you decide to blend in or stand out. These flattering hats complete your outfit and add personality. Switch up your style by experimenting with cool but practical fashionable hats like the bucket hat.

When Did People Start Wearing Bucket Hats?

Bucket hats, also known as the fisherman's hat, are designer hats with a narrow, downward-sloping brim. The bucket hat's additional name may have clued you in, but Irish farmers and fishermen originally wore this hat in the 1900s to protect them from the rain. Due to bucket hats' ability to easily fold and reshape, these designer hats began to grow in popularity. 

The bucket hat was adapted into a fashionable hat in the 1960s to create a mod look. Barbara Streisand wore one of these designer hats in 1967. The cap would continue to grow in popularity with the influence of rappers in the 80s and 90s, such as LL Cool J and Run D.M.C. These influences led to bucket hats being incorporated more prominently into street fashion.

Bucket hats have become essential fashion staples again thanks to celebrities such as Rihanna, who is no stranger to showing off inventive and fashion-forward outfits. Bucket hats have been a staple in fashion for decades, and their growing popularity is due to more and more people appreciating the excellent features these fashionable hats provide.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing a Bucket Hat?

Hats are a crucial accessory you should wear to complement any outfit. Bucket hats are trendy hats that bring an excellent blend of comfort, functionality, and style. Learn about the benefits of wearing a bucket hat below.

Bucket Hats Are Practical

Do you want a hat that will protect you in any season and can style any season's wardrobe? Bucket hats are an excellent choice due to their versatility in color and material. Whether you're going on a casual stroll, to the beach, or shopping with friends, bucket hats are the perfect accessory for everyday wear. Unlike other designer hats with a structured brim and crown, bucket hats are easy to pack away into a tote bag, purse, or pocket. Their flexibility makes them the perfect carry-on for travel regardless of your destination. You'll love how accessible bucket hats are on your next vacation.

They Keep You Comfortable

Hats are accessories worn on your head, meaning they must provide you comfort in addition to protection from the elements. Bucket hats usually consist of lightweight materials that are comfortable on your frame. You can wear a bucket hat with any ensemble and feel comfortable and supported.

Bucket Hats Are Simple Yet Fashionable

If you're looking for a timeless hat that you can wear anytime of your life, a bucket hat will complement any wardrobe. Bucket hats can be paired with any style, whether you prefer casual or formal dress wear. This hat boasts a simple design that is incredibly adaptable. Bucket hats come in several shapes, styles, and colors for you to choose from. Showcase your fashion with a functional and classic look through bucket hats.

Types Of Bucket Hats

Are you looking to add color or print to your clothing? Bucket hats offer a wide range of designer hats for you to choose from that will elevate any look. Check out the different styles of bucket hats to see which suits you best.

Rain Bucket Hat

Do you want a bucket hat that has a retro look and ensures your protection from wind and rain? Our rain bucket hat is a high-quality designer hat that will keep you comfortable while you sport a sophisticated look. When purchasing this fashionable hat, you can choose from varied color schemes of a tan check, original black, black check, or purple. Eric Javits rain bucket hat is lightweight and crafted from microfiber nylon that is water-repellent and durable. The seams of this bucket hat act as a barrier against any water leakage. Stay fashionable and warm with this timeless look.

Straw Bucket Hat

Are you searching for a lightweight and comfortable hat that will protect your face, nose, ears, and neck from the sun's rays while you relax on the beach? Straw hats protect you from harsh ultraviolet rays. Bucket hats come in a series of materials, making them the perfect choice for a playful or relaxing day at the beach. The Valeria bucket hat is a simple and fun designer hat. The Valeria straw hat comes in the shade of peanut. This light and warm color will keep the sun's rays from bouncing off other surfaces and regulate your body temperature in hot climates. Straw hats are beneficial for a trip outdoors as they serve as an additional barrier to sunscreen to prevent sun damage and premature signs of aging. Stay cool and trendy while you enjoy the sun with bucket straw hats.

Vinyl Bucket Hat

Do you want a modern and elegant bucket hat? Our Gogo rain bucket hat is a high-quality chic crystal vinyl hat. The crown of this designer hat is available in black patent or silver metallic. Experiment with this hat in your wardrobe to craft unique and personalized looks that will look and make you feel great. 

Bucket hats are timeless designer hats that have always been popular for those who want to look stylish, practical, and have versatility. A bucket hat is essential if you're looking for stylish hats to add to your closet. 

If you're looking to expand your wardrobe with designer hats, Eric Javits offers a variety of styles, shapes, and color schemes for you to choose from and accessorize. Browse our collection of designer hats for more information.  

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