Our Favorite Eric Javits Winter Looks

There is something truly magical about winter, the sights, the snow — and curating cozy layered ensembles every time you leave the house! It’s the time of year when you can pull out your favorite winter looks and envelop yourself in warm neutral hues and soft fabrications. From scarves, mittens, and other accessories, don’t leave yourself with a bare head — try on styles that will pull your look together and leave you with a warm feeling inside and out.

Curating a put-together look that is equal parts stylish and warm without looking overdone can be a little tricky at first. With our top tips below and the premium headwear from Eric Javits, you can lead the style stakes this season. Find your fashion moment in our guide below and discover our favorite winter looks

Beanies and knee-high boots

A superb piece to add cozy comfort and trap in heat while adding a plush, urban edge to your looks, beanies are a cold-weather favorite. With this simple addition, you can instantly refresh your look and soften an outfit of structured separates. 

Exceptionally versatile, beanies are easy to wear with a wide range of outfits, from knit sweaters to puffer jackets and jeans. Add some drama with knee-high boots to elongate your figure, and enjoy a smart outfit that will take you from desk to dinner.

Berets and long coats

Whether you’re wintering in Aspen or want an accessory to lend an effortlessly chic finish to your off-duty looks, berets are one of our favorite winter looks. They are a timeless addition to your wardrobe you can wear from year to year — select a beret in a matching color for a streamlined ensemble, or switch it up in a contrasting pastel shade to punctuate your outfit.

Team an outfit of layered separates and use the relaxed fit of a beret to contrast the structure of your jackets and coats. With an extra long scarf, dainty silver jeweled studs, and a soft-to-the-touch wool beret, you can create a look appropriate for the office, running errands, and nights out with friends.

From wearing them on a slant, pulled back, or flat on top, berets can dress your outfits up or down and wear your way to create endless looks with your winter wardrobe. For the ultimate winter accessory, select a beret in an artful chevron pattern, soften your look in a palette of soft pink and plum hues or add a Parisian chic touch in classic black.

Bucket hats and shearling coats

Another fantastic choice for winter is a bucket hat. Popular this year, and every year after, these hats have a unique shape that flatters the face and suits most styles. From muted neutrals to bright colors and patterns, choose a bucket hat in nylon, leather, or other soft fabrics to add a delicate accent to your ensembles.

Paired well with an outfit of separates, long shearling coats that fall off your shoulders, and open shirt jackets that cut above your knees, they will elevate your casual outfits for running errands to relaxed days out with your family.

With a wide range of fabric and color choices, an Eric Javits bucket hat will create endless outfit combinations that make it easy to create some of our favorite winter looks.

Fedoras and scarves

Fedoras are made to trap air and keep your head warm — as if you needed another reason to wear these cute and versatile hats! Available in a wide range of colors, all made uniform by the indent at the top for a refined, sculptural finish.

Whether paired with knit and flannel scarves or long and billowing silk options, a fedora will add an artful and unique touch to refresh your wardrobe rotation. From short-brimmed styles to designs tied with a scarf, you can enjoy a smart accessory you can wear during the peak of winter or on crisp summer nights.

Winter-friendly materials

From keeping it soft and cozy with fabric, edgy and structured with leather, or cool and classic with straw, your choice of fabric can make a huge difference in setting the tone of your outfit. With pieces designed to be mixed and matched with your clothing constantly, you can create endless outfit combinations to wear day or night.


One of the warmest natural fibers you will find, you cannot go wrong with a wool hat this season. Wool is breathable and an excellent insulator, and with a plush feel that softens a layered outfit and structured pieces, you can pick the beautiful styles to wear this season. 


Leather hats are a fantastic natural insulator that will trap heat to keep your head warm and upgrade your aesthetic with their smooth finish and exceptional natural durability. From using leather to accent your outfit or making it the star of your style by carrying it through to a leather jacket, you can create one of our favorite winter looks with a leather cap or beret.


It wouldn’t be winter without some fun and fabulous knitwear, and there are more than just beanies in this material this year. You can find anything from a knit fisherman’s hat to a knit turban or beanie; all are soft, warm, and wonderful. 

Pair a knit turban with a turtleneck for an elegant and beautiful look this winter, or opt for a cable knit beanie over a matching sweater, muted pants, and a latte-hued overcoat for an office-appropriate outfit you can wear to after-office drinks in style.

Find your favorite winter looks at Eric Javits today

It can be all too easy to think that the beanie reigns supreme in the colder months, but with a bit of experimentation, you can curate a spirited cool-weather wardrobe with a hat from Eric Javits. From everyday options to investment pieces, Eric Javits offers an expansive collection that matches the season and showcases your style. Give our favorite winter looks a try and shop today to enjoy fast, affordable shipping across the USA and worldwide.
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