Women's Straw Beach Bags for Sale Online

Straw beach bags are a timeless sign of summer. These stylish bags inspire fond thoughts of sun-kissed days relaxing poolside or on the beach. Year after year, straw bags remain an essential staple in the summer's trends, alongside linen tops and stylish coverups.

This summer, find your new favorite straw beach bag online with Eric Javits. Our collection of women's designer beach bags for sale online includes a range of sizes, shapes and styles to help you find the perfect bag to suit your needs this summer, from the airport to the beach and everywhere in between.

24 products

24 products

Eureka Baja - Final Sale
Regular price $350.00 Sale price$175.00 Save 50%
Lucy Straw Bag - Final Sale
Regular price $275.00 Sale price$137.50 Save 50%
Lil Lucy Straw Bag
Squishee® Cocoon II - Straw Bag Final Sale
Regular price $240.00 Sale price$120.00 Save 50%
Antoinette Jr. - Final Sale
Regular price $290.00 Sale price$203.00 Save 30%
Antoinette Straw
Big Lucy - Final Sale
Regular price $350.00 Sale price$245.00 Save 30%
Gran Antoinette Straw Bag
Amalfi Straw - Final Sale
Regular price $250.00 Sale price$175.00 Save 30%
Squishee® Jessi Straw Bag
Lil Squishee® Ayesha
Dame Brooke
Sold Out
Sinclair Tote
My Way Straw Bag
Ms. Perfect
Copacabana - Final Sale
Regular price $280.00 Sale price$196.00 Save 30%
Lil' Mambo Straw Bag 68% Off - Final Sale
Regular price $395.00 Sale price$125.00 Save 68%
Slick 73% OFF - Final Sale
Regular price $375.00 Sale price$100.00 Save 73%
Puffee 73% OFF - Final Sale
Regular price $415.00 Sale price$110.00 Save 73%
Kaji 75% OFF - Final Sale
Regular price $465.00 Sale price$115.00 Save 75%
Astra 75% OFF - Final Sale
Regular price $520.00 Sale price$130.00 Save 75%
Pierrot 70% OFF - Final Sale
Regular price $360.00 Sale price$108.00 Save 70%
Squishee® Bali 58% Off - Final Sale
Regular price $395.00 Sale price$165.00 Save 58%

Styles for the Beach and the Streets

Our collection of designer beach bags for women includes a wide range of bags designed to meet your needs and complement your preferred aesthetic. From small, cylindrical wristlets to large, unlined totes, you're sure to find the perfect bag for your favorite summertime activities.

Eric designs each bag with versatility in mind, perfectly blending practical features with uncompromising style. His straw beach bags are just as at home on the shore with your feet in the sand as they are back in town, exploring shops and enjoying dinner.

Choose natural, neutral straw bags that you can dress up or down, or select something with bright, bold colors to amplify your summertime style.

Straw Beach Bags for Travel

Eric Javits straw beach bags are lightweight, durable and packable. If you're traveling this summer, these bags are the perfect option to pack away into your luggage or use as a carry-on for your trip. These bags can be rolled or folded to fit into small spaces for easy transportation, and they always regain their crisp, like-new shape when unpacked.

For a shorter overnight trip, use a large straw tote to pack up everything you need. Our large capacity bags offer spacious storage and smaller organizational pockets to provide quick access to your essentials.

Our Patented Squishee® Straw

Each straw beach bag in our collection is made from our patented synthetic Squishee® straw material. Squishee is a durable, lightweight fabric that's made from partially recycled plastics. It looks just like natural raffia straw, but it offers some distinct practical advantages that no other straw material has achieved. 

Squishee is the ideal straw material for beach bags because it's durable and water-resistant. Your Squishee bag will never fade, crack or melt when exposed to moisture, including ocean water or the saturated, salty air you find on the beach. Squishee also offers UV protection for your belongings, keeping everything in your beach bag safe from the sun's harmful rays.

Express your love for the environment by using a Squishee straw beach bag year after year. This long-lasting bag will quickly become a treasured possession, eliminating your need for other, less sturdy bags and ending the waste cycle created by products that need to be replaced each year. 

Get the Perfect Bag for Your Next Adventure

Whether you're traveling to a nearby beach or heading abroad for a tropical vacation, Eric Javits has the perfect straw beach bag for your next summertime adventure. Shop our collection online to find a bag that meets your needs and enhances your style this summer.