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Ways To Match Your Outfit To Your Hat

In the 1920s, it was considered scandalous for a woman to leave home without a hat atop her head. Back then, it was expected of middle to upper-class women to keep their heads hidden whenever they were outdoors. This made wearing hats a necessity.

Jump to the present, and a hat can be an entire outfit's focal point. Hats are worn during winter, spring, summer and fall. Hats come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Frequently, when putting together a whole outfit, you'll need to figure out what attire to wear to match your hat rather than the other way around.

Most days, it can be a struggle just to put together the right outfit. Trying to coordinate your attire from head to toe can be an exhausting process. Especially when you purchase a few new luxury designer hats, you want to show off. Whether they are straw hats, fedora hats, or something else entirely, we can provide you with a few tips on matching them with any outfit.

fall winter hat Eric Javits

The Perfect Pairing

When looking to match an outfit to your hat, you want to remain versatile. Your outfit can easily become a great accessory to your hat so long as you're patient and fashion-oriented. Creativity is key to elevating your style and drawing attention to your newly purchased hat while still displaying a sense of fashion in the rest of your wardrobe.

Luxury designer hats can easily become the centerpiece for any look you want to pull off. They can help you achieve a more confident and unique appearance while maintaining an overall theme with the rest of your attire. Follow these five tips on how to work an outfit into your hat-first agenda.

By Color

One of the easiest factors to consider when trying to match your outfit to one of your luxury designer hats is color. Matching an outfit to your hat by color relies mainly on the color of your hat. It's easiest if your hat contains neutral colors, such as tan, beige, black, or white. A bold outfit color will more easily match up with a bold hat choice.

Neutral-colored hats can usually match any outfit, so matching your outfit to one of these luxury designer hats shouldn't be an issue. For a more vibrant hat, it's best to keep the outfit neutral or wear one that matches the style of your hat.

For example, our Jamie Felt Fedora hats have a touch of gold that would match perfectly with a similar-colored blouse or trousers. Contrasting elements are also fantastic ideas to add to your outfits, such as a matching clutch, earrings, or a scarf.

Additional examples include our Beanie w/ Pom Pom during the winter months, and the Tyler Hat for warmer weather. Our beanie comes in varying colors, all of which are solid in tone. The same can be said of the Tyler, which is two-tone thanks to the attached ribbon. It works best by matching up your outfit in either brown or black.

A general rule of thumb for matching an outfit to a hat is to stay within the same color family. So if you have a black hat, you'd want to wear a black shirt. A little mixing and matching is fine so long as you keep the ensemble relatively cohesive.

For The Season

Seasons can play a prominent role in the outfit you wear. This is also the case when trying to match them to your luxury designer hats. The season itself will usually help determine the right colors for your outfit.

Spring and Summer

The colors that come to mind during the spring and summer seasons are fresh, bright, and pastel. Pinks, blues, and yellows are fun and vibrant colors to match your luxury designer hats like straw hats or fedora hats.

Summer weather needs additional protection from the sun's dangerous ultraviolet rays. Our UPF 50+ hats, such as the Suncrest or our wide-brimmed Bella, are excellent options to fight against harmful UV rays and help you stay cool. They're also highly fashionable, so finding an outfit to match should be easy. 

Hats worn in the warmer months should be lightweight, like our luxury designer hats made of raffia. Your outfit linens should reflect and complement this by remaining light as well. Sun dresses, jumpsuits, camisoles, and more are sure to pair well with whatever hat you choose to wear.

Autumn and Winter

Once the cooler weather hits, layers become a necessity. Warmth and comfort come into play more than in the other seasons. You'll want thicker, heavier fabrics to match the knit woolen hats like our Knit Toque. Easily pair it up with a matching scarf and overcoat or suitable knit sweater and boots.

We offer an assortment of wool felt fedora hats for those brighter winter days. The available colors of our Wool Zora Felt Fedora hats can add a touch of grace and sophistication to any outfit. Seasonal hat style will vary greatly depending on what's available in your wardrobe.

Regardless of the luxury designer hats you have in your collection, the outfit should start with a basic foundation of warm, comfortable layers. Once layers are established you can begin to accessorize and experiment with the look and feel.

fall winter hat Eric Javits

Special Occasion

Hats are the perfect accessory to any formal attire. You'll want to consider a few things when attempting to match an outfit to your hat. Will the affair be formal or casual? Inside or outside? What kind of seasonal weather will you expect? Pondering the questions mentioned above should help you decide on the right outfit.

You will want to select a more sophisticated outfit with a similar style hat for most formal events. A polka dot dress to match your new hat or a pantsuit to complement a L'Avenue Wool Felt. Though the occasion may be formal, you can still have fun with it.

A springtime wedding might include a light fabric dress to go along with one of your straw hats, like the Artista or Daphne Peanut White. Both luxury designer hats would be a stylish option to protect from the sun's rays while the dress kept you cool.

Summer at the beach means you can match your new swimsuit or bikini with one of our wide-brimmed squishee straw hats, such as the Giant Floppy or Gigantic Javits. The Giant Floppy, in particular, has a large assortment of color options making it that much easier to match any swimwear.

Matching Your Personality

Your personality is a crucial factor in how you choose an outfit for your hat. Style aesthetics is essential and should always be a consideration no matter what the occasion.

Are you a trend chaser or prefer to collect more timeless classic attire? Is your style more eclectic or contemporary? What is the process you go through when selecting a hat? It should be the same when choosing a matching outfit. The outfit you choose should reflect your personal style as you make a fashion statement every time you walk out the door.

A visor is a classic look that has been around for quite some time. There are varying designs, such as the Champ, Lil Squishee, and our Dot Scarf version. Each presents a style of its own that may connect with you. Matching an outfit to them is also relatively simple. A strapless top with a vibrant or monochrome design will do just fine for both casual and formal occasions.

You can match a long-sleeve blouse or turtleneck with your Quilty Bucket Hat for a more modern approach. The hat is water-repellant and lightweight, so it will pair well with any seasonal outfit or style. You can play with brim lengths, colors, and accessories to really make your ensemble stand out.

If you're unsure about your personal style, or you feel you may have a multitude of varying styles depending on the day, you should still lean into that. We all have a style that is a reflection of our personality.


Accessories are key to pulling off any fashion-forward look. Every accessory you choose to add to your outfit should unify the entire look and theme you're going for. Each one should elevate your personal style to the next level.

Typically, a hat would be an accessory. However, in this case, we're using it as the main focal point of the entire getup. So you'll need to look for accessories that draw attention to your hat and not away from it.

You can approach accessories as a minimalist or go all out. The choice is entirely up to you. What's important is that your attire remains cohesive and works to pull off the right look.

Gold jewelry lovers can match their earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pins, whatever, with the gold in your original peanut or natural mix Mykonos Fedora. Add a Squishee Bardot Straw Tote, and you have a pairing for a leisurely outing on the town. Any hat with a warm undertone will do.

For a bolder approach, you can pair wacky sunglasses, exaggerated jewelry, or patterned scarves with some of our fedora hats, such as Velour L'avenue or Tyler Hat. Get a little wild with the latter by pairing it up with My Way II bag and Viola Sock Boots.


Hats are the key accessory for almost any outfit. It's because of this that it may actually be easier to match up an outfit to your hat. The hat adds personality, style, and protection from the elements. The right outfit can complement this.

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right outfit for your hat—color, size, face shape, material, season, occasion, and personal taste. A hat should accentuate your best features, show off who you are, and remain comfortable while wearing it.

The next time you are faced with the decision on what outfit to wear to match your hat, consider the above factors. You just might be the talk of the party, season, or event. Don't let your style be incomplete without that perfect hat. Dive into our womens hats collection today and discover the best fit for your ensemble. Elevate your look and make a statement with every step. Shop now, and explore ways to match your outfit to your hat!

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