choosing the right type of wool or felt hat

Choosing the Right Type of Wool or Felt Hat

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The cozy comfort that wool provides will never go out of style. The beautiful feel of the wool felt fabric on your skin, in addition to the durability of wool, are two reasons why most prefer to wear it instead of other materials. Despite this, how much do you know about wools? 

Currently, cotton and synthetic fibers are the most common types of fibers used and made worldwide. But they don't work well, can't be fixed, or are as good for the environment as wool. Wool makes high-quality, durable, comfortable, and beautiful products with the land and biodiversity in mind, from the raw material stage on a farm to the adoption of cleaner wool processes and technologies. 

Natural fibers like wool and cotton are grown on farms where it is easy to measure and account for the land, water, energy, and other resources needed to make the fiber and the waste that goes into the air and water. But the oil used to make synthetic fibers doesn't leave a "footprint" on the environment because the large amounts of trees, land, and greenhouse gasses used to make the oil happened a long time ago. Because the system boundaries for making textile fiber are not always the same, renewables are rated lower than nonrenewables. 

Ethical Wool and Why It Is Beneficial to Our Planet

When it's cold outside, wool provides warmth and comfort. If you purchase a wool hat, you want to make sure that it's made from responsibly sourced materials. With Eric Javits wool hats, we make sure that our sustainable wool is shorn and processed from multi-use sheep. We prefer wool that is sourced from small farms, ensuring the most humane conditions possible. 

Why Do We Wear Wool?

Wool, by and far, is one of the most amazing materials. It's comfortable, lightweight, and durable, and it keeps us warm during cool temperatures. Wool works to keep us warm because it has pores that fill with air. Our body heat radiates outward, warming the air in these pores. People have embraced wool for years because of this. With wool hats, you will notice that your head warms up rather quickly when you put it on. Wool hats from Eric Javits keep your head warm, they look stylish, and they are a functional wardrobe piece that you can embrace. 

Wool Is A Breathable and Natural Insulator

Eric Javits wool and felt hats are great natural insulators. Our L`Avenue hat is a great example. Thanks to their fine weave, soft fibers, and durable construction, the wool hats from Eric Javits will naturally adapt to your head. These hats are very warm but are not heavy at all. Wool is a great natural insulator and can have a little bit of a water-repellent punch, and these hats look great and feel great. 

Why Choose Wool? 

Wool is an excellent choice for wintertime headwear, regardless of whether you want to go for the textured appearance of a fedora, baseball hat, or beanie. The fact that wool headgear has always been a fashion statement over the course of history and is now considered to be an old standard makes it the most necessary piece of clothing for the transition from autumn to winter. Having said that, you won't be able to go through the whole season with just one chic wool hat, which is why you should consider adding a few other kinds to your collection of headwear. This will give you more alternatives to work with when creating a handsome ensemble. The benefits of choosing wool are as follows: 

  • Stylish
  • Water-resistant 
  • Moisture-wicking 
  • Hypoallergenic 

The severity of winter's chill may vary greatly according to location. When you factor in the snow and wind, you'll be wishing that you wore high-quality clothing from head to toe the whole time. Because it is unpleasant for any portion of your body to be exposed to the elements, you should also be grabbing your wool hat in addition to your coat, scarf, and gloves if you are going outside in the cold. 

Even if you are going out to do errands, it does not imply that you cannot do so in a fashionable manner. Wool hats are not only practical and adaptable for the climate, but they are also an excellent choice for wearing on milder winter days. The greatest thing is that you may look nice and feel good even while you are performing duties that you may not find very exciting or inspiring if you wear a wool hat with a contemporary appearance. 

You may effortlessly put in the smallest effort necessary with your wool hat, regardless of whether you want to walk into a holiday party or plan to head out on the town. The garment's unique and eclectic style not only leaves a lasting impression but also communicates a serious message, which enables it to serve as the best accessory for chilly weather on almost any occasion.

Why Choose a Felt Hat

Felt hats have many benefits. First and foremost, a felt hat is great for those who have skin that is sensitive to wool. While wool is extremely durable, felt is a great material for a hat because of its dexterity. 

Felt hats are warm, but they will allow you not to overheat. Felt hats are also durable for travel and will be packable/rollable so that you can travel the way that you want to. 

Felt hats are also a little bit more resistant to water. While a wool hat will repel moderate precipitation, you will stay dryer with a felt hat from Eric Javits during snow and moderate rain. 

The Quilty hat, made from wool felt, is a great fedora if you are unsure of the style that you want. This hat inspires a mysterious style that is also dashing and will fit any style. Lastly, this is a great hat that will weather cooler temperatures over the fall and winter months. 

Sustainable Wool and Felt Hats

Eric Javits uses sustainable wool obtained by shearing and milling the fleece of multi-use sheep on small farms in the kindest environments. It is important to understand the origins of the wool used in your products.  

The Wool Zora Felt Fedora Hat from the Eric Javits fall collection is the Javits trademark fedora for Fall and is a style that exudes an elegance that transcends time. Your head will be kept pleasantly warm and dry throughout the autumn, and winter months thanks to its water-repellent wool felt that has been hand-blocked and topped off with a traditional band of grosgrain ribbon by tying a bow in a man-tailored style to one side of the band. The creative hands of Javits bring balance and harmony to a woman's face by sculpting a delicate curve into the top of the headpiece. 

The Jamie Felt Fedora is made of hand-blocked, water-repellent wool felt. It has a curved, downward-sloping brim and is an excellent choice for practically every face shape. The polished look is achieved by the gold-plated chain detail. You want to wear this one when you want to make a statement.  

The Knit Toque will keep your head and ears warm for the more chilly nights. This stylish knit toque with a built-in polar fleece lining is made from the best cashmere and merino wool. It will keep you warm and comfortable while still making you look stylish.

The Tanya Beret is a perfect accessory when you want to stand out and stay warm. This cold-weather woman's beret that is crushable, water-repellent, and available for purchase online can keep your head delightfully warm and dry throughout winter. 

It may be worn in several postures, including tilting it at different angles. The variable form is complementary to the majority of facial configurations. This beret is not only fashionable but also functional; it is a timeless classic that can be rolled up and stored in a coat pocket easily due to its very soft and lightweight construction.


Tips for Selecting a Fall or Winter Wool/Felt Hat

Some people, try choosing a hat for an occasion. Other people spend a little bit more time selecting their hats. They might go to a specialized hat store. They will spend a considerable amount of time trying on hats trying to find one that matches their facial shape and the rest of their body. Here are some tips that will help you find a hat that you like:

Start by looking for a hat that fits your needs

Is your hat going to be for a special occasion or are you going to wear it every day? Even if a hat is stylish, does it match your function needs? Will you travel with your hat and how will you carry it if you are not wearing it? An Eric Javits felt or wool hat is a great fit for you because you will find a hat that meets your every need. 

You can browse through our website to find the ideal fall or winter hat that fits your needs. You will find a wide array of color and style that matches your need for a felt or wool hat. 

Match your hat to your facial and body contours

As a rule of thumb, any hat that you buy should highlight your facial features and the rest of your body, not exaggerate them. If you are unsure of which hat complements your facial features, you might want to go with the Jamie Felt Fedora. This hat has a downward-sloping brim and will complement most faces nicely.

Match your hat to your personality

Your personality should also be a determining factor when you buy a hat. Someone with an independent personality might want to try our Wool Western hat. This hat is made with a century-old technique that emulates a sense of independence and individuality. 

Build your wardrobe around your hat 

If you are finding a great look that you like from the Eric Javits fall and winter hats collection, consider expanding your wardrobe around it. You might try accessorizing around your hat with an attractive bag or tote. Lastly, you might find a cost or outfit that compliments your hat perfectly during the fall and winter months. 

Purchase a Felt or Wool Hat From Eric Javits 

Eric Javits likes to make a little bit of something for everyone. All of our wool hats are comfortable, sustainable, and most importantly, stylish. This winter, try a wool or felt hat so that you can stay warm during the cool temperatures. Embracing a hat from our collection as part of your wardrobe will add zest and style to your everyday life. 

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