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Designer Rain Hats That Mesh Style and Function

When you go out for the day, you want to have the option to look elegant. If rain is in the forecast, you also want a hat that will keep you dry. You want an Eric Javits designer rain hat that is elegant, functional, beneficial, and in style. You may select from a wide range of designs, so you're sure to discover the ideal style for your requirements. We have the perfect rain hat for you, whether you're searching for something to keep your head and ears dry or something that will make a stronger statement! 

There are many different hats to select from in Eric Javits' rather large assortment of rain hats, so you can stay warm and dry during the rains that will undoubtedly fall. 


History of the Bucket Rain Hat

Irish farmers and fishermen originally used the bucket hat as a strictly practical item to shelter themselves from the rain in the early 1900s. This was made feasible by the bucket hat's broad, downward-slanting brim. Another significant draw was that it could be folded to fit in a pocket. A few decades later, an olive-drab cotton fabric standard-issue style was worn by soldiers to protect their necks in the 1940s and from the 1950s through the 1970s during the Vietnam War. 

However, it wasn't until the mod movement peaked in the 1960s that the bucket hat leaped from a practical item to a stylish one, with designs that shunned conventional cotton or tweed for rigid textiles that embodied the period.

The "bucket" gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s because of the hip-hop culture in the United States and the British music scene. Numerous sportswear companies started making these hats and renowned rappers as a result of their popularity.

What advantages come from donning a designer rain hat? 

Anyone who has ever been caught in an unexpected rainstorm understands the value of being prepared with a rain hat. You won't feel as chilly and wet if you wear a rain hat to keep your face and head dry. Additionally, a rain hat helps shield your hair from the harm that rain can do, no matter where you are. 

Your hair is more prone to break and become frizzy when it's damp. You can maintain the health and beauty of your hair by wearing a rain cap. Therefore, remember to pack a dependable rain cap the next time you go outside in the rain. 

A rain hat from Eric Javits is the ideal option whether you're seeking elegance, functionality, or both. You'll likely discover the perfect rain hat for your requirements among the many designs available. Don't let the weather get you down the next time it rains. Enjoy the rain by donning one of our eco-friendly and functional rain hats.

How to Choose a Designer Rain Hat

When selecting a rain hat, it's crucial to consider appearance and functionality. For instance, you'll need a hat that offers adequate sun and rain protection if you want to spend a lot of time outside. A packable alternative is great if you're seeking a hat that can be quickly stored. A waxed cloth hat is an excellent option if you require a hat that can be worn throughout the year. Additionally, their shape will significantly alter when they become older, and they'll have new colors and personalities. The main thing is to find something that is both stylish and functional.

Why Choose a Designer Rain Hat

If you've never given any thought of wearing a rain hat and you live in (or are simply visiting) a place where it often rains, sleets, or snows, then something is about to change in your life. The finest rain caps for women will level the playing field when preparing for bad weather. To begin with, they're the ultimate hands-free means of avoiding showers since, let's face it, who wants to lug about an umbrella? Also, they'll undoubtedly keep your face and hair dry. And to top it all off, several of these adorable designs work as sun hats. 

Women's rain hats are the ideal method to remain dry and presentable. We've compiled the finest selections that are reasonably priced, breathable, provide enough protection (water-resistant and waterproof options), keep you stylish even in driving rain, and won't cause you to develop hat hair.


Designer Hats With Style and Function

Stand out with the floppy-brimmed Kaya Rain Hat.  The modern style makes it a fantastic complement to any ensemble. This rain hat is a great option for keeping you dry and fashionable while ensuring you're always in the proper location, whether going to the beach or doing errands. 

Do you need a warm hat? The Quilty Bucket Hat is ideal if you're searching for something elegant and timeless while protecting you from the chilly weather.

The Gogo Rain Bucket Hat is another option if you want to stand out more and be covered when the sun chooses to peek out. The see-through brim looks sleek and modern.  

The Patti Bucket Hat stands out among the internet stores that sell women's rain hats! In the heaviest downpours, the elegant outer shell of patent vinyl repels water and is lined, keeping you dry and shielding your hair. Water-repellent fabric covers the bottom of the brim, maintaining the form while allowing enough flexibility to wrap it up and store it in your bag when not in use. Any rainy-day outfit will benefit from the timeless bucket shape, which frames your face and gives it a contemporary edge. 

For an ultra-luxe look, you will fall in love with the Driptidoo from the Eric Javits designer rain hats collection.  The 5-inch brim of the wide-brimmed Driptidoo rain hat wraps around your head to shield your face, neck, and shoulders from the wind and rain. The bottom of the brim of this hat is lined with water-repellent canvas, which is made of waterproof patent leather.

Find your perfect designer rain hat that combines style and function at Eric Javits today! 

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