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How to pick the right designer handbag

Tote bags can be highly versatile, ideal alternatives to traditional travel bags or luggage. They are perfect for short trips, to use throughout the workday, and great for other occasions. Designer totes and designer handbags are also excellent for the same uses, only doing so in style. Tote bags and handbags can store all of your must-have items in one convenient space that is lightweight and easy to carry.

You can take designer handbags and totes anywhere. Whether you're taking an overnight trip, a weekend beach getaway, or a relaxing night out on the town, you'll love owning one of Eric Javits' designer handbags.

Picking The Right Tote or Handbag For Your Needs

Choosing the best designer handbag depends on what reason you have for purchasing one in the first place. Small to medium designer handbags and duffels are terrific for holding must-have work, gym, and other daily activity items without being a burden. More oversized designer totes are better suited for overnight stays and getaways.

Below, we'll provide tips on how to select the right designer handbags and designer totes for specific occasions.

Perfect For Travel

When it comes to selecting suitable designer totes for travel, it will depend primarily on the type and length of the trip and what you'll want to take with you. Material, durability, and comfortability will also come into play when choosing the best designer totes for your needs.

Designer totes are an excellent alternative to carry-on cases and backpacks. In terms of travel, all can accommodate your needs when taking numerous items with you. However, a tote bag will likely be a more comfortable, less bulky option. Designer totes come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, offering durability, flexibility, comfort, and style all in one. There are many excellent designer tote choices available to you.

The Squishee® Bardot Straw Tote is a great mid-size travel companion. It's lightweight and durable, features dual 9" zipper compartments, and two patch pockets. Its design is modeled from french lingerie details, such as shoulder straps, decorative bow, and top trim interwoven with ribbon lacing.

For something roomier, the Sinclair Tote is fantastic as a travel carry-on, beach visit, or a weekend getaway into the country. Though a jumbo-size tote, it remains light and durable, equipped with a water bottle holder and detachable clear vinyl wet swimsuit case.

Necessity usually dictates that travel requires two bags. Often, it's a combination of a hard case checked bag and a smaller, soft bag for carry-on purposes. Designer totes can easily fill the spot of the carry-on bag.

What about when you're on the road? Road trips will often require two or more bags as well. Whether designer totes or duffels, both can hold enough items that you won't need to bring along a heavy suitcase. They even fit quite snugly into nooks and crannies in the trunk, backseat, below your feet, or stacked atop one another. This opens up more room for additional items that luggage would otherwise occupy.

Match Your Personality Type

Designer handbags are practical yet fashionable accessories that are great in any season. They're so versatile that they can find use in almost any situation. Whether to match your work attire or a casual romp at the beach, you can find the perfect designer handbag to complement your look.

Handbags, including designer handbags, can generally fit most, if not all of your daily essentials into a single bag. If you need extra room, you can opt for an oversized designer tote instead. Even designer backpacks, like our Quilty Backpack, provide convenience, size, and style all in one.

The first thing you'll need to do is figure out your personal style. The fashion that inspires you, either through trends, interests, or both, can help determine what designer handbags will mesh well with your personality type.

Finding the most appropriate handbags and designer totes for you can help determine which style suits you best. Once you discover your style, you'll want to visualize your appearance with the designer handbags of your choice. Remember that a bag is one of the essential accessories you can own to complement your attire. Second only to a designer hat, of course.

Amidst a purchase, decide how you plan to use the bag, where you plan to use it, and why. Doing so will assist you in putting together a suitable wardrobe that will highlight your personal style.

Factors To Consider

Many factors are involved in choosing the best designer handbags and designer totes for your needs. Styles and patterns are in abundance when it comes to women's accessories. For this reason, you'll likely encounter many options and considerations when looking to make a handbag purchase.

You'll discover a multitude of varying factors, such as occasion, material, color, design, shape, size, and brand. Whichever handbag suits your purpose best is the one you should select. However, it doesn't end at purpose. You'll also want to choose the handbag that fits your lifestyle as well. Fashion-forward individuals will always prefer to keep everything deliberated, right down to the smallest minute detail of their outfit. This is how you create personal perfection.

While out making your selection, ensure that you walk away with a fantastic bag deal rather than a fashion nightmare of epic proportions. To help guide you on your journey, here are a few factors you'll want to consider when making your designer handbag choices.

Understand The Occasion and Purpose

Before buying any designer handbags, you should first understand what you plan to use them for. Do you need one for work? Going on a short trip and need a lightweight carry-on? Where do you plan to go? It would be embarrassing to lug around a large beach tote on date night when a small handbag would work out better.

It's imperative that your designer bags complement the event you plan to attend. So a good rule of thumb is to only purchase a new one according to those events. Formal meetings may require something more light in tone while hanging out with friends and family can demand something more vibrant.

Designer totes come in many shapes, sizes, and colors and can be helpful in numerous ways. Because of the abundance of choice, you'll want to keep the purpose of your tote in mind. For storing items, you'll require a tote with a lot of space and pockets. Sometimes you will only need a bag with minimal space, so you'll want to ensure you purchase a handbag that won't have a bunch of unnecessary space.

Select The Right Materials

The material your designer handbags are made of is a significant factor in choosing one. Before buying, figure out the fabric makeup of the bag, such as nylon or leather. The material you choose should complement your personal style.

Leather handbags, such as the Chevron Jesse Bag, are both durable and fashionable. The Chevron is water-repellent and features an outside zipper compartment, inside wall zipper, dual patch pockets, and a key clip holder.

It would be best if you avoided designer handbags made of soft materials. Again, this will be based on the purpose and places you intend to use them. Leather handbags, like our Mini Gridd Crossbody, are perfect companions for a night out on the town. However, leather handbags wouldn't fare too well against direct sunlight and sandblasting from a day at the beach.

Designer handbags and totes are multifaceted fashion accessories made from many different fabric types. Cotton, vinyl, satin, and leather are only some of your fabric choices when selecting one. Some, like leather and satin, are best for formal occasions and attire, while cotton and vinyl may fit best for something a bit more casual.


Designer handbags can feature varying hardware and embellishments to provide a unique style. You'll want to select the bag that matches your style, which includes additional accessories and the bag's purpose.

Tassels, buckles, and straps can add character to your designer totes. Some will seek to add playfulness, whereas others stylistic flair. You can add a taste of your own style to a handbag or tote should your bag of choice not have any embellishments by default. Something like a clip-on tassel or a large ribbon tied to one of the handles can spruce them up.  

Choosing the right ornamentation is almost as important as selecting the right handbag. Your embellishments should suit the style you're going for while adding to the look of the overall outfit's appeal. This is in contrast to your decorations stealing the spotlight outright.

Be Color Conscious

When it comes to colors, handbags have many from which to choose. So it falls to you to match your outfit to the bag or vice versa. Of course, you'll want to have some fashion sense in order to avoid poor color combinations. Stick to color schemes and uniformity if the task is too great.

Minimalistic styles don't seem to go out of fashion no matter what the season. Instead, you'll want to stick to the right colors that match spring and winter or summer and fall.

Plain and colored totes can match almost any outfit. To introduce additional color and stand out, you can choose to add a splash to your accessories to pull off the perfect getup. Even when light, pastel colors may be in fashion, you can still stand out among your peers with a statement piece.

Dabbling in bright colors can immediately make you the talk of the town. Whether that's good or bad gossip will depend entirely on how well you match things up. Color is essential to any style and can also be important to mood.

Adding bright reds, corals, and blues to your wardrobe, by tote or otherwise, can illuminate your day and lift your spirits. Darker colors can provide a boost to your formal attire, letting the world know that you mean business. No matter the colors you choose, it's vital to ensure that they reflect the best parts of your personality.

Fit Your Body Shape

Embracing body positivity is great. Big, tall, short, thin - whatever makes you happy is what's most important. To branch off of this, when it comes to handbags, selecting one that is the opposite shape of your body is always essential. You can ensure this by trying them while trying on different outfits.

Scrutinize every angle of your body while holding the handbag or tote. For tall and thin individuals, you'll want to stick with slouchy-shaped handbags featuring short, wide straps. Petite types should stay clear of oversized totes. Plus-sized women will do best with structured handbags to help balance their curves.

Size Matters

Contrary to popular belief, size does matter. When it comes to handbags and totes, at least. Pick the bag's size depending on the bag's purpose and how much stuff you want to fit inside.

Suitcases tend to have a fixed size and are less forgiving when trying to cram more items into them than they can reasonably hold. Totes and duffels are more versatile in that they can be pressed down and shifted in order to accommodate additional item loads.

The best travel bags will contain front and side compartments or external pockets to quickly access specific items you feel are essential. Always buy a bag big enough to fit everything you're looking to pack.


Let it be known that it's best to own a handbag or tote for both casual and formal occasions. This will allow you to enjoy a casual day out and about without worrying about not having the space you need for essential items. Likewise, you can attend that formal office meeting with a small handbag without lugging around an embarrassingly oversized tote.

Enhance your wardrobe with the help of a new handbag or tote. They are incredibly versatile, durable, and comfortable and provide plenty of utility in addition to the many colors and design options. You can take it one step forward by introducing embellishments and making a style all your own. Just remember all of our tips on how you can pick the right designer bag for your needs.

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