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Types of Hats For Women: Top Designer Picks You Should Buy

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In pursuit of the ideal hat, one often comes across diverse options, each suiting different occasions and tastes. This article offers an insightful look into the types of hats for women, providing you with information to find your perfect match. Whether it's about adding a dash of sophistication to your casual attire or giving a unique edge to your formal look, understanding how different hat styles can serve as the main star of your outfit can reflect both practicality and your personal flair.

Key Takeaways

  • Hats are essential fashion items for women, offering various styles like fedoras, cowboy hats, and sunhats to elevate any outfit for different occasions.

  • Your hat collection should adapt to the seasons, with straw and Panama hats for summer and wool and fur for winter providing both style and comfort.

  • Hats are a form of self-expression, coming in many colors and with details like ribbons. Care is important, so clean them gently and store them properly to maintain their condition.

The Quintessential Hat Collection for Women

A woman wearing sun hat

Women’s hats play a significant role in fashion, offering many styles that add a unique touch to any outfit. From the elegance of sunhats and fedoras to the vintage charm of cloche hats, a hat style suits every occasion. These accessories serve as statement pieces and enhance your overall look.

One cannot overlook the timeless appeal of the fedora with its soft brim and creased crown. This versatile hat should be a staple in every woman's wardrobe due to its adaptability to different outfits and occasions. Whether you're dressing up or down, a fedora adds a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

With their wide brims, sunhats are the perfect companion for sunny days, providing both style and shade. They can be paired with various outfits, from casual summer dresses to sophisticated beachwear, making them a must-have for any hat collection.

With their distinctive bell shape, Cloche hats offer a nod to vintage fashion. These hats are perfect for those who appreciate a retro aesthetic and want to add a touch of elegance to their outfits.

Regarding seasonal hats, straw, and Panama hats are summer essentials. These lightweight hats offer breathability and sun protection while maintaining a chic look. They are perfect for beach outings or casual summer days.

On the other hand, wool hats are a must-have for the colder months. They provide warmth and comfort while still adding style to your winter outfits. Whether heading out for a winter walk or attending a formal event, a wool hat can be the perfect accessory to complete your look.

The Iconic Sunhat

woman wearing white sun hat

The iconic sunhat is a must-have for summer outings, providing shade and style with its wide brim. The floppy sun hat reigns supreme as a practical yet fashionable option among the various women's hat styles.

In terms of material, popular choices for sunhats include straw and cotton-synthetic blends used in visor caps. These options offer lightweight breathability perfect for hot days while adding a casual chic element to any outfit, whether paired with gingham blouses, linen pants, or simple little black dresses.

Our Designer's Pick


hampton sun hat

This timeless sun hat, available for online purchase, is designed to complement everyone and offers advanced sun protection, durability, and easy packability for your summer adventures.

Crafted from Squishee® straw that blocks up to 95% of UV rays, it keeps you cool on hot days. Independently tested with a UPF rating of 50+, it effectively protects against UVA and UVB rays. Soft, lightweight, and packable, this hat features an elasticized inner band for a comfortable fit, and you can adjust the brim to suit your style. With a signature logo and a brim span of 4.5", the Hampton ensures you look your best while enjoying the sun. Purchase here!


Suncrest Natural/Black

Crafted from our revolutionary Squishee® material, this environmentally friendly hat offers durability, packability, and excellent sun protection (50+ UPF rating). The chic grosgrain ribbon trim adds flair, making it the perfect accessory for summer. Lightweight, breathable, and water-resistant, the Suncrest visor is designed for convenience—packed upside down in a suitcase. Shop online for a stylish and protective summer accessory. The visor features a removable terry forehead pad, adjustable head size with Velcro® closure, and a 4-inch brim span. Go green and still be fashionable. Buy yours today!


floppy bark

The dramatic 6.5" brim span protects the face, ears, neck, and shoulders. The discreetly placed signature rivet logo at the back of the crown adds a touch of elegance. The elasticized inner band ensures a comfortable fit for most.

Squishee® is a durable man-made material miming natural raffia straw, offering wet crack and melt resistance. Lightweight and packable, this hat blocks 95% of UVA/UVB rays for optimal sun protection. It has been independently tested, earning the highest rating of 50+ UPF. Position the brim to suit your mood and face, and enjoy the softness, lightness, and stylish sun protection with our Large Floppy Sun Hat.

The Sophisticated Fedora

woman wearing a brown fedora

A fedora is a must-have in any hat collection. This sophisticated accessory, characterized by its soft brim and indented crown, adds an air of sophistication to both casual and formal outfits. One of the greatest features of the fedora is its versatility throughout different seasons.

In the summer, there are various ways to style your fedora: pairing it with a patterned romper or v-neck bodysuit and denim cut-offs for a chic look. When temperatures drop, you can still rock this classic hat by wearing it with a shirt, dress, and boots for a smart-casual outfit or going more laid-back with jeans layered over a camisole topped off with either a vinyl trench coat or a faux fur jacket for added flair.

Our Designer's Pick


felt fedora hat

Hand-blocked with water-repellent wool felt, it keeps you warm and dry in the fall-winter months. The classic grosgrain ribbon band adds sophistication and is finished with a man-tailored bow. Designed in the USA, this fedora is made with sustainable wool from well-cared-for sheep on small farms. Javits' artistic touch is evident in the graceful crown curve, enhancing facial harmony. With a brim span of 3.5" (9cm), the Wool Zora is a stylish and sustainable accessory for the season. Get yours today!


black and chocolate wool felt

Make a statement with our hand-blocked water-repellent wool felt fedora featuring sumptuous pig suede and a rakishly angled brim. The fully lined crown, elasticized inner band, and packable design offer comfort and convenience. Crafted with sustainable wool from well-cared-for sheep on small farms, this stylish fedora is designed and finished in the USA. With the highest quality materials and a brim span of 4" (10.2cm), it's the perfect accessory for a bold street style statement. Get yours!

The Chic Cloche Hat

black cloche with red flower designs

The cloche hat is a perfect choice for those who prefer vintage-inspired styles. Its features include:

  • Close-fitting design

  • Short brim

  • Elegant look

  • Often adorned with bows or flowers

Invented in 1908 by milliner Caroline Reboux, the cloche hat has since become a staple in women’s fashion hats.

To rock a cloche hat, pair it with different outfits for a cool look. Whether keeping your hair down or neatly tucked under the hat, a cloche hat can add an elegant vibe to your outfit. Pair it with a symmetrical shape that hugs your face and gives good coverage, and you have a stylish and practical hat.

Our Designer's Pick


shenia cloche bone

The transition from Indian summer to fall chill with our Shenia® Cloche, a packable roll-up hat with Squishee® characteristics, now in a luxurious fall material for added insulation. Chenille rows are spiral-stitched for a velvety corduroy texture, creating a minimal, easy-to-wear women's cloche crusher with a 3" (7.5cm) brim span.

Designed in the USA, hand-blocked by skilled artisans, and crafted from innovative Shenia® material, this hat rolls and folds into a tote bag for convenience. Blocking 95% of UVA/UVB rays, it features an adjustable head size with a hidden velcro® feature. Dry clean only for optimal care. Elevate your fall style effortlessly with this chic and versatile cloche. Stay in trend and buy yours!


chain cloche

Eric Javits' hand-blocked cloche hat, available online, is crafted from luxurious sustainable wool and cashmere blend super felt. The gold-tone chain adds sophistication to the versatile shape worn in various positions. With an elasticized inner band and a hidden velcro® tab for adjustable head size, this lightweight and packable hat is designed and finished in the USA. Elevate your style effortlessly with this chic and sustainable cloche hat featuring a brim span of 2.75" (7cm) at the center front and 3" (7.5cm) at the sides. Get yours here.

Seasonal Hat Styles for Every Woman

Summer hat essential for woman

Similar to your wardrobe, it’s important for your hat collection to adjust to the changing seasons. Whether you’re looking for a straw hat perfect for sunny days or a wool and fur one to keep warm during winter, there is always an appropriate option.

Straw hats are essential accessories in summer as they offer protection from the sun while keeping your head cool. Not only do they serve practical purposes, but they also have been part of America’s history since 1798 when it comes to making straw hats.

On colder days, many prefer wearing wool and fur hats as these materials effectively trap heat providing warmth and comfort. Regardless of intense heat or chilly winds outside, a suitable hat can ensure both physical relief and maintaining style all year round.

Summer Essentials: Straw & Panama Hats

woman in the seashore waring a straw hat

There are two must-have hats for the warm summer months: classic straw and Panama. Crafted from Jipijapa plant fibers, these lightweight and breathable options offer excellent protection while looking stylish. They make a perfect addition to your beach attire or casual outfits.

You can find various styles of straw hats ranging from fedoras to sunset designs. Not only do they shield you from the sun’s rays, but they also add an element of fashion to any ensemble. So next time you’re getting ready for a sunny day out, don’t forget your trusty straw or Panama hat.

Our Designer's Pick


black and peanut margot straw hat

Crafted with Grosgrain ribbon and Squishee® straw, this rollable hat offers both style and durability. Awarded UPF 50+, it blocks 95% of UVA/UVB rays for essential sun protection. With an elasticized inner band, Margot is comfortable and versatile, easily rolling and folding for on-the-go convenience. Elevate your summer wardrobe with this breezy and chic hat, featuring a 5.5" peak span. Buy one today!

Winter Wonders: Wool & Fur Hats

fur hat worn by a woman in snow

As the temperature drops, hats made of wool and fur are often the preferred choice. These hats have excellent heat retention properties, perfect for keeping you warm during colder months. With various styles available, from floppy winter felt or wool hats to luxurious fur bucket hats, there is an option for every winter outfit.

Aside from their warmth factor, these types of hats are very comfortable.

Our Designer's Pick


winter hat in tabac

This bell-shaped hat is crafted from water-repellent suede with a faux beaver fur lining, providing warmth for your head, neck, and ears. Unlike other women's winter hats online, the Vail cloche offers a glamorous touch from the roaring 20s while ensuring modern functionality.

Featuring an adjustable size with a side buckle tab, this packable and crushable hat is designed and handmade in NYC with the highest-quality materials. Embrace timeless elegance and stay cozy all winter with the Vail cloche—crafted for enduring warmth and style. You can buy it here!


eric javits wool classic

This timeless wardrobe staple features an adjustable embossed calf leather band with antique hardware, a lined crown, and an elasticized inner band for a comfortable fit. Imported with a 2.5" brim span, it offers a classic and versatile look for those who prefer fewer hats in their collection. This designer hat will keep your head warm. You can buy it here.

Hats as the Perfect Accessory for Every Outfit

Pairing a hat with a little sexy dress for a sophisticated look

Hats are an ideal addition to enhance the look of any attire. Whether it’s a chic little black dress or casual jeans and t-shirts, the right hat can add that extra touch to make your outfit shine. But how do you choose the perfect hat for your ensemble?

The key lies in understanding both the event and what you’re wearing. While a sleek black hat or trendy sunhat paired with a matching belt can elevate a little black dress, floppy sun hats or baseball caps bring out playful vibes when combined with jeans and tees. The secret is aligning the style of your hat with that of your outfit.

From formal occasions to leisurely outings, dressing up, or keeping things low-key, hats have transformative powers over outfits. So next time, before heading out, don’t forget about accessorizing by picking the right type!

Pairing with the Little Black Dress

woman wearing a black dress and hat in a field

The classic little black dress has been a staple in women’s fashion for its sophistication and versatility. To add a unique touch, the perfect accessory - hats, can be incorporated into this timeless piece.

Be it a sleek fedora or a stylish sun hat, these elegant headwear choices elevate any occasion you wear your black dress. Whether an upscale dinner event or a casual outing with friends, adding one of these hats will bring flair and charm to your look without compromising style.

Casual Days Out: Jeans & Tees

woman in casual outfit and a hat

Nothing beats a comfortable and stylish outfit with the perfect hat for a laid-back day out. Be it a floppy sunhat, baseball cap, or straw hat, hats are an excellent way to elevate your casual look.

Maxi dresses and sandals go well with floppy sunhats for that beachy feel while jeans and tees can be effortlessly styled with a classic baseball cap. Remember to keep things relaxed yet chic when wearing hats as they add style to any simple outfit. Make sure not to miss our assortment of trendy floppy sunhats – you’ll find one suited just for you!

Exclusive Designer Hats That Stand Out

Exclusive designer hats including baseball caps and redefined bucket hats

The fashion industry holds Eric Javits in high regard for his exceptional women’s headwear designs. His hats are not just fashionable and comfortable, they are statement pieces. With a range that includes trendy baseball caps to modernized bucket hats, Javits' accessories have the power to stand out and enhance any outfit.

Eric Javits' designs not only focus on style but also prioritize high-quality materials such as denim, straw, felt, or leather. They stand out in the world of high-end designs. So, if you want your hat choice to speak volumes about your individuality and sense of fashion, consider opting for one designed by the esteemed Eric Javits.

Whether dressing up for an important occasion or simply looking stylish every day, adding an Eric Javits hat can be that perfect finishing touch to elevate any look effortlessly. Embrace uniqueness with standout pieces like Javits' baseball caps while staying true to their functionality!

So don’t hesitate to make bold choices with your accessory selection – let them do all the talking! Get noticed without saying anything because nothing speaks louder than standing out among others with an Eric Javits hat!

Express Your Personality with Colorful and Fun Hat Options

Expressing personality with colorful and fun hat options

Hats serve not only as a practical and stylish accessory but also reflect one’s personality. A wide variety of designs and colors are available to choose from when looking for the perfect hat to showcase your individual style. Popular hat styles include baseball caps, beanies, fedoras, bucket hats, sun hats, and trucker hats.

Selecting the right hat can convey different moods or characteristics, such as boldness or romance, depending on its color or design. Your choice of headwear should express your unique persona, regardless if it involves bright hues or embellishments like ribbons and intricate details.

When choosing a new fashion statement piece like a hat, consider how it aligns with your personal image instead of just focusing on its appearance or functionality alone. These versatile accessories allow individuals to add their own touch while making a statement about who they are through what they wear. Whether opting for vibrant tones or a subtle look, a person’s character is reflected by the selected range of easily customizable hats.

With options ranging from bold shades to pretty patterns, sport any fashionable headgear that resonates with your personality. Since it is more than just an accessory, it represents you as a person making a style statement. You are your own. Your hat does not only represent protection but also, you choose to represent yourself to the world and discover who you truly are inside.

How to Care for Your Designer Hat

modern hat designer room

Like any other stylish accessory, it is important to properly care for your hat to maintain its appearance and durability. Whether made from straw, cotton, wool, or leather, your designer hat requires regular cleaning and proper storage to remain pristine and usable for years. Consider buying a hat stand.

For most hats, a gentle detergent used during spot cleaning should suffice. Avoid excessive soaking as well as strong detergents which can cause damage to the material of the headpiece itself.

To keep your fashionable piece looking great over time, be sure to follow these tips:

  • Store on a wall hook or use a specialized stand designed specifically for hats.

  • When traveling store inside luggage upside down so that brims are not crushed

  • Protect against sunlight exposure directly onto colors when stored away

Finding the Right Hat for Your Face Shape and Style

woman wearing winter jacket and a hat

After learning about various hat styles, materials, and their benefits in fashion choices, the next step is to find a suitable hat for yourself. The key lies in finding one that compliments your style and flatters the shape of your face.

Whether you have an oval, round, or square-shaped face, hats are crafted to suit each unique facial structure perfectly. For those with a circular-shaped face, consider opting for caps, boaters, or fedoras, as they create angles that elongate your features further. On the contrary, it is not.

Individuals with an oval silhouette should opt for wide-brimmed floppy hats and fedoras.

Those with an angular face can soften them by choosing from bowler hats, baseball hats, and newsboy varieties and adding touches through touch-ups.

The perfect fit calls out experimentation when it comes down to picking any regular head-wear product- make use here! Embrace this opportunity since contemporary clothing revolves around defining uniqueness & personality + what better way to express these traits than choosing from extensive ranges?


woman covering her face with a hat

We have explored the realm of women’s headwear, delving into its various styles, materials, and advantages. From traditional fedoras and cowboy hats to contemporary designer options, we have seen how wearing a hat can elevate any look, add personality, and make a statement.

Whether dressing up for a special event or going about your day casually, do not forget to complete your ensemble with the perfect hat. After all, hats are more than just functional accessories, they hold powerful fashion potential. So go ahead and buy that ideal piece of headwear and let it reflect your personal style loud and clear.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hats women used to wear?

In the Victorian era, women wore various hat styles, including doll hats, bonnets, and functions. While less common compared to other options, Tyrolean Hats were also worn by some individuals during this time period.

What kind of hats do girls wear?

Opt for a straw fedora to add a classic touch to your look in warmer temperatures. Alternatively, consider a Panama hat with its breezy, wide-brimmed design, ideal for hot and humid weather or beachside locales.

How to wear hats in winter?

During the winter season, there are various ways to style hats. One option is to cover your entire forehead and ears for a traditional look. Another idea is to roll the hat’s cuffs over your ears to keep them warm. You can also wear a higher hat to add some flair.

For a more sophisticated appearance, sweep your bangs gently when wearing hats. This will give off an elegant vibe while keeping you warm during cold weather.

How do I choose the right hat for my face shape?

Experiment with various styles of hats to determine the most flattering look for you. If your face is square, try out bowlers, baseball caps, newsboys, or floppy hats. It’s important to remember that finding the right hat style is all about trial and error until you discover what works best for you.

How many different types of hats are there?

There are hundreds of different types of hats available, each with its unique style, design, and cultural significance. The most common ones include fedoras, cowboy hats, baseball caps, beanies, berets, trilby hats, Panama hats, bucket hats, and sun hats. However, the exact number is hard to determine due to the wide variety and the constant evolution of fashion trends.

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