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The Perfect Fit: A Complete Guide to Choosing and Wearing Eric Javits Designer Hats

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Striking the perfect balance between style, comfort, and sun protection, Eric Javits designer hats are the epitome of chic elegance. But with such an extensive array of stunning designs on offer, how do you find 'the one' — that perfect hat that captures your style, suits your face, and sits comfortably atop your head, ready to turn any occasion into a stylish affair?

Welcome to our complete guide to choosing and wearing Eric Javits designer hats. Here, we're going to explore this luxurious collection of headwear for all seasons, discussing how to select a hat that complements your face shape, fits effortlessly with your style, and embraces the current season or occasion flawlessly. 

We'll also share insightful tips on how to wear your hat with confidence and grace, enhancing your natural beauty and personal style. Whether you're a longtime hat enthusiast or new to the world of luxury headwear, this guide is designed to inspire, inform, and help you make the most of your Eric Javits hat experience. Are you ready to immerse yourself in sophisticated elegance and uncover the perfect Eric Javits hat for you? Let's dive in.

1. Choosing the Perfect Hat for Your Face Shape

Finding the right hat starts with understanding your face shape. Here's a breakdown of the most common face shapes and the Eric Javits hats that flatter them best:

  • Oval Face Shape: Ladies with oval faces enjoy the most versatility, as almost any style will suit them. Try the Squishee Bucket Hat, with its mid-size brim, suits oval faces. It sits comfortably, not elongating the face.
  • Round Face Shape: Opt for angular, asymmetrical hats to elongate the face and create structure, like the Squishee Bayou Fedora Hat.
  • - Square Face Shape: Hats with contrast striped dip brims can soften angular features. The Sea La Vie Fedora is an excellent option to harmoniously balance your features.
  • - Heart-Shaped Face: Choose a hat with a moderate brim that adds width to the jawline, like the Phoenix Fedora.
  • - Long Face Shape: Shorter brim hats, such as the Bow Cloche, can help create the illusion of a more balanced face.

2. Embracing the Seasons and Occasions: Knowing Which Hat to Wear

Eric Javits hats are designed for women across all seasons and occasions. Use these guidelines to select the right hat for every moment in your life:

  • Summer Hats: Eric Javits boasts an unparalleled selection of summer-suitable hats, including many lightweight and breathable designs made with Squishee® materials. Try the Antigua Wide Brim hat for a stylish sun-safe option.
  • Fall and Winter Hats: During colder months, opt for velour and wool hats like the Jamie Felt Fedora, which provide both warmth and style.
  • Outdoor Events: For outdoor events such as weddings, garden parties, or polo matches, flaunt an elegant, wide-brimmed sun hat like the Caroline.
  • Everyday and Casual Wear: Versatile styles like the Night Porter Cap are perfect for everyday wear, blending seamlessly with a variety of outfits.

3. How to Wear Your Eric Javits Hat with Confidence and Style

To make the most of your stylish headwear, consider these tips for wearing your Eric Javits hats:

  • Positioning is Key: Adjust the hat snugly but comfortably on your head, angling the brim to flatter your face and balancing the hat with your overall look.
  • Complement Your Hairstyle: Coordinate your hairstyle with the hat's style. For example, when wearing wide-brimmed hats, style your hair down or in a low, loose bun, while smaller hats work well with updos or ponytails.
  • Accessorize with Care: Enhance your hat-wearing look with mindful accessorizing. Avoid overaccessorizing, and choose either earrings or a necklace for the most balanced look.
  • Own Your Style: Confidence is key. Wear your Eric Javits hat with pride and a smile, and you'll perfect your personal look.

4. Caring for Your Luxury Hat: Protecting Your Investment

To ensure your Eric Javits hat remains in perfect condition, follow these simple care tips:

  • Storing Properly: Store your hat in a cool, dry place on a hat stand or hatbox to prevent misshaping, fading, or damage when not in use.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Always refer to the specific care instructions provided by Eric Javits, using a gentle brush or soft cloth to remove dust and dirt as needed.
  • Traveling with Your Hat: Many Eric Javits hats are designed to be packable, like the Bella Floppy hat. However, pack carefully, cushioning your hat with clothing to prevent it from being crushed.


Choosing and wearing an Eric Javits hat is an art form that beautifully showcases your personality and style, regardless of the season or occasion. As you dive into the world of Eric Javits Designer Hats, use this guide to help you find and treasure the perfect hat for your unique style, face shape, and lifestyle.

Ready to explore the enchanting world of Eric Javits designer visors and hats and uncover the perfect item just waiting to complete your look? Discover your ideal match by browsing the full collection at our shop. 

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