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Travel in Style: A Guide to Packing and Caring for Your Eric Javits Designer Hat on the Go

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Traveling to new destinations is a thrilling adventure that often requires thorough planning and forethought to ensure every aspect of the trip runs smoothly. And, as a woman who appreciates the elegance and style of an Eric Javits designer hat, one critical aspect of planning includes considering how to properly pack and care for your luxurious headwear while on the go. After all, designer hats are more than just accessories; they are precious elements of your personal wardrobe, and their protection and care should be given the necessary attention to maintain their impeccable condition.

In this post, we present a comprehensive guide on packing and caring for your Eric Javits designer hat while traveling, whether it be a weekend getaway or a month-long international adventure. By following our expert tips and recommendations, you can confidently bring your favorite hat on any journey, knowing it will remain in perfect condition and be ready to wear at your destination and throughout your travels.

1. Choosing Travel-Friendly Hats: Selecting the Perfect Style for Your Adventure

The first step in ensuring a smooth travel experience with your designer hat is selecting styles that are designed for easy transportation and versatility. Eric Javits offers a multitude of designs and materials that are ideal for world travelers. Keep in mind the following factors when choosing the perfect hat for your journey:

  • Durability: Opt for hats made with materials known for their sturdiness and resistance to wear and tear, such as the innovative Squishee® materials. These specially designed Eric Javits hats are crafted to be packable, maintain their shape, and provide lasting sun protection.
  • Versatility: Select hats that can be dressed up or down to suit various occasions and outfits. This will allow you to have an accessory that can seamlessly transition from a casual beach day to a more elegant evening dinner.
  • Climate appropriateness: Consider the weather conditions in your destination when selecting your hat. Lightweight and breathable materials like Squishee® are perfect for hot and sunny locales, while warmer wool or velour hats are better suited for cooler, autumnal destinations.

2. Packing Your Hat: Storage Techniques for Safe Travel

Safely packing your designer hat is crucial to ensure it remains in pristine condition during transit. Here are some practical tips for packing your Eric Javits hats:

  • Hat Boxes: Invest in a sturdy, lightweight hat box that can protect your hat from being crushed in your luggage. Make sure the box is large enough to accommodate your hat without squashing the brim or crown.
  • Fill the Crown: Gently stuff the crown of your hat with soft items such as scarves or socks to help maintain its shape during travel. Be careful not to overstuff the crown and put undue pressure on the hat's structure.
  • Surround With Soft Items: When placing the hat in your suitcase, surround it with soft clothing items to provide additional protection against crushing or damage.
  • Place the Hat Brim-Side Down: When possible, pack your hat brim-side down with the crown facing up. This position can help protect the brim from being bent or distorted during transport.

3. Caring for Your Hat on the Go: Maintenance Tips for Flawless Styling

While traveling, it's essential to take care of your hat to ensure it maintains its flawless appearance. Follow these tips for maintaining your Eric Javits designer hat on the go:

  • Reshape After Unpacking: Upon arrival at your destination, take the time to gently reshape your hat, particularly if you notice any creases. Using your hands, gently smooth out any wrinkles, reshape the brim, and adjust the crown to restore its original shape.
  • Cleaning and Spot Treating: Keep a small, soft brush for spot cleaning the surface of your hat in case of dust or dirt. For Squishee® hats, simply rinse them with water and apply mild soap if necessary. For wool or velour hats, carefully remove any debris and use a fabric cleaner if needed.
  • Proper Storage in Your Hotel: Store your hat away from direct sunlight and excessive moisture to ensure its longevity. Avoid placing your hat on surfaces where it might be exposed to spills or dirt.

4. Adapting to Various Climates: Tips for Wearing Your Hat in Different Weather Conditions

Different destinations come with varying weather conditions, so it's crucial to know how to adjust your hat styling and care to suit these changes:

  • Sunny Climates: Hats with wider brims, such as the Floppy with Fringe, are perfect for protecting your face, neck, and shoulders from the sun in tropical climates. Additionally, the sun can occasionally cause Squishee® hats to soften but not cause them to lose their shape. Allow the hat to cool, and it will regain its shape, rigidity, and durability.
  • Cooler Climates: Opt for cozy wool or velour hats like the Legend Fedora to keep you warm while still maintaining an elegant, polished look. Be aware that rain or snow can damage these materials, so always keep an eye on the weather conditions and prioritize protecting your hat.


With these tips and guidance in hand, you can confidently travel the world with your Eric Javits designer hat, knowing it will remain in perfect condition and effortlessly elevate your style. Remember that proper packing and care are the keys to maintaining your hat's flawless appearance and longevity, so follow these expert recommendations to ensure your favorite accessory is always ready to accompany you on your next adventure.

To explore a range of travel-friendly Eric Javits designer visors and hats, browse through our collection. You will sure to find something that suits your adventure! 

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