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Top 10 Trendy Womens Summer Hats for Ultimate Style and Sun Protection

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Looking for the perfect women’s summer hats that combine fashion and sun protection? Discover the trendiest picks and essential features to keep you stylish and shielded from the sun’s rays. Expect guidance on everything from elegant wide brims to breathable sporty designs, all while you find the summer hat that fits your personal style only here at Eric Javits! Your hats protect you from the sun; we know how to create one.

Key Takeaways

  • Wide-brim sun hats, including sophisticated straw variations, provide stylish sun protection and fashion versatility, with features such as UPF ratings, comfortable fit, and diverse materials from top brands.

  • Functional hats for outdoor activities such as lightweight, breathable designs, sporty visors, bucket hats, and boonie hats offer UV protection while catering to different sporting and adventure needs.

  • Packable and foldable hats, including compact fedoras, crushable cloche hats, and rollable wide-brim hats, offer convenience and sun safety, with top brands providing chic options for travel-savvy women.

The Summer Hat: Your Chic Guard Against the Sun's Glare

woman wearing a white summer hat

A summer hat is a practical accessory for sun protection and a fashion statement that can enhance your summer outfits. It serves as a shield, protecting your face from the harsh sun rays, and provides comfort on hot days. It's also a fashion accessory that reflects your personal style.

There are various types of summer hats to suit different occasions and activities. A wide-brimmed hat adds a touch of glamour to your beach outfit, a sporty visor is ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, and a casual bucket hat is perfect for a laid-back afternoon in the park.

Regardless of the type, a summer hat is an essential item to protect against the sun's glare. So, remember to wear your summer hat when you go out this summer - it's your chic defense against the sun's glare.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the world of summer hats. Here's our curated list of the top 10 trendy women's summer hats that flawlessly blend style and sun protection.

Top 1 | Stylish Wide Brim Sun Hats for Women

A woman wearing a stylish wide brim sun hat

A wide-brim sun hat is the perfect combination of fashion and protection from the sun’s rays. This type of hat features a broad visor, which helps safeguard your face, neck, and shoulders outdoors during hot days.

Not only does it serve as protective gear, but it also can enhance an individual’s look with its various styles available, and anyone could find one suitable for their personal taste in clothing.

These hats are constructed using lightweight material to keep comfortable in warmer temperatures while providing constant cooling sensations. And Eric Javits' Sandy wide-brim hat offers a foldable feature essential for outdoor activities. Buy here!

Top 2 | Sophisticated Brim Hat

woman wearing sophisticated brim hat

Summer fashion has something for everyone, and sun hats are an essential part of that. Whether you're relaxing by the shore or joining a garden gathering, a broad-brimmed sun hat adds enduring elegance to your appearance.

Searching for that special sunhat helps to keep certain features in mind. They should offer adjustable sizing with a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating included, as well as being lightweight but breathable, all while having enough brim widths to maintain good protection from the summer rays!

If you want to add extra panache, opt for one complete with ribbon accents around its rounded crown, providing even more beauty when combined with the stylish staples mentioned earlier! Shop a brimmed hat here!

Top 3 | Protective Visor Hat

Women wearing lightweight and breathable sun hat for outdoor activities

Regarding summer, there is nothing like a lightweight and breathable visor hat for women. These hats are perfect accompaniments that protect you from the sun's harmful rays, hiking, or enjoying beach trips. They keep your head cool while protecting you from the sun's harsh rays.

For instance, American Hat Makers makes mesh ladies’ hats which can give up to 80% UV coverage with an impressive combination of practicality and style as their products are handwashable but also fold away conveniently into any small space – great for travel!

Other brands that offer similar items include Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Hats and Storm Bucket designs, all renowned among outdoor lovers because they boast lightweight and Adjustable head sizes with Velcro® closure features. Buy the most popular visor here!

Top 4 | Sporty Fedora Visor

women wearing beach hats

Hats designed specifically for the active female are a great option for stylish sun protection. These visors shield you from over 98% of damaging UV rays while easily shading your face, ears, and neck.

With these sporty hats available today, women can be equipped with reliable sun protection that is both fashionable and functional! Buy here!

Top 5 | Functional Bucket Hats

cool bucket hat

Our newly proportioned Squishee® packable hat guarantees maximum defense against harmful rays. Stylish and practical, it rolls up effortlessly into a tote bag, your must-have travel companion.

Embrace tropical vibes with the self-fringed edge. When hunting for the best women's bucket hat, choose unbeatable features: 95% UVA/UVB ray blockage, UPF 50+ rating, and customizable brim positioning. Stay cool, look chic!

A bucket hat is a popular choice for outdoor activities. It offers protection from the elements while being made of reliable fabrics such as cotton, linen, or polyester, making it suitable for all weather conditions. Buy your bucket hat here!

Top 6 | Versatile Classic Fedora

squishee classic fedora

Elevate Your Style with Our Chic Fedora! This standout among women's designer hats for sale is a summer essential. Made of sustainable Squishee® with a cotton grosgrain ribbon, it features a signature logo rivet for a touch of sophistication.

The teardrop crown and abbreviated brim offer versatile styling, protecting you from the sun's rays. Embrace a daily dose of attitude and glamour while reflecting on your character.

Squishee® straw is eco-friendly and packable, making it perfect for summer adventures. Don't miss the chance to own this award-winning UPF 50+ fedora! Explore our online collection of women's fedora hats for sale and buy here.

Top 7 | Packable and Foldable Sun Hats

Foldable sun hats for travel

Crafted from our patented Squishee® packable straw, this timeless sun hat, born from Eric's vision, offers style without compromise. Available in a spectrum of neutrals and vibrant hues, this iconic Hampton hat complements everyone.

Enjoy advanced sun protection, durability, and packability – perfect for summer adventures! Squishee® straw blocks 95% of UV rays, ensuring you stay cool while looking chic. Awarded UPF 50+, it's your go-to accessory for maximum sun safety. Explore our online collection and bring the Hampton home today!

Top 8 | Crushable Cloche Hats

crushable cloche hat

Transition into Fall with Style! Swap your Squishee® for the Shenia® Cloche, a luxurious packable roll-up hat designed for the changing weather. Crafted from innovative Shenia® material, it provides insulation with a velvety texture akin to corduroy.

This minimal, easy-to-wear cloche crusher boasts rows of chenille, hand-blocked by skilled artisans. Pack it in your tote as it rolls and folds effortlessly. It's the perfect fall accessory with an adjustable head size and UPF 50+. Embrace the season with Shenia®! Designed in the USA.

When it comes to sun protection on the go, you can’t beat a stylish and crushable cloche hat. These hats are made from high-quality materials, so they fit snugly yet comfortably for a day in the sun or at the beach. Buy it now!

Top 9 | Rollable Wide Brim Hats

gigantic sun hat worn by women

This ultra-glamorous womens summer hats, crafted from Squishee®, is not just for Instagram moments—it's your UPF 50+ shield against the sun's aging rays. The oversized brim, adorned with contrast repeat stripes, extends for shoulder protection and is wire-edged for easy reshaping.

Chic cotton grosgrain ribbon chin ties keep it secure in the breeze. Better than a beach umbrella, this gigantic brim guarantees approving smiles. Made in the USA, Squishee® ensures durability with recycled fibers. Block 95% of UVA/UVB rays and flaunt your style responsibly!

Rollable wide-brim Panama hats are a stylish and convenient solution for sun protection, especially when traveling. With the sturdy wide brims of these fashionable accessories, you’ll never have to worry about not getting enough protection from the sun’s rays! Buy them here.

Top 10 | UPF50+ Sun Protection Hats

Woman wearing UPF50+ sun protection hat at the beach

Elevate Your Style with Lady Daphne! This two-tone fedora boasts a generous 4.5" brim, ensuring a protective shade for your head, face, neck, and ears. Crafted from our patented Squishee®, a sustainable material with recycled fibers, it's lightweight, durable, and packable—your perfect summer companion.

Pack it upside down for travel; it emerges wrinkle-free every time. Lady Daphne is rated 50+ UPF, blocking 95% of UV rays. Shop online for this stylish and sun-safe fedora and explore more women's straw hats for sale.

Having one of these hats will ensure your skin remains safe and guarded no matter where life takes you! Buy our Lady Daphne today and add it to your collection!

How to Choose the Right Summer Hat for You

woman in white swimwear holding a hat

Selecting the perfect summer hat for yourself entails considering different aspects like your style, the activities you plan to engage in, and the amount of sun protection required.

For style, think about what you'll be wearing with the hat. A wide-brimmed straw hat or a fedora might be a good fit if you're into a classic look. If you're more into a sporty or casual look, a baseball cap or bucket hat might be more your speed.

Next, consider the activities you'll be doing. If you are doing a lot of physical activities like hiking or playing sports, you'll want a lightweight, breathable hat that stays securely on your head. If you are lounging by the pool or on the beach, a wide-brimmed hat with plenty of shade could be a better choice.

Lastly, take into account the sun protection level that suits your needs. For extended periods under direct sunlight, seek out a hat with a substantial UPF rating that can protect your skin from UV rays.

Remember, the right summer hat for you is one you'll enjoy wearing, fits well and provides the protection you need.

Fashion-Forward Sun Hats for Every Occasion

Women wearing fashion-forward sun hats for various occasions

The world of women’s sun hats is full of fashionable options, from classy derby styles to on-trend ribbon hats or glamorous poolside ones. Whatever the occasion calls for and wherever you spend your day under the sun, these stylish headpieces will make a statement while keeping harmful UV rays at bay.

Classy Derby Hats

a classy derby hat

During summer events, stylish derby hats are an outstanding choice to enhance any outfit. Brands like Janessa Leone, Gucci, and Lack of Color offer these chic headwear pieces perfect for adding a sophisticated look to garden parties or tea occasions and at the races.

Trendy Ribbon Hats

woman holding a ribbon hat

Women are fans of ribbon hats for their fashionable and adaptable look, which gives them adequate sun protection with its broad brim while enhancing any outfit. Brands like AERIN, Elope, and Helen Kaminski specialize in fashion-forward ribbon headgear that can suit all kinds of style preferences regarding the sun’s rays and what women wear.

Glamorous Poolside Hats

woman sitting beside pool

Gorgeous poolside hats are the perfect way to make a luxurious, stylish statement while you relax by the pool. Popular brands offering this kind of headwear include Coolibar, Maison Michel and Janessa Leone for those who want something fashionable yet sophisticated in their choice of hat.

Adjustable Sizing Options for a Perfect Fit

adjustable hat for women

Sun hats with adjustable sizes are the perfect choice for finding a comfortable fit. Such headwear is designed to have drawstrings, Velcro straps, or elastic bands, which enable wearers to create their desired tightness level.

When looking for sun protection during windy beach days or all-day comfort wear, it’s easy to find a hat with sizing adjustments tailored to your needs.

Drawstring Sun Hats

Drawstring hats are a great option for keeping comfortable while providing sun protection. This type of hat is equipped with an adjustable string that allows the wearer to get just the right fit for their head, so they don’t have to worry about slipping off as they go through their day.

Velcro Strap Hats

Hats with Velcro straps offer a secure and comfortable fit, making it easy to customize the size. The adjustable feature of this closure type is convenient for achieving just the right amount of snugness or looseness on your headgear. Brands that specialize in offering these types include Madewell, San Diego Hat Co., Wallaroo Hats, and Scala Hats. These four hat makers are well known for their quality products featuring fashionable designs and fastening convenience via velcro adjusters.

Elastic Band Hats

For effective sun protection, elastic band hats are a great option. These hats have an adjustable stretchable strap that perfectly fits and ensures it stays on even in windy weather conditions. Brands such as Madewell, North Face, or Coolibar supply these hats to keep you safe while enjoying your outdoor activities under the sun’s rays.

Eric Javits - Your Top Brand for Women's Summer Hats

top brand for women summer hats

Eric Javits’ luxury brand sun hats for women are recognized for their fashionable yet protective designs. These products include innovative features such as a collapsible design which is great when travelling and 50+.

UPF protection is provided through the signature Squishee material, similar to natural straw. The selection of styles available includes attractive fedoras and sporty baseball caps made from leather, wool felt fabric, or straw.

All demonstrating quality craftsmanship. Even though these stunning pieces come at an elevated price point, they undeniably carry the hallmark excellence that Eric Javits brings with every collection it releases.


hat and sunglasses on top

As summer approaches, a fashionable sun hat is an absolute must-have for any outfit to protect yourself from the sun's damaging UV rays. Eric Javits offers many quality and stylish options with features such as wide brims and breathability for outdoor activities that look great and provide reliable protection too!

Whether it be straw hats or lightweight ones, there’s definitely one out there tailored specifically to your individual style preferences - so don’t forget about getting just the right kind of sunhat for guaranteed safety before anything else when making preparations this season.

As summer approaches, the imperative for reliable sun protection becomes increasingly evident. Choosing the right sun hat is not just about fashion, but also about ensuring your safety from the harmful UV rays.

Whether you prefer straw hats or lightweight ones, there's definitely a hat out there tailored specifically to your individual style preferences. So, as you prepare for the season, don't forget to prioritize getting the right kind of sun hat for guaranteed safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the benefits of wide-brim sun hats?

woman wearing a wide brim sun hat and holding flower

Sun hats with wide brims are ideal for summer as they look stylish and offer full protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays. The brim of such a hat covers both your face and neck while extending to shield one’s shoulders too. This makes it possible to enjoy those hot days outside without worrying about harmful side effects.

What is the best hat to wear in the sun?

woman wearing the best hat under the sun

Various sun hats are available, making it easy to find the perfect style for you and your summer clothing. Popular options include wide-brimmed hats, straw styles, bucket designs, visors, fedoras, and boonie types, to suit all personal tastes!

What are some top brands for women's summer hats?

woman wearing hat of flowers

Regarding fashionable and well-crafted women’s summer hats, Eric Javits, Sunday Afternoons, Coolibar, and Patagonia are renowned names in the industry for providing quality products from stylish fedoras to straw sunhats. These top brands have you covered when it comes time to find that perfect hat this season.

What are some eco-friendly options for sun hats?

woman wearing a hat in purple dress

If you want to be mindful of the environment when buying new fashion items, sun hats made from recycled fiber, organic cotton or bamboo might do the trick. These materials provide an eco-friendly option while helping reduce waste and promote sustainability regarding fashion choices.

What is UPF 50+ protection in sun hats?

woman with lotion in the back wearing a hat

Sun hats with UPF 50+ protection offer superior UV defense, shielding the wearer from up to 98% of dangerous UVA and UVB rays. Such sun protection is invaluable in preventing harm due to exposure to intense sunshine.

What kind of hat is best for summer?

summer hat beside the pool

The best kind of hat for summer is one that combines style, comfort, and sun protection. Wide-brimmed hats, such as straw hats or fedoras, offer extensive coverage and shield your face, neck, and shoulders from the sun's harmful rays.

Lightweight and breathable materials like cotton or linen are ideal for ensuring comfort and preventing overheating. Additionally, hats with a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating provide an extra layer of sun safety. So, when choosing the best summer hat, consider its style, material, and sun protection factor.

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