How To Wear A Bandana Visor

Ladies have various options for sophisticated summer headgear, with the classic example for understated elegance being a soft, wide-brimmed sun hat adorned with a delicate ribbon. However, if you want to take it up a notch and go for an edgy chic look, a bandana visor can transform your outfit.

When you learn how to wear a bandana visor, match it with your outfit and complement it with your hairstyle, you will be unstoppable. Read on to discover the different ways you can take your style to a higher level while accessorizing with bandana visors.

How to wear a bandana visor and turn heads

Visors are back in style — you would see that even high-profile designers feature them on runway shows across different fashion seasons. This isn’t surprising, considering how well the accessory balances style and functionality.

With an open build that doesn’t constrict and flatten your tresses and shields your face from the blinding sun, they make the perfect accessory to get a little coverage while infusing a chic and athletic edge to your ensembles.

We’ve listed down many ways you can style a bandana visor so you can find a way that best matches your outfit and keeps you comfortable regardless of how sunny it is.

  • Channel sporty chic with a tank top and a pleated skirt

    Planning to spend slow summer days with a round of golf? Or perhaps you’re sweating it playing tennis after brunch? Bandana visors are an excellent addition to any occasion and activity.

    If you aren’t sure how to wear a bandana visor, this is the easiest way to do it: Wear a light-colored tank top with a crisp, pleated skirt — or your favorite pair of shorts, for ultimate comfort and mobility. Step into your dependable white shoes. Then, tie the look together with a bandana visor, and you’re good to go!

  • Go casual with jeans and a t-shirt

    Classic for a reason, a quintessential jeans-and-shirt combo will take you from day to night and keep you prepared for whatever comes your way. First, choose a crop top, t-shirt, or blouse that you feel comfortable and confident. Match it with a pair of well-fitting jeans, then cap it off with a bright bandana visor.

    If the weather gets cool enough, or if you get cold easily, throw on your favorite hoodie, sweater, or cardigan, and you’re good to go. It’s a simple yet stylish outfit that looks effortless and meticulous at the same time.

  • Spice up your beach outfit with unique headgear

    Going to the beach for a holiday or planning a pool party for the ladies?

    Whatever reason you have to prepare your swimming outfit, you can tie the look together with a chic bandana visor. It also protects your eyes from harsh, glaring sunlight and your face against the harsh, drying effects of the sun.

    Preparing your beach or pool outfit is relatively simple. Bring out a one-piece suit or a bikini that accentuates your curves and elongates your legs. Pair it with high-waisted shorts if you only plan to lounge around. Then, wear your bandana visor and go-to sunglasses to complete that summer vibe.

  • Style your favorite sundress with a fashionable and functional visor

    Of course, we can’t rule out the classic sundress perfect for warm summer days. Add some edge to your chic summertime outfit by wearing a bandana visor with it. A visor will elevate your style, whether you’re wearing a monochromatic pastel dress or a colorful attire with tropical prints.

    Not only do bandana visors add a fun, refreshing look to your summer dress. It also makes your outfit — sleek or flowy — feel more comfortable as it keeps the sun out of your eyes and its harsh rays away from your face.

    Hair up or down — styling your tresses when wearing a bandana visor

    Dressing up is not entirely about what you wear. Apart from the clothes, shoes, and accessories, you must also be mindful of how you style your hair. The right haircut enhances your facial features and complements your natural beauty. How you style it can set the tone for your outfit — are you going for smart casual, or is it a bit more chic professional? A good hairstyle can also do wonders for your confidence and self-esteem.

    So if you’re planning to liven up your summer outfits with bandana visors, think of how to wear a bandana visor confidently and style your hair accordingly.

  • Wear your hair in a simple ponytail or braid

    If your hair is long enough, try keeping it neat and chic in a tidy ponytail or a meticulous braid, then pull it through your bandana visor. Styling your hair this way prevents your hair from swaying around and getting all tangled up while you move around or play sports. 

  • Feel more relaxed with a messy bun or a chignon

    Even the most elegant woman lets her hair down once in a while. But if you would rather keep your hair up on warm summer days, you can put it up in a chignon or a messy bun, then put on your bandana visor over it. Add texture by leaving some strands down at the side and holding them down with hairspray.

  • Part your hair at the center and wear it down

    Styling your hair doesn’t have to be complicated and time-consuming. You can simply brush it down, part it in the center and wear it down before you put on your bandana visor. This adds a more laid-back, carefree look to your outfit while helping you maintain an overall sleek and stylish appearance.

    Discover stylish bandana visors at Eric Javits

    If you’re still exploring how to wear a bandana visor in style, start with us. After all, we’ve been celebrating women’s functional style and elegance since 1985.

    At Eric Javits, we feature an ultra-glamorous bandana visor with a detachable scarf featuring artwork that Eric himself painted. Combining our durable and eco-friendly Squishee® straw visor and a breathable, moisture-wicking scarf made with biodegradable Tencel, the headgear emulates an effortlessly chic summer vibe.

    Forehead sweat on hot summer days won’t get in the way of your meticulous outfit, either, because our bandana visor has detachable and washable terry pads that absorb sweat and extend the life of the visor. Shop this accessory today and elevate everyday outfits into your trademark chic style!

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