Best Eric Javits Shoes To Wear In Summer

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Sunny days, windy skies, breezy summer dresses, and your go-to pair of sunglasses — tie it all together with stylish footwear, and you’re good to go. Whether you’re getting ready for a sun-washed holiday or preparing garden luncheons for the ladies, you want to step out in footwear that puts a spring in your step and complements the rest of your outfit. Everything lies in the details, from the statement straw hat that provides sun protection to your flowing summer dress and meticulously manicured nails that attract attention to your smile.

The summer shoes no woman can afford to go without

Styling summer shoes with your favorite summer outfits shouldn’t be too difficult if you have the right style for the occasion. With a well-curated collection, you can outlast the latest trends and showcase your aesthetic with each stride, regardless of what you’re wearing and where you’re going.

Let’s run through every pair of shoes that will elevate your style this summer. Some might already be staples in your wardrobe, and others may be new to your collection — but all of them are perfect for the season.

  • Strappy sandals

    You can never go wrong with strappy sandals, especially if you’re fond of sundresses. There are some gladiator-style sandals with straps that crisscross up your legs. However, you want to opt for something simple and sophisticated like our Chainmi toe loop sandals when styling summer shoes — their versatile design easily pairs with virtually any summer outfit in your closet.

    Chainmi’s glistening, chain-embellished leather straps and metallic leather footbeds play into the ideal minimalist look you’ll want to slip into every day. Opt for these sandals to sprinkle elegance into any outfit and walk around comfortably.

  • Woven mules

    If you’re going for a laidback look and need a pair to take you from day to night, a pair of woven mules would complement your bright sundress or casual shirt-and-shorts outfit. Our Isla mule is a perfect choice.

    The Isla mule upper is made with raffia palm, edged, and lined in leather. It also has a leather footbed cushioned and is built with arch support. While exuding a casual elegance, it provides the comfort and stability you want in footwear that goes the distance without sacrificing your style.

  • Braided sandals

    If you want to achieve that effortless summery vibe while letting your feet breathe, your best footwear choice would be braided sandals. They go with anything — from bright yellow shirts and sky blue blouses to white skirts and pastel sundresses.

    Understated, feminine, and extremely comfortable, our Notti braided sandals let you bid foot fatigue goodbye with their deeply cushioned footbed for maximum comfort and support throughout the day. The straw braid knot adds a delicate touch that elevates it from casual to chic

  • Block heel sandals

    Want to wear heels for the summer?

    Your best option would be block-heeled sandals that are comfortable enough to walk around during the hottest summer days and dainty enough to complement your sundress and straw hat. If you don’t already have a pair, you’ll soon learn why they’re a staple for styling summer shoes.

    Our Socialite summer sandals are sturdy, open-back footwear engineered for optimal arch support, stability, and comfort. The upper is made with our signature raffia braid, while the footbed uses plush Napa leather. The sandals have two-inch heels that boost your confidence and add extra height to elongate your legs.

  • Ballet flats

    If you want something truly timeless in your shoe cabinet, invest in a quality pair of ballet flats that are classic, elegant, and perfect for every season. You can wear them on casual summer days at the park, and they’re just as comfortable on relaxing afternoon strolls when temperatures start to drop.

    Our Parris ballet flats are one of the most walkable ballet flats you’ll ever step into, featuring breathable knit mesh and a patent leather square cap toe, topped with a dainty bow tie. Meanwhile, the leather shoe lining has built-in arch support that ensures your feet don’t tire throughout the day — or night!

  • Chunky boots

    Who says you have to hide away your chunky boots until the weather gets cooler? Throw people off by styling your bohemian summer dresses with a pair of chunky boots — the Viola sock boot.

    The Viola boots are comfy from the moment you take them out of the box, pulling on like a pair of your favorite socks and supported by chunky heels that allow you to strut all day comfortably. The upper is made with stretch knit, which gently hugs your feet and lets them breathe.

    These boots also feature clean lines and a stub toe design, echoing the sharp minimalism of the 90s. What’s not to love?

    Keeping your summer shoes in excellent condition

    Protection, proper storage, and shoe fillers are the most important things to remember if you want to keep your summer footwear in good condition and ensure a lasting style.

    From days out with your family to running errands and busy days at work, your footwear will be exposed to the drying effect of the sun. To keep the supple feel and look of leather and other materials, invest in a leather-protecting product like a conditioning cream to maintain their luxe finish.

    Of course, you must also have sufficient storage space for your shoes. Stacking them together would affect their shape, form, and feel. Keep your shoe cabinet away from direct sunlight, ensure there’s space between each pair, and use shoe fillers to retain the original shape of your footwear. Fillers also absorb moisture which is common during warmer weather and could damage your footwear.

    Find your favorite summer footwear at Eric Javits

    With Eric Javits’ supreme collection, styling summer shoes has never been more exciting. Our luxurious footwear strikes the perfect balance between comfort and elegance, making the warm season another opportunity to show off your aesthetic.

    We’ve been celebrating women’s fashion since 1985 and, over the years, have successfully curated the aesthetic of understated elegance, functional style, and down-to-earth glamor. Explore our collection of sophisticated footwear to find your new favorite today!

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