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Like linen fabric and comfy coverups, straw bags have become a staple of summertime fashion. There's something special about a woven straw bag that instantly inspires thoughts of sun-soaked beach days, picnics and afternoons spent exploring quaint towns.

Wherever your summer adventures take you, a stylish straw bag from Eric Javits is the perfect companion. Choose from a wide variety of sizes and styles to find the ideal bag to hold all your belongings and complete any outfit.

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7 products

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Dame Brooke
Squishee® Bardot Straw Tote
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Squishee® Bel Air
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Lil Cote D'Azur - Final Sale
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Squishee® Bardot Straw Tote - Final Sale
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Lucy Straw Bag
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Unique Women's Squishee® Straw Bags

Because straw bags are popular summer accessories, there are a lot of options on the market — but none are quite like Eric Javits's bags. Eric's designer straw bags for women are constructed from patented Squishee® material. This durable synthetic fabric resembles gorgeous natural raffia straw, but it's actually woven from partially recycled plastics.

Squishee is lightweight and packable. Unlike natural straw, it will never melt or crack when exposed to water or sunlight. Your Squishee straw bag easily retains and regains its shape after being stored, leaving you with a bag that's always as crisp and stylish as the day you bought it.

Our Squishee straw bags allow you to fashionably express your love for the environment by reducing waste and investing in a bag made from sustainably sourced materials. Instead of a bag you'll have to replace, you can buy a long-lasting item you'll treasure forever.

Stylish Women's Straw Tote Bags for Sale

Our collection of straw bags for women for sale online includes a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles, including small wristlets and larger straw totes. Eric designed each bag to carefully blend bold summer fashion with practical, user-friendly features — like linen lining with pockets to help you stay organized.

Choose a classic design or pick something that's sure to turn heads with special accents. Our straw bags feature a range of finishing details like bold fringes, colorful tassels and even Swarovski crystal-encrusted rattan ornaments.

You can pair straw totes and handbags with almost any summer outfit, including casual beachwear or a cute sundress for a lunch date. Whether you're looking for a show-stopping statement piece or an everyday handbag, our collection has something for everyone.

Straw for Every Season

While straw bags have become synonymous with summer, you don't have to pack them away as soon as the weather starts to cool. Carry the spirit of summer year-round by styling your favorite straw bag for different seasons.

Straw bags in neutral colors are the easiest to style for fall and winter because the neutral tone is a blank slate. Try adding scarves or bandanas in autumnal jewel tones to complement your favorite fall outfits. You can also keep your slate blank and pair your straw tote with dark, monochromatic outfits in the winter.

Some people opt to pack away their favorite straw bags to protect them from wet, wintry weather. With Squishee straw bags from Eric Javits, you don't have to worry. Your bag will never melt or crack when wet, and you can easily clean off any seasonal pollutants.

Find Your Ideal Summer Bag

Shop our online collection to find the perfect straw bag to add to your summertime wardrobe or take on your next adventure.