Women's Designer Berets for Sale Online

Throughout history, berets have been associated with the French working class, militaries around the world and high-fashion Parisian style. These simple tams make us think of artists, writers, revolutionaries and outstanding, powerful people. Today, berets are popular options for completing a wide range of fashionable outfits, from artistic, edgy haute couture to more casual classic looks you can wear every day.

Eric Javits is an artist, turned designer who is always on the cutting edge of the fashion accessory world. His collection includes a wide range of berets that are easy to incorporate into your wardrobe in order to express your own individual style. Each beret is designed and crafted in NYC from the highest-quality imported materials. These versatile quality products perfectly marry style to function. 

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2 products

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Women's Cotton Berets for Sale

Our cotton velvet berets are soft and sensuous with deep, rich colors and a matte finish. Eric designed these berets with durability in mind, choosing cotton velvet to provide the same luxurious feel as other velvets with added resilience. Each cotton velvet beret is fully lined and finished with a leather trim and an adjustable drawstring tie for the perfect fit.

Shop our collection of women's cotton berets for sale online to find a classic style or a new, fashionable look to complement any outfit. 

Women's Wool Berets

Our warm, comfortable women's wool berets for sale online are made from material sustainably sourced from small Scottish and Italian farms where multi-use sheep are sheered using the most humane practices to produce high-quality wool. Each beret is proudly handcrafted here in the United States and is designed to make a statement.

Choose a traditional chic black wool beret or mix up your style with an attractive pattern like tan houndstooth or a fine red Scottish plaid. You will be sure to find a new favorite to reflect your own individual style. 

Suede Berets for Women

Our women’s leather and suede berets for sale online perfectly exemplify Parisian elegance and sophistication. The suede material is soft and sumptuous, with a smooth surface and matte finish. This durable material is perfect for our classically proportioned beret making it easy to drape and conform to the shape of your head. An ideal style to wear on a bad hair day or to conceal grey roots in-between salon appointments. Each of our women's suede berets for sale online is water resistant and durable. Season after season our berets will keep you cozy, warm and dry. 

The classic suede Kate beret is fully lined with a leather trim casing that holds an adjustable drawstring tie for the perfect fit. 

Women's Leather Berets for Sale

Made from imported Italian lamb leather, these buttery soft women's berets offer traditional inspiration with an edgy twist. Tilt is rakishly down to one side to style a perfectly chic outfit during the transitional months or pull it low on the forehead and over the ears, keeping your head warm, comfortable, and cozy during colder months. These leather berets are completely packable and water repellent. You can roll yours up and tuck it in your coat pocket when you're not wearing it or pack it up in a carry-on bag for your next adventure.

Find a Stylish New Beret to Complete Your Look

Shop our online collection to find a wide range of berets in different styles, materials and colors to suit your look perfectly. Our collection of women's berets for sale online ships internationally, so you can embrace Parisian style from anywhere in the world.