Women's Designer Fall & Winter Hats

Eric's winter and fall headwear selection is one-of-a-kind, meaning you can stay warm in style this season. From faux fur-lined designs and velour fedoras to felt fabric and nylon-covered puffers, our women designer wool hats suit every occasion. Anytime you step out in one of our designs, everyone will admire your exceptionally crafted headwear, and you'll stay cozy no matter how windy or snowy it is.

41 products

41 products

Puff Trooper
L'Avenue Wool Felt Fedora Hat
Invincible Winter Puffer Bucket Hat
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Meow Charade
Vail Winter Hat
Meow Toque
Leather Emilia
Jamie Felt Fedora Hat
Quilty Bucket Hat
Snow Flake Fedora Felt Hat
Candi Wool Felt Hat
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Velour Ms Cool Felt Fedora Hat
Pleated Horsehair Headband
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Velour Jade Fedora Hat
Wool Gaucho Boater Hat
Bunny Felt Hat
Wool Zora Felt Fedora Hat
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Santas Helper Velour Classic
Velour Zora Fedora Hat
Ms Cool Wool Felt Fedora Hat
Driptidoo Rain Hat 25% OFF - Final Sale
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90's Quilted Band
Gogo Rain Bucket Hat
Nora Wool Felt Fedora Hat 20% OFF
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Kaya Rain Hat 25% OFF - Final Sale
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Meow Fedora Felt Hat
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Rain Floppy
Jade Wool Felt Fedora Hat
Rain Bucket Hat
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Jag Headband
Night Porter Leather Cap
Leather Kate Beret Hat
Suede Kate Beret Hat
Canoe Calot
Tracy Wool Felt Fedora Hat
Stella Cotton Beret Hat
Wool Kate Beret Hat 15% OFF
Regular price $210.00 Sale price$178.00 Save $32.00
Mitchum Fedora Felt Hat

Our Women's Designer Felt Hats for Sale Online

Since our designs embody 21st-century style, they've evolved with sophistication and elegance unlike any other women's headwear. The attention to detail in each of our designs brings our products to life, placing our women's designer felt hats for winter and fall in a league of their own. 

We also use the highest quality materials, such as lamb leather, Italian wool, mink fur and more. Each of these fabrics has been hand-fitted to our designs, so our women's designer wool hats are seamless and stunning from every angle. Whether they are adorned with detail or have a sleek, simple design, you'll experience an elevated wardrobe with our women's designer hats.

From modern designs to timeless pieces, we've created silhouettes made to keep you cozy and effortlessly chic through any winter and fall weather. Some of our other stunning seasonal styles include:

  • Beret hatsWe offer beret hats in cotton, felt, leather and suede styles so you can look chic all season.
  • Boater hats: Made with wool, our boater hat is a sleek accessory for any modern outerwear look.
  • Fedora hats: From felt to lined styles, our wide range of fedoras will elevate your seasonal outfits while keeping you cozy.
  • Bucket hats: Our bucket hat selection is especially versatile, as we offer stunning lined, puffer and waterproof bucket hats.
  • Rain hats: These rain hats will keep you dry during any storm, and because they utilize our bucket silhouettes, you'll stay stylish, too.
  • Trooper hats: To help you stay as warm as possible this season, our trooper hat is fully lined so your ears and head stay comfortable.
  • Toque hats: Our toque hat comes in a statement pattern to make every outfit a showstopper this fall and winter.
  • Wool and leather caps: Our cap designs can be worn with the ears up or down for a modern take on a classic silhouette.
  • Headbands: Made from different materials and styles, our headbands will make any fall or winter look a standout.
  • Calots: Our one-of-a-kind calot will keep you warm and regal with its velour material and stylish face veil.

Functional and Fashionable Women's Hats

In addition to our elegant style, we also take pride in our designs' durability. We use authentic materials to ensure you'll stay warm this season — from brisk fall winds to freezing winter temperatures. To make our women's designer hats as wearable as possible, we've included a range of unique qualities, such as:

  • Water-repellent material.
  • Fully lined interiors.
  • Packable capabilities.
  • Elasticized inner bands.

While each of our womens felt hats is versatile, they are also durable. The purpose of our designs is to elevate your style or outfit, so we take measures to ensure all our headwear pieces remain undamaged and beautiful even after countless wears. We create our designs by hand and focus on crafting each product specifically for longevity. This method results in a piece that will maintain its shape and feel for many years. 

Bundle up in Our Women's Designer Wool Hats

If you're looking to expand your winter wardrobe and get the most from every piece in your closet, look to our womens designer wool hats for an accessory that will become a staple in your wardrobe this season. Our craftsmanship dates back over 35 years, so you can count on our pieces to add a high-fashion style to all your winter and fall clothes. 

Because our designs are handcrafted with top-quality materials, you can wear them everywhere without them becoming scuffed or damaged. They'll also keep you warm anywhere you go while enhancing any jacket or sweater. With our range of iconic designs inspired by classic headwear silhouettes, you can find a piece that will fit seamlessly into your style this season. 

Explore our wide range of womens designer felt hats to find a style and color that aligns with your tastes. You'll stay warm and stylish even in the coldest temperatures.