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The Different Types of Bags for Every Occasion

Seeking the ideal type of bag for your activities can take time and effort. Simplify your search with our guide to types of bags – from totes for day-to-day errands to clutches for nights out.

We spell out the essentials so you can effortlessly choose a bag at Eric Javits that meets your functional needs and complements your style.

Key Takeaways

  • Women’s bags come in a tremendous variety, with each type, from tote bags to clutches, serving different purposes for various occasions, providing practicality and style.

  • Specialty bags like gym bags, messenger bags, and saddle bags are crafted to meet specific needs, featuring unique designs like protective features for gym use or a vintage look for fashion appeal.

  • Materials and innovation play a pivotal role in bags, with options ranging from timeless leather accents to fabric for casual versatility, and carrying options like belt bags and wristlets offer a blend of fashion and functionality.

Exploring the World of Women's Bags: From Totes to Clutches

Variety of women's bags

The wide range of women’s bags available is truly remarkable. Every bag has its distinct features tailored to suit various requirements and events.

Whether the timeless tote bag or the sophisticated clutch, an ideal bag exists for every woman.

The Quintessential Tote Bag

Spacious tote bag

Tote bags are a timeless fashion accessory that has existed for many years. First created as an ice bag in the 1940s, they have since transformed into one of the most adaptable and functional bags.

Famous for their large size and spacious interior, they are perfect for various uses, including daily activities, grocery shopping trips, beach outings, travels, or carrying books and laptops.

No matter where you’re going - work-related errands or leisurely tasks like retail therapy or relaxing at the seaside, tote bags make dependable companions.

And if you need inspiration, Pinterest is bursting at its digital seams with ideas. Be fashionable with our Sinclair tote, a versatile east-west tote for town, country, travel, or the beach.

It is designed to maximize storage without overwhelming petite frames and features zip-top and magnetic snap closures, self-handles, leather trim, and protective bottom feet. The water-repellent canvas lining includes a large zipper compartment, water bottle holder, key clip, and a detachable clear vinyl wet swimsuit case.

Crafted from lightweight and durable Squishee®, Sinclair is also environmentally conscious, incorporating rPET recycled plastic bottles. This jumbo-sized tote measures 19" at the top, 11" in height, and 7" in width at the bottom, with a 7.5" handle drop. The perfect companion for any occasion. What are you waiting for? Grab one today!

Crossbody Bags: The Traveler's Companion

Convenient crossbody bag

Shifting the focus to crossbody bags, these are popular among travelers due to their hands-free convenience and easy access to necessary items. These bags usually come with different compartments for storing your phone, wallet, and sunglasses – just like having your assistant.

They are crafted from mesh, leather, nylon, or canvas materials. Duffel bags not only offer practicality but also add style to the mix.

Mini Gridd Crossbody bag has a small vertical flap pouch in quilted water-repellent Napa leather. The bold link short handle chain easily slips over your shoulder or elbow, while the detachable padded leather strap adjusts to your ideal length.

The reverse features an outer slit pocket for quick access to essentials. Inside, find a side wall zipper compartment and patch pocket. Dimensions: 6.25" front and back width, 8.5" height, 3.25" side width. Adjustable crossbody strap with up to a 23" drop. Buy yours now!

The Elegance of Clutch Bags

two elegant clutch bag

A clutch bag exudes sophistication. These small accessories are ideal for formal occasions or evening outings. Don’t underestimate their size. Clutch bags can still accommodate your necessities while adding a fashionable element to any ensemble.

Crafted from deluxe fabrics such as leather, faux leather, and water-resistant plastic, the clutch bag combines functionality with gracefulness.

Hobo Bags: A Blend of Style and Space Shoulder Bags

Stylish hobo bags

One type of bag that should be noticed is the hobo bag, a variety of shoulder bags. These large purses are designed to offer both fashion and spaciousness.

Equipped with a shoulder strap, they allow for hands-free carrying, which is ideal for busy days on the go. In contrast, duffel bags provide another form of convenience when transporting belongings.

The materials used in making these handy accessories include canvas, fabric, mesh, and leather, so you can pick whichever suits your style best.

Our Baa Hobo bag is roomy, soft, and lightweight, perfect for everyday activities without compromising your style. The bag features protective bottom feet, a magnetic top closure, and a versatile shoulder strap with a bold antique metal ring detail that adjusts to crossbody length.

You'll discover practical elements such as a side wall zipper compartment, dual patch pockets, and a key clip holder. With dimensions of 15"L x 12"H x 8"W and a handle drop of 8.5" (convertible to a crossbody length of 20.5"), this hobo seamlessly combines style and functionality.

Specialty Bags for Every Need

Specialty bags variety

Specialty bags are created with particular intentions, addressing the specific needs of different activities or events. Whether exercising or heading to work, a specialty bag exists for your purpose.

Gym Bag

person reaching for a large bag

Beginners with barrel bags, these versatile gym bags are designed to withstand wear and tear. They include brass feet for protection and adjustable shoulder straps for maximum comfort.

Crafted from water-resistant materials, they feature a spacious interior perfect for storing workout items and other necessary belongings.

If you are fond of barrel bags but still want to maintain that cute and chic look, you can buy our Mini Squishee® Barrel! It features a zip top, short handles, and a detachable, adjustable crossbody strap. The bag has a removable bamboo chain that can be used as a shoulder strap or stylishly dangle.

With a tropical flair, this bold design is a front-runner among the latest designer bags. Inside, you'll find a sidewall zipper compartment within the canvas lining. Lightweight and semi-constructed, this mini duffel is a versatile and stylish choice for your everyday needs.

Messenger Bags: The Urban Professional's Pick

messenger cross body bag

Next, there is the messenger bag. City professionals highly seek These bags due to their practical and business-like design. They function similarly to crossbody bags in a work setting, providing an alternative method for carrying your belongings while maintaining a fashionable appearance.

The Palm Pouch is crafted perfectly for women. A stylish messenger bag made from woven raffia straw with a leather bottom and flap closure.

It's user-friendly, with two outer pockets (one hidden), an adjustable crossbody strap, and inside, it has a canvas lining, zip compartment, and patch pocket. It's a chic travel companion, lightweight and durable, measuring 11" x 11" x 3". Buy it here!

The Versatile Bucket Bag

white bucket bag

Bucket bags provide flexibility as they are functional and fashionable, with ample space for all your necessary items. Their undeniable appeal can enhance your everyday ensemble. Bucket bags, with their spacious design and casual elegance, are a versatile choice that can effortlessly transition from day to night outfits.

Meet our Mini My Way Bucket bag, a chic small-size bag crafted from Squishee® straw with features leather trim and dual bamboo ring short handles. A drawstring pouch top closure and a detachable leather strap which adjusts from shoulder to cross-body length with a buckle.

Other features include, protective bottom feet, and water-repellent canvas lining with an interior patch pocket.

Compact and stylish, with length at top opening: 8.75"(22.2cm) and overall height with handles: 10" (25.4cm), the Mini My Way Bucket bag is perfect for various occasions. A woman can never go wrong with a straw bucket bag. Get yours now!

Saddle Bag: Vintage-Inspired Fashion

saddle designer bag

Saddle bags are a stylish and functional accessory that embodies vintage-inspired fashion. Their satchel design with rounded edges and long straps exudes sophistication in any outfit.

With equestrian details often incorporated into the design, saddle bags add an elegant touch to your ensemble - making saddle bags a must-have item for every wardrobe.

Bag Designs and Closures

bag design

Transitioning our conversation to bag designs and closures, an array of options are available, such as structured box bags and timeless flap bags. Each design offers a distinct combination of fashion-forward appearance and practical use.

Box bags are characterized by their compact structure and timeless attractiveness. A box bag is a stylish accessory with a rectangular bag and can be made from various materials, adding to its versatility in complementing any outfit. Box bags exude elegance and sophistication.

Zip closures are an efficient method for keeping belongings safe and secure. Their smooth design makes them convenient and provides complete protection for your possessions.

Our attention shifts to flap bags with a traditional aesthetic and magnetic fastenings for a combination of fashion and practicality. These bags are ideal for individuals seeking an enduring accessory that is effortless to open yet secure simultaneously.

Material Matters: Leather, Fabric, and Beyond

materials needed for medium sized bag

When considering bag design, the materials used are essential. The material chosen can significantly impact a bag's appearance and texture, whether it be durable leather straps or practical fabric bag options such as canvas bags that offer versatility in style.

Leather straps and accents can add a timeless touch of durability and style to any bag. Available in different colors and finishes, they can elevate the bag's overall appearance while maintaining its functionality.

On the other hand, fabric bags offer relaxed flexibility. They come in various designs and fabrics, making them suitable for any personal preference or event, which explains why they are a popular choice among many people.

Innovations in Carrying: Belt Bags to Wristlets

a black belt bag

Now, let’s look at some creative ways to carry our belongings. With stylish waist pouches and practical wristlets, these inventive carrying choices are revolutionizing how we transport necessary items.

Belt Bags: Fashion Meets Function

Belt bags, also called fanny packs, combine style and usefulness. They provide convenient access to essential items while keeping hands free for other tasks. As a result of their fashionable appearance and practicality, belt bags have become a top choice among individuals seeking both a bag option.

Wristlets: Small Bag Convenience

In contrast, wristlets provide the practicality of a compact bag. Equipped with a secure wrist strap and designed to be smaller, they are ideal for individuals who prefer minimal luggage while on the go.

Crikey Mate from Eric Javits is a perfect wristlet for every lady! Made from embossed calf leather, it features double shoulder straps, a magnetic snap closure, and dual outer pockets for easy cellphone and sunglasses access.

With a convincing crocodile-like appearance, it's crafted to fool the experts. The tote's interior boasts a durable canvas lining, including a matching embossed leather zip pouch that doubles as an evening clutch wristlet. The tote's dimensions are 12.5" in height, 16” in length, and 5.5” in width, with a 9.5” shoulder strap drop.

Sturdy yet lightweight, it combines fashion with durability. The accompanying clutch measures 6.5" in height, 10” in length, and 2.75” in width, offering a detachable chain wristlet for added versatility. Crafted from embossed calf leather with a canvas lining, it complements the tote with a stylish and functional design. Don't miss out; buy yours here!

Basket Bags: A Summer Essential

Basket bags, made from materials like straw or rattan, are lightweight and versatile accessories perfect for warm weather. A basket bag comes in various sizes and shapes, complementing a range of outfits despite their rustic appearance.

Size and Shape: From Mini to Weekender Bags

man folding clothes beside his weekender bag

The significance of size and shape in bag design must be noticed. Whether it’s a sleek mini sling bag, box bag, or an expansive weekend, selecting the appropriate dimensions and form can significantly enhance its overall appeal.

Mini Bags: The Bare Necessities

Mini bags are designed to hold only the most essential items. They provide a sleek and compact option, ideal for individuals who prefer minimalism when on the go.

Check out our Mini My Way mini bag. Our smallest women's designer bag, available for online purchase and named after Frank Sinatra's anthem of self-determination.

This petite bucket-shaped bag, crafted from Squishee® with leather trim, features dual bamboo ring short handles, a drawstring pouch top closure, and a detachable leather strap for shoulder-to-crossbody wear.

With protective bottom feet and water-repellent canvas lining, it offers both style and functionality. Eric Javits bags are known for their lightweight and durable design.

The bag's dimensions include a length at the top opening of 8.75” (22.2cm), an overall height with handles of 10" (25.4cm), and a bottom width of 5” (12.7cm). The detachable long strap adjusts from a 16" shoulder drop to a 19” cross-body drop.

Weekender Bags: Your Short Trip Solution

Weekender bags, on the other hand, are an ideal option for short vacations. They offer enough room to hold personal items without being as bulky as a traditional suitcase, making them a preferred choice among travelers who plan short trips.

Find All Types of Bags You Need at Eric Javits

So, we've walked through a closet of choices, exploring types of bags for every slice of life. You've seen the mighty tote bag – spacious and chic hobo bags– swing from work to weekend without breaking stride. Shoulder bags have become classics that don't just hang around; they make statements. 

If you're a woman who loves fashion accessories, then you know that the right bag can make or break an outfit. And when it comes to bags, no one does it better than Eric Javits.

From chic belt bags to practical tote bags, there's something for every style and occasion.

Remember this: whether it's about making a fashion statement or hauling groceries, there's a bag tailored just for you. And if sustainability is your jam, those eco-friendly options won't disappoint.

Whatever type of bag suits your lifestyle and personal taste best - a clutch for nights out, a sling bag for everyday use, or a pouch to add that classic touch - you'll surely find the perfect piece at Eric Javits.

So why wait? Start shopping now and elevate your style game with these fashionable bags!  After all, life’s too short for boring accessories.


Bags serve a purpose beyond being mere accessories. They are an extension of our individuality and fashion sense. Each carries its narrative from the traditional tote to the modern belt bag.

As we go about our hectic schedules, these bags are by our side, holding necessities while also elevating our everyday look with their unique designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular type of bag?

The messenger bag is a highly sought-after option for individuals of all genders due to its practicality and fashion. It is specifically crafted for holding laptops or paperwork, usually featuring a crossbody strap that ensures comfortable usage.

What are the different purse styles called?

When searching for a new purse, there is a wide selection of styles, including clutches, messenger bags, backpacks, and duffel bags. It’s essential to consider each style's functionality before making your decision.

Each type of bag serves its unique purpose, so selecting one that best meets your specific needs is essential. Some popular options include roomy tote bags.

How to wear purses?

To properly wear different types of bags, wear a crossbody bag across the body with the strap over one shoulder and the bag on the opposite hip, and wear a shoulder bag on the same side as the shoulder the strap is on.

You can also carry the shoulder bag strap on your forearm, ensuring it is not within your elbow.

What's the best bag for everyday use?

Due to its roomy and adaptable design, a tote or crossbody bag would be the most practical choice for regular use. These bags provide ample space while still being easy to carry around, making them convenient for everyday tasks.

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