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Fall Fashion Trends

If you're over the heat of summer, you're probably ready to jump into fall — but before you head right into the next season, be sure you're up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. 

This year's fall fashion trends draw inspiration from year's past, with sweater vests, faux leather bags and wide-legged jeans coming into play. As far as patterns and colors go, you may want to stick with classic autumn neutrals like maroon, gray and beige — but don't hesitate to add pops of color like lilac and burnt orange to add visual interest. Of course, hats, bags and other accessories are a must for any season, too.

Even if you're planning on sticking with fall fashion 2021 trends, you should always align your wardrobe with your personality — and fall is the perfect time to experiment with your unique style. Whether you're obsessed with athleisure or prefer a fitted blazer with jeans, autumn fashion has something for everyone. This article will cover fall 2021 trends from specific pieces to individual materials so you can step out in style this year.

Key Fashion Trends for 2021

As we near the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, there are a few trends that stand out in fall fashion for the 2021 season. By slowly swapping out your sundresses and shorts for brisk weather pieces now, you'll have enough time to curate the perfect autumn closet. Here are key elements to have in your wardrobe this fall:


Sometimes, all you need for a stylish outfit is a statement top. It can be tricky to dress for the changing weather, so keeping a few blouses, T-shirts and sweaters in your wardrobe will ensure you're prepared for warm days and chilly nights.


  • Sweater vest: The fall season is all about layering, layering and more layering. This year, sweater vests will remain a popular fall piece thanks to their classic look and exceptional versatility. Layer one over a button-down, a long sleeve or a dress, depending on the occasion. If you want to style a sweater vest for a warmer fall day, try wearing a bra top underneath.
  • Cutouts: Cutouts have been on the rise for several seasons and are going to be at their height for fall 2021. These tops can elevate a casual look, so whether you're heading to a cycling class or grabbing breakfast with the girls, cutouts are a great pick. Consider pairing a matching cutout set with a trendy handbag for a cute, on-the-go look.
  • Cropped sweatshirts: These days, we're all focusing on comfort and style. Like cutouts, cropped sweatshirts offer a simple yet stylish addition to any athleisure outfit. Additionally, they're not as bulky as regular sweatshirts. If you're chilly, throw on a cropped sweatshirt before you head out on the town.
  • Fair Isle knits: These knits are another way to stay cozy and comfortable while still looking styled. They pack a visual punch and are sure to turn heads. Wear them as a statement top with a pair of jeans or a skirt.


There's no denying that tops are one of the most versatile aspects of an outfit. They can be simple to make room for another statement piece or be the statement themselves. While many basic tops can work any time of year, you'll want to add a few fall-centric pieces to your wardrobe to ensure you look amazing while facing the upcoming chilly weather.



Finding the right bottoms to match your choice of tops is half the battle to a perfectly styled outfit. The following are some currently trending pieces to have in your outfit rotation:


  • Boyfriend jeans: This season is about cozy comfort — and boyfriend jeans are the style of jeans meant for exactly that. They offer a looser, slouchy fit while still complementing all body types. If you're over skinny jeans, consider adding a pair of boyfriend jeans to your pants selection.
  • Printed tights: Tights are a great way to add some layering to an outfit. Printed tights also add extra visual interest — some have small details, like diamonds or sequined hearts, that add a subtle touch without being overwhelming if you're going for a more toned-down look. Others have bold or pastel colors and larger prints like swirls.
  • Midi skirts: Wearing a midi skirt is the perfect way to elevate any outfit. They can be worn in both high-waisted and low-waisted styles — box-pleated, knife-pleated or flowy. If you're heading out on a picnic date or grabbing lunch with your significant other, a midi skirt offers the perfect romantic feel. However, they can also be casual when paired with a graphic tee and a pair of white sneakers.
  • Wide-legged jeans: Like boyfriend jeans, wide-legged jeans are designed for a comfy fit that looks more put together than wearing sweatpants. They also offer a looser, slouchy fit but with an added element of flare. These jeans look amazing with a casual bodysuit and ankle boots.


Often, people think bottoms are less versatile than tops — but you can still have fun when curating your pants collection. It's important to keep several basics in your drawers so you can build different types of outfits. However, don't hesitate to reach for that light pink pair of flare-legged pants. Keeping a balance between the options in your closet ensures you have the perfect pair of bottoms for any occasion.

Jackets, Dresses and One-Pieces

Since fall fashion is all about layering and comfort, it's important to have the perfect jackets, dresses and one-pieces to layer over and under looks. Each layer adds another element of visual interest. Here are key pieces to consider for autumn:


  • Cardigans: Cardigans are always in style. They can be layered over any top, left opened or only buttoned in one or two spots. They can also be worn stand-alone as a top. Keeping a trusty cardigan in your tote bag or backpack lets you elevate your outfit when it suddenly gets a bit chilly.
  • Puffy jacket: A puffy jacket is perfect to keep you warm on colder days. Some puffers are designed to be reversible, offering two styles in one. If you're in the market for another puffer, go for one in a bold color or loud pattern for more of a statement. This way, you'll have your trusty neutral puffer and one to make a statement. If you want to stay a bit warmer, look for longer puffers that extend to the knee.
  • Cropped jackets: These jackets are perfect for a chic look when paired with a pantsuit or pair of jeans. A cropped jacket helps create a slimmer appearance at the waist and works especially well with high-waisted skirts and pants. Both denim and leather are great material options for cropped jackets.
  • Midi dresses: Like midi skirts, midi dresses are perfect for fall fashion. Layer a top under the dress or add a cropped sweatshirt on top for varying looks.
  • Suit coat: Blazers have been trending for a while, but new to the fashion scene this fall are suit coats, which are perfect to layer for extra flair.
  • Catsuits and coveralls: One-pieces can be worn on their own or with added layers. The ones that come to mind for fall are catsuits and coveralls — catsuits are for a sexier look and coveralls are for a comfier look. There are plenty of one-pieces in varying styles, so there's sure to be one for you.
  • Blanket wraps: As we've grown used to comfort over the pandemic, it doesn't seem too far-fetched that blankets might be a part of your fall wardrobe. Some designs are artful while others are simple, so you can stock your closet with a few for different events. This piece is an easy way to add layering and warmth to an outfit while still looking stylish.


If you want only one rule for fall, remember this — layer. There's no such thing as too many layers, especially when fall days can go from chilly to hot in a matter of hours. That's why jackets and other pieces are crucial. Wearing a cardigan over a midi dress keeps you warm during those brisk mornings, and you can simply remove the cardigan when the sun comes out. Having the right layers in your wardrobe ensures you're outfitted with function and style.


For chillier days, hats can keep you warm while helping you look put together. Choosing the right hat will keep you toasty and stylish:


  • Puff Trooper and Invincible Winter Puffer Bucket Hat: The Puff Trooper and Invincible Winter Puffer Bucket Hat will remind you of the puffer jacket style and are the perfect piece to pair with your puffers to take your outfit to a new level.
  • L'Avenue Wool Felt Fedora: The L'Avenue Wool Felt Fedora is unique for its bold shape, perfect for a head-turning fall season.
  • Meow Charade, Meow Trooper, Meow Fedora Felt Hat and Jag Headband: These options offer you a way to add the trending leopard print to any look. If you're ready to go big and bold, the Meow Charade and the Meow Trooper are your answer. If you're looking for a subtle look, try the Knit Turban and the Jag Headband.
  • Leather Emilia: This stylish piece is an easy way to incorporate leather into your wardrobe this season. The Emilia Cap also comes in a metallic silver color for a unique look.
  • Quilty Bucket Hat and 90's Quilted Band: Quilted patterns are a must-have for fall 2021. The Quilty Bucket Hat and the 90's Quilted Band offer that cozy quilted, puffy style.
  • Rain Bucket Hat: This bucket hat comes in different prints and colors, all of which match fall 2021's trending designs. The bucket hat has been in style all summer, and the Rain Bucket Hat can keep the trend going in the fall.

These stylish hats are both appealing to the eye and durable, with qualities like water-repellent material, fully lined interiors, packable capabilities and elasticized inner bands. You can never go wrong when a piece meets both functional and style expectations.


The easiest way to make your outfit look impeccably styled is to add a bag to it. Here are several handbags that are perfect for a fall closet:


  • Rush: The Rush bag is quilted, stylish and water-repellant. If you're looking for a more toned-down quilted look, this bag is the perfect match.
  • Puffee: Coming in a style similar to the puffer jacket, the Puffee is a must for your wardrobe. It comes in a shade of purple that will complement any fall outfit.
  • Astra: Fall 2021 is all about head-turning fashion. The Astra bag will catch eyes for its bold blue color and the Swarovski crystals adorning it.
  • Arrive: If you're looking for a medium-sized tote to pair with your outfit, the Arrive bag is for you. Like the Astra, this handbag's bold blue color will add a statement to your wardrobe.
  • Kaji: If you need both function and fashion, you'll love the Kaji. This backpack is made from gorgeous faux patent leather and can carry everything you need to run errands or head to the office.
  • Zip Wallet With Crystal: The Zip Wallet is small but strong in style. It has a crocodile pattern and Swarovski crystals, combining two trends in one stunning item.

Eric Javits handbags are perfect for any occasion this fall. Whether you need a stylish clutch to take to a black-tie dinner or a functional tote bag to hold your water bottle during an exercise class, you can't go wrong with any of these bags going into the upcoming autumn season.


Prints and Patterns

Knowing which pieces to have isn't always enough for the perfect style. Here are the trending prints and patterns you should keep an eye out for while stocking your closet for autumn:


  • Animal prints: Animal prints have made a comeback in the past few seasons. Specifically, leopard print and tiger print are the key prints to have this fall. You can add the print to your accessories, like sunglasses or a hat, or you can be extra and have an entire outfit of animal prints. Either way, let your personal style shine.
  • Faux-leather and colorful leather: Leather is chic and classic, and new to the season is colorful leather. Try tying your outfit together with a brightly colored leather handbag — whether you prefer real or faux leather, it's sure to add the perfect amount of texture to your ensemble.
  • Quilted: This style radiates comfort and warmth. It can be incorporated into anything from bags and hats to jackets and wraps. If you're after a unique take on the puffer jacket, opt for a quilted version.
  • Acid-wash: Acid-wash is '80s inspired and here to make a statement. A belted denim dress is a perfect way to add acid-wash to your closet. Pair it with black boots for a cute autumn look. 
  • Sparkles and sequins: If you want a way to add a bit of glam to your outfits, look no further than sparkles and sequins. Fall is a great time to break out your favorite embellished sweater or pair of tights.
  • Collage: This pattern is always unique and eye-catching. It's also sustainable and something you could make yourself if you're the DIY type. Patched fabric scraps can be made into a collage garment like a coat, dress or tee. This trend is less about a perfectly matching outfit and more about personal expression.
  • Floral: Large floral prints in a 70s-style vibe are a less common pattern for the fall, but will still be trending. Look for floral patterns in blacks, whites and other neutrals to add a bit of allure to your outfits while staying on-trend with this season's color scheme.
  • Metallic: Metallic catches the light in a way that makes you truly sparkle. Try a less bold look by adding a hat or bag in a metallic print, or go bold for full metallic pieces like a chainmail dress.

It's almost as important to have printed and patterned pieces as it is to have basics in your closet to style. They add visual interest to an outfit. Getting a top in a print rather than just a basic color can easily elevate a look without much extra effort. When shopping for your fall clothes, be sure to get a good mix of different prints and patterns to style.

Must-Have Colors

If you're looking for a key fall fashion piece but think patterns may be too bold, finding the right color will help you create a fall closet you love. Here are the trending colors for fall 2021:


  • Black: Black will never go out of style — it's arguably the most elegant and classic color out there. For those of us who love full black outfits, fall is our time to shine. Line your closet with iconic black staples to ensure you have something for every outfit.
  • Lilac: Lilac will definitely be a popular color this fall. Try finding a classic lilac blouse, a fun lilac skirt or a trendy lilac bag to create a soft and feminine look that's perfect for cozy weather.
  • Hot pink and lime green: If you love to incorporate bold colors into your wardrobe, try picking up a few pieces in hot pink or lime green. While fall may feel like it necessitates muted neutrals, feel free to explore vibrant tones during this time of year, too. It's all about your artistic vision.
  • Saturated shades: Try combining uncommon shades for an unexpected look. Shades like mustard, lemon, rust and lavender are gorgeous go-tos for autumn.
  • Dark blues and greens: If you want to take a break from black but still want a classic dark fall look, reach for deep blues and greens. A fun pair of army green shoes add a pop to any outfit, even if it's just a tee and jeans.




Going above and beyond with colors in your wardrobe is the best way to elevate your style. Instead of a plain colored top and jeans for a basic look, switch the top for a bold colored one and you've taken the outfit up several levels — but you still have that comfortable base. Getting the same top in varying colors is a great way to add to your closet. You'll have the same style you know how to wear, but with plenty more options.

Get Ready for Fall Fashion With Eric Javits

When changing your closet for new seasons, it's not always easy to find the right places to shop for in-style trends. Now that you've identified all of the top fall fashion trends for 2021, it's time to add them to your closet — and Eric Javits is a great place to start. 

Our hats and bags are up to par for this fall season. As the seasons meet, it'll be easy to style an outfit your wore in the summer with a fall accessory for a smooth transition. Get your fall accessories first and build the rest of your closet as autumn nears. Eric Javits uses the highest quality materials and extensively tests when producing our hats and bags, so you get a stunning, durable piece every time.

The autumn season will be here sooner than you think. Don't wait for it to be here to update your wardrobe. Shop Eric Javits' selection of hats and bags today!



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