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Since their introduction more than a century ago, bucket hats have offered a chic alternative to other more obtrusive shapes. These water-resistant, easily packable rain hats are versatile enough to wear during any season and sufficiently durable for everyday use.

Browse our collection of bucket hats for women for sale online to find the perfect hat to meet your needs and suit your style. Get different bucket hats for each season or select a versatile favorite to wear year-round.

9 products

9 products

Marina Bucket - Final Sale
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Quilty Bucket Hat - Final Sale
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Patti Bucket Rain Hat - Final Sale
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Rain Bucket - Final Sale
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Valeria Bucket Hat
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Chevra Bucket - Final Sale
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Gogo Rain Bucket
Patti Bucket Hat - Final Sale
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Rain Bucket - Purple - Final Sale
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Rain Bucket Hats for Women

Skip the umbrella and keep dry in style with our collection of women's rain bucket hats for sale. Each rain bucket hat features water-repellent materials like clear vinyl, vegan patent leather, microfiber nylon and coated canvas. Some with more generous brims will keep not only your head, but also your shoulders dry.

Our rain bucket hats are lightweight, fully lined and have an elasticized inner band for the perfect fit. We offer a variety of styles, from the classic Patti bucket to the mod Gogo bucket, a throwback to 1960s style. Eric Javits offers a wide range of colors and finishes so you can find a hat that fits your personal style. Shop Eric Javits women's black bucket rain hats for sale online to find an array of fashionable options.

Women's Squishee® Summer Bucket Hats

In the summer, you need a hat that will keep you cool and protect your face from the sun. Our collection of straw summer bucket hats are made of our patented Squishee® material, an advanced fiber offering the beauty of natural raffia straw, but with the added benefit of functionality for a modern lifestyle. A bucket hat made of our Squishee® material such as the Valeria style or the Mita is ideal for rolling up into a tote bag. A feminized bucket hat, Squishee® Mita, features a picot edge brim. This style looks perfect with maxi length sundresses as well as frilly tops. The Marina bucket hat is more structured with a wired brim, but can be easily packed facing it upside down in a suitcase using surrounding articles to support the brim. 

By 1995, Eric Javits had already been in the hat business for more than 15 years. He had extensive design experience, a broad industry overview, and encyclopedic knowledge of available hat making materials with which he could work. Eric recognized the need for a straw sunhat that could be packed for travel without cracking or loosing it’s shape, but none existed. Taking into account people’s lifestyle needs, Eric embarked on developing a braid material that simulated the look of straw but which was actually a composite of man-made fibers. After a year of development time, Eric’s goal was realized. The result was a straw like material that was lightweight and flexible, that could be easily shaped. It had a wonderful feel, breathability, as well as ease of maintenance. Eric named the material Squishee® because that best described what it could do. A hat made of it was so comfortable, that a person wearing it would forget they had one on. The material’s flexibility enabled it to be shaped to compliment an individual’s face. Eric Javits is the originator of Squishee®, and although there are now numerous imitations, none match the original. 

As an artist in his own right, Eric Javits has enriched the Fashion Accessories Industry by creating designs which charm, endure and are fun to wear. Uncompromising design and intelligent luxury are the hallmark of the Eric Javits brand.

The Squishee® hat could be rolled up for travel and then spring back to its original shape undamaged. This hat, first introduced in 1995 is now widely recognized as having changed the course of the women's headwear market.The design patented material looks just like natural raffia straw, but is actually made from partially recycled plastic, making it sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Squishee® is resilient and durable. The material doesn't melt or crack when wet, and it doesn't require any special care. It's packable, so you can roll or fold your wide-brim hat to pack it into your beach bag or carry-on. When you're ready to wear your hat, it will regain its shape and look as good as new. The fit of a hat is as important as the fit of a shoe. All Eric Javits sun hats have elasticized inner bands, which hug the head comfortably.

If you are an individual with a special head size, your favorite hat can be ordered in a custom size for a nominal additional fee. Our customer service department can assist you in getting the hat with the correct head size. 

Our attractive, practical Squishee® fabric has been tested and awarded the highest rating for 50+ UPF protection according to independent tests in line with standards set by the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC). The broad brims of these sun hats provide shade and block up to 95% of the sun's harmful UVA/UVB rays, protecting your skin. Today the fastest growing cancer among young people is melanoma, which is caused by sun exposure. Dermatologist recommend wearing a sun hat in conjunction with sunblock in order to protect your skin from premature aging due to ultraviolet radiation

We offer a wide range of comfortable Squishee® bucket hats to keep you cool during your favorite summer activities, from simple, natural-colored straw buckets to bright and colorful buckets with fun accents.

Quilted Bucket Hats for Winter

A water-repellent quilted bucket hat is a must-have during the colder months. Made from quilted nylon and vegan leather, our winter bucket hats offer water resistance and warmth. Our comfortable, lightweight hats are fully lined completely crushable, so you can roll them up to tuck into your coat pocket when you don't need them.

Shop Women's Bucket Hats for Every Season

Eric Javits is known for creating hat designs that perfectly marry style and function, and our collection of bucket hats exemplifies this achievement. Shop online today to find bucket hats to meet your needs, complement your outfits and protect your head during every season.