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Washing Hats in Washing Machine: A Complete Care Guide

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Washing hats in washing machine can feel like a gamble. Will it come out the same? Let's get to the bottom of this and keep your headgear looking sharp. By diving into this guide, you'll understand how to decipher those cryptic care labels and learn when a baseball cap might need a hand wash or if it's ready for full-on machine action.

You'll also master pre-wash tactics that tackle dirty areas without ruining your hat's shape. Plus, we've got insider tips on selecting detergents that won't mess with your cap's color or fabric—because nobody wants their favorite white hat turning dingy gray.

If you follow along, you'll see exactly how different materials demand unique care—and avoid common slip-ups that could permanently make your go-to summer days accessory lose its cool factor. Washing hats in washing machine is easy for an Eric Javits hat; learn why!

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Identifying Your Hat's Washability



You love your baseball caps, but they're due for a clean after those summer days of wear. Before you wash hat, you need to check if they're up for it.

The little tag inside your hat isn't just for show—it's full of crucial info. That care label is a secret code to keeping your cap in tip-top shape. It'll tell you whether a light wash will do or hand washing is the way to go. Ignore these instructions at your hat's peril.

Does that tag show a tub with water? You might be suitable for machine washing—make sure it doesn't cross out that tub symbol. Some hats prefer the gentle touch, and others can handle only cold water splashes.

Distinguishing Between Cardboard and Plastic Brims

Gone are the days when cardboard brims were common; most newer hats come with plastic ones instead—and yes, there's an easy test. Twist that brim—treat it gently if it makes no sound, as cardboard hates getting wet. But hear that hollow sound? Chances are you've got plastic, which generally means throwing it into the washer won't end in disaster.

Your trusty baseball caps from Whirlpool washers can testify—they've been through cycles without losing their cool (or shape). So, before starting up that whirlwind cycle, take a minute to understand what goes on under those stitches and fibers—it could mean all the difference between rocking another day or shopping anew.

Pre-Wash Tips for Preserving Hat Quality


Before tossing your favorite baseball cap into the wash, please give it a little TLC to keep it in tip-top shape. A good pre-wash game plan can save you from heartache and hat-shape breakage.

Spot Cleaning Sweat Stains Before Washing Hats in Washing Machine

The first line of defense against sweat stains is to spot-clean them. Grab a soft-bristled brush and some non-bleach stain remover; these are your best friends when tackling those pesky marks that scream, 'I've enjoyed many summer days.' Gently scrub stains carefully, focusing on dirty areas needing more attention. If you have a white hat looking less than fresh, this step is especially crucial—nobody wants their crisp look tarnished by unsightly spots.

A quick yet effective hat soak in cold water mixed with laundry detergent does wonders, too. It loosens up all the gunk, so it's smooth sailing when you machine wash later—or should we say washing? Remember not to let anyone sit too long; they're not submarines.

Using a Hat Form for Shape Preservation

Use a plastic form made explicitly for hats to avoid having your cap come out of the wash cycle flatter than Kansas or as warped as funhouse mirrors. This handy tool lets air circulate the hat while maintaining its proud curves and peaks during washing and drying.

If you think high heat is no biggie—think again. It's like kryptonite for newer hats because hot water plus high heat equals one thing: goodbye, perfect fit. Instead, always opt for relaxed water settings that cater well to most fabrics without causing potential damage or leading caps down the path of shrinkage despair.

Whirlpool® washers, equipped with dedicated settings, can help streamline this process beautifully—a boon if preserving your headgear gets as severe as playoff games.


Key Takeaway: 


Keep your hats in great shape by prepping them properly before washing them. Spot clean to tackle sweat stains, soak briefly to loosen dirt, and always use a hat form in the wash to maintain shape. Remember: cool water is your cap's best friend.

Step-by-Step Guide to Machine Washing Hats


Washing hats in a machine may sound like gambling with your favorite cap, but it doesn't have to be. Imagine your beloved baseball hat coming out fresh without losing its spirit—like hitting a home run on laundry day.

Selecting the Right Wash Cycle and Water Temperature

The secret is all about the settings. A gentle cycle whispers sweet nothings to your caps, keeping them safe from the rough-and-tumble of more robust cycles. Cool water works best—it's like giving your hat a chill spa day instead of a hot sauna that could make it shrink or warp. Whirlpool washers are handy here; they're savvy at handling delicate items like washing baseball caps with just enough TLC.

If you're worried about warm water, know that newer hats can often handle slightly warmer temps without batting an eye or losing shape. But stick to cool waters if you've got vintage vibes going on with older caps.

The Importance of Using a Laundry Bag

Next is shielding your headgear using something as simple as a laundry bag. This little trick keeps hats snugly tucked away so they don't get tossed around too much or snagged by other clothes' buttons and zippers during the wash cycle.

In essence, machine washing isn't rocket science; it's more like following grandma's advice when hand-washing was king—with modern twists thanks to technology making things easier (and let's face it—more fun). So grab that dirty baseball cap and your laundry bag because cleaning shouldn't be complicated.

Choosing the Best Detergent for Washing Hats

Have you ever tossed a baseball cap in the wash, and it looked like it went through a food processor? Yeah, we've all been there. But fear not. The suitable detergent can keep your hats clean without turning them into a science experiment.

Mild is Your Hat's New Best Friend

Sure, you might be tempted to grab that mild laundry pod, thinking, "Gentler has got to be better," and you'd be on point. Harsh chemicals are no pals of yours or your hat; they're more like that one guest who overstays their welcome at parties. Stick with something mild when machine-washing those precious caps.

If you want to go ninja-level gentle, think about using dishwasher pods—yeah. A dishwasher detergent pod can work wonders due to its less abrasive nature. It is designed for delicate dishes and magic on newer hats, which do not play well with traditional detergents.

Ditching the Grit for Baseball Caps Care 101

You wouldn't use sandpaper as tissue, so why treat stains on your beloved white hat differently? For those spots screaming louder than fans at a ballgame, reach for non-bleach stain removers specifically formulated for fabrics before throwing it in with your chosen detergent pod—a surefire way to hit home runs in cleanliness without ruining the game (I mean...the fabric).

But what if your cap looks like it just finished sliding into second base? If heavily soiled areas look ready for retirement, consider pre-soaking strategies where letting dirty hats sit in cold water mixed with trusted laundry love will soften up life's curveballs, making them easier targets during actual wash time.

A Whirlpool washer could help, too, since these machines know how critical fantastic cycles are — almost as much as catching pop flies under summer suns.

Remember: Hot water and high-heat dryers may have had their glory days back when phones were attached to walls, but let's leave those relics behind us, along with aggressive cleaning techniques. So grab some peace-of-mind pods from our favorite spot by clicking here: Favorite Laundry Pods.

Key Takeaway: 


Stick to mild detergents or dishwasher pods for a gentle, effective clean on your hats. Tackle tough stains with non-bleach removers, and consider pre-soaking in cold water before washing. Avoid hot water and high heat drying to keep your caps in shape.

Alternative Methods for Non-Machine Washable Hats


So, your favorite hat can't take a spin in the washing machine? Fear not. Let's talk about keeping that cap clean without letting it near those tumble cycles.

Mastering Hand Washing Techniques

Hand washing is your go-to move if your hat is more delicate than a house of cards on a windy day. Start by filling the sink with cold water—hot water could make things worse, like shrinking or fading faster than summer love. Mix in some mild detergent; think baby shampoo gentle here.

Gently wipe down soiled areas using a soft-bristled brush to show tough spots who's boss, but do it with the tenderness of handling an eggshell sculpture. After giving it some tender scrubbing action, let that baseball cap soak as if it's lounging in its private spa—this will loosen any stubborn dirt clinging on for dear life.

Rinse thoroughly until no soap opera-like bubbles are left, and then press out excess water between layers of clean towels because we want our hats dry, not squished flat from heavy-handed wringing moves. Air drying comes next; find somewhere away from direct sunlight where your hat can chill out and regain its composure after its bath-time adventure.

No dishwasher detergent pods were harmed (or used) during this process—they're just too harsh for these non-machine washable treasures. And remember: high heat is public enemy number one when air drying; treat your headwear like you would hang paintings at an art gallery—not directly under spotlights.

Small Loads detergent pod, though made for machines, works wonders as part of this ritualistic cleanse when appropriately diluted—it gives off fewer suds, which means easier rinsing.

Key Takeaway: 


Got a hat that can't handle the washer? Hand wash it gently with cold water and mild detergent, then air dry away from heat to keep its shape and color. Use soft brushes for tough spots, avoid harsh detergents like pods, and never wring it out—press the water out instead.

Aftercare - Drying and Maintaining Hat Shape Post-Wash

You've just pulled your beloved hat from the wash, and now it's crunch time. The key to keeping that cap looking sharp is letting it air dry. Lay a clean towel flat on a surface away from direct sunlight—this avoids any fading or warping that can occur under those harsh rays.

Air Drying Your Hat Correctly

Start by shaking off excess water gently; think of it like handling a delicate treasure that's been through enough already. Next, if you have one handy, slip your damp hat onto a hat form. This nifty tool will be your best friend for maintaining shape as the fibers tighten during drying—it's CPR for hats. Without direct sunlight bullying its way into the fabric, leave your headpiece in peace to air dry completely. Depending on humidity levels, it could take anywhere from several hours to overnight.

If there was ever an MVP in post-wash care, it's patience. Rushing with high heat can lead to shrinkage horror stories we'd rather not speak of—and who wants their favorite baseball cap turning into something only fit for their nephew's teddy bear? Instead, bask in the satisfaction of knowing every fiber is getting back in tip-top shape without any rough play involved.

Last, give some TLC to heavily soiled areas with gentle pats using another section of the dry towel—no rubbing, please; this isn't Aladdin's lamp we're talking about here. Once thoroughly dried naturally and brimmed with pride at its pristine condition once more (pun intended), feel free to rock that freshly cleaned summer hat on summer days—or whenever duty calls.

Special Considerations for Different Hat Materials

Caring for your headgear requires a keen eye, especially regarding materials like wool hats and cotton twill. It's like knowing whether to chill red or white wine; each has its own rules.

Wool Hats: The Gentle Giants of the Hat World

If you've got a wool hat in your collection, consider it that cozy sweater needing tender love and care. Wool demands cold water during washes because hot water can turn your beloved cap into something only fit for a Chihuahua. When machine washing became more common after 1983, manufacturers started using plastic-supported brims instead of cardboard—meaning if your woolly friend was born post-'83, you're likely safe to let the gentle cycle do the work.

Opt for mild detergent to keep colors from running faster than kids at an ice cream truck on summer days. Imagine giving your hat a spa day rather than an intense workout—it'll thank you for maintaining its color and shape longer.

Cotton Twill: Easy Does It

Your trusty cotton polyester blend caps aren't high-maintenance but still deserve respect. Think of them as reliable, low-key, yet invaluable friends on bright, sunny days out. They can usually handle light wash cycles with cool water—think a refreshing dip in the pool versus an Arctic plunge—and will fare better with detergents designed not to bully their fibers (your favorite laundry pod should be gentle enough).

A pro tip? If stains are uninvited on that pristine white hat, use some non-bleach stain remover before tossing it in—the party crashers won't last long.

The Delicate Dance with Cotton Polyester Blends

Last but certainly not least is our versatile friend—the cotton-polyester blend cap—that enjoys both durability and comfort without too much fussing over temperatures or harsh chemicals. You might want these newer hats looking tip-top without exposing them to high heat, which could make them lose shape quicker than melted ice cream cone handles sticky fingers on hot pavement.

Key Takeaway: 


Wool hats need cold water and mild detergent, like a spa day, to avoid shrinking and color fading. Cotton twill caps are low-maintenance; they prefer calm washes with gentle detergents. For cotton-polyester blends, dodge high heat to keep them in shape.

Common Mistakes When Machine Washing Hats

Washing your favorite baseball cap in the machine might seem like a time-saver, but one wrong move and you're tipping your hat goodbye. Let's tackle these common blunders head-on.

Ignoring High Heat's Potential for Damage

The newer hats may look resilient, but crank that dial to high heat and watch them lose their tip-top shape faster than ice melts on summer days. Always opt for cold water during the wash cycle; it's gentler on fabrics and helps maintain color integrity. Remember those Whirlpool® washers? They're champs at giving caps a light wash without roughing them up.

If you want to wear that hat again, a hot dryer is a no-go zone. Air drying is the way forward—lay it out on a clean towel away from direct sunlight to prevent fading or warping of the brim.

Misjudging Your Hat Type: A Recipe for Disaster

Newer baseball hats are usually crafted with plastic brims post-1983, meaning they can dip in your washer without turning into soggy cardboard messes. But before tossing any old cap into the fray, do some detective work—peek inside for care labels or test whether that brim bends like Sunday morning yoga (plastic) or snaps with an ominous hollow sound (cardboard).

If hand washing sounds more appealing now, grab some gentle detergent from the Dropps Dishwasher Detergent pod collection—it's mild enough for dishes but perfect when treating dirty areas of non-machine-washable hats by hand.

Sacrificing Shape at The Altar of Convenience

We all love convenience until our beloved baseball caps come out looking like abstract art pieces. Forgoing protection such as laundry bags can cause your hat to tumble around mercilessly during the wash cycle—a surefire way to make it lose its form quicker than fashion trends change. And remember the detergent pod? Slip one alongside your white hat if heavily soiled spots need extra attention while keeping everything else about this iconic accessory intact.

Key Takeaway: 


Don't let high heat ruin your hat's shape and color—wash in cold water and air dry. Check if the brim is plastic or cardboard before washing, as older hats may not survive. Protect the cap's form using a laundry bag, and Oxi Booster pods can be a game-changer for tough stains on white hats.

Removing Tough Stains From Hats

Say goodbye to the days when a stubborn spot meant the end of your favorite hat. With savvy care, you can tackle those tough stains head-on without compromising your cap's swagger. First, check out that tag tucked inside your baseball cap for any cryptic symbols—they're not just there for show. Those icons give you the lowdown on how to keep your hat looking sharp.

Scrub Stains with Non-Bleach Stain Remover

Mix a mild concoction of non-bleach stain remover and cold water; consider it a pre-game strategy for your dirty areas. Apply this solution gently with a soft-bristled brush—a toothbrush will do in a pinch—and work in circles like Van Gogh on canvas but less intense. Once done, let it soak into those heavily soiled spots before tossing it into the machine.

If we're talking white hats or lighter colors that have seen better summer days, ensure they don't mingle with darker shades during their spa day in the wash cycle—color bleed is natural and not part of today's fashion statement.

Clean Areas That Are Less Dirty

Now, onto those lightly kissed dirt sections. Please don't go overboard here; treat them like fragile treasures from an ancient wardrobe stash. A quick dab-and-wipe maneuver using only water and laundry detergent should do the trick.

Last but not least—the post-wash shape-maintaining ritual: slip that damp beauty onto something resembling its original mold (like hat form) to avoid any sad cases of 'lose-shape-itis.' Then, let air dry away from direct sunlight because high heat is a kryptonite for newer hats aiming to stay in tip-top shape.

And remember folks – if all else fails and those pesky stains cling on like they've signed a lease agreement – reach out for help from specialized products such as Oxi Booster pod because sometimes even hats need heroes.

Key Takeaway: 


Don't let stains send your favorite hat to an early retirement. Decode the care tag, treat tough spots with a gentle touch using non-bleach stain remover, and keep colors separate in the wash. For light dirt, a simple dab will do. Shape it up post-wash and air dry away from heat for cap perfection.

Eric Javits - Your Companion in High Quality and Washable Hats

Regarding fashion accessories, hats are not just about making a style statement. They also serve practical purposes like protection from the sun or cold weather. But what happens when your favorite hat gets dirty? Enter Eric Javits, a renowned designer known for his high-quality and washable hats.

If you've ever tried washing a hat by hand, you know how time-consuming and tricky it can be. With Eric Javits' machine-washable hats, all that hassle is eliminated. You pop them into the washing machine, follow the care for washing instructions provided with each purchase, and voila! Your hat comes out looking as good as new.

One of the best things about Eric Javits' collection is its diversity in design. Whether you're looking for something casual like baseball caps or more formal pieces such as wide-brimmed sun hats, there's something for everyone. And because they're made with durable materials designed to withstand regular washing without losing their shape or color integrity, these aren't just any ordinary hats—they're investment pieces that will stay stylish season after season.

Caring For Your Hat: Tips & Tricks

  • Read The Care Label: Always check the care label before throwing your hat into the washer—it'll tell you everything from water temperature to cycle type.
  • Avoid Harsh Detergents: Use gentle detergents free from bleach or other harsh chemicals that could damage the hat's fabric.
  • Air Dry: After washing, let your hat air dry naturally to maintain its shape and prevent shrinkage.

In a world where fast fashion often means poor quality, Eric Javits stands out with his commitment to creating stylish, durable hats that are also easy to care for. So add an Eric Javits machine-washable hat to your wardrobe today and enjoy style without compromise!


You've learned to check care labels, a comprehensive guide on washing hats in washing machine, and pick your wash cycle wisely. Always treat stains before hitting the drum and protect shapes with a hat form.

Choose detergents that are kind to colors and fabrics. And when it comes to drying? Let the air do its magic away from direct sunlight.

Different materials need different tactics; now you know them. Avoid high heat—it's the arch-enemy of that care.

You're set for success—clean caps without mishaps!

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