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Exploring the Types of Cowboy Hats: Styles for the Modern Women

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Navigating the world of types of cowboy hats? Each type carries its legacy and look, from the utilitarian Cattleman to the sleek Gambler. Get to know the iconic characteristics that define these styles and how they can complement your wardrobe with this Western hat.

Get to know the iconic characteristics that define these styles and how they can complement your Western wardrobe. Take your cowboy hat game to the next level! Don't miss out on the exquisite craftsmanship of Eric Javits' collection for women—where style meets tradition.

Key Takeaways

  • Cowboy hats like the Cattleman Crease, Gambler, and Boss of the Plains have unique features and historical significance, offering styles for various personal tastes and functional needs.

  • The shape of a cowboy hat is crucial for aesthetic appeal, functionality, and individual style, with custom shaping allowing for personalization to reflect the wearer's individuality.

  • Material choice, such as straw for breathability, felt for elegance and durability, or leather for its classic appearance, plays a significant role in the crafting, function, and styling of cowboy hats.

Table of Contents

Exploring the Most Popular Cowboy Hat Styles

Variety of cowboy hats displayed on wall

The cowboy hat, an iconic representation of the American West, is more than just a simple accessory. It's a symbol worn with pride by those who cherish the land and its ideals of freedom. Each style of cowboy hat carries its unique charm and history. The Cattleman, Gambler, and Boss of the Plains are popular options that set themselves apart from other Western hats.

In detail, let us explore these distinctive histories and defining characteristics behind these timeless cowboy hat styles.

The Iconic Cattleman Crease

woman wearing a cattleman crease

The Cattleman Crease, a famous representation of the cowboy way of life, originated in the late 19th century. This hat style features a single crease down the middle and two additional creases on either side of its crown to improve durability, making it highly favored among ranchers.

Its recognizable design includes a taller top and broad brim that served functional purposes by providing shelter from weather elements during tasks such as ranch work or horseback riding.

With its distinctive shape and signature folds in crown and brim, the Cattleman Crease has long been an essential part of Western culture.

Legendary figures like Tom Mix, Wild Bill Hickok, Wyatt Earp, and John Wayne have all sported this classic cowboy hat style over time, giving it immense symbolic value within their community. So, for those seeking headwear that embodies the true frontier spirit, the iconic appeal of the cattle culture makes it worth considering.

The Rugged Gambler Cowboy Hat

woman in a pink gambler cowboy hat

The renowned Gambler cowboy hat symbolizes enigma and curiosity, featuring a wide flat brim and curved crown. It originated in the American Wild West, where it was favored by cowboys involved in gambling pursuits. The design allowed players to conceal their emotions during intense card games in smoky saloons, thus giving rise to its connection with the gambling subculture.

This cowboy hat exudes an adventurous ruggedness and is made from lavish materials like 100% wool felt or velvet. Its distinct style and significant history make it a popular choice for those looking to add some excitement to their Western attire.

The Classic Boss of the Plains

woman wearing the classic boss of the plains hat

The creation of the first cowboy hat, The Boss of the Plains, is credited to John B. Stetson in the 1860s. It was designed explicitly for cowboys who needed a durable and lightweight headwear option with its high crown and wide brim inspired by sombreros worn by vaqueros.

Distinct from other cowboy hats with creased crowns and shaped brims, the Boss of the Plains style features an open crown and flat brim. Made traditionally from naturally waterproof felt or bear pelts, these hats were built to withstand harsh conditions in America's western region.

To this day, The Boss of the Plains remains a timeless classic symbolizing perseverance through challenges faced during historical pioneering times.

The Art of Cowboy Hat Shapes

two people riding on a horse wearing a cowboy hat with drink

As we delve deeper into modern cowboy hats, it becomes clear that choosing a hat shape is not just about looks but also serves functional and personal purposes. The hat style can provide protection from the sun, complement facial features, and add an element of mystique or charm.

In our exploration, we will discuss selecting the perfect hat shape and highlight the significance of custom shaping in defining one's style with cowboy hats.

The Different Shapes of Cowboy Hats

different cowboy hats

The Different Shapes of Cowboy Hats for Women

Regarding cowboy hats for women, the shape is not only a fashion statement but also a reflection of personality and practicality. The crown and brim of the hat can be manipulated into various shapes that cater to different preferences and uses. Let's delve into the most common shapes of cowboy hats that are popular among women:

The Feminine Cattleman Crease

This is a classic shape adapted for women, featuring a tall crown with a single crease down the center and dents on either side, often softened for a more feminine appeal. It's designed to be functional for outdoor activities while providing a traditional Western look.

The Pinch Front Crease

Also known as the "teardrop," this style is particularly flattering for women. It has a pinched crown at the front, creating a heart-like silhouette that complements a variety of face shapes and is versatile for casual to semi-formal occasions.

The Fashionable Gus Crease

The Gus crease offers a dramatic sloping crown with a front-to-back crease, evoking a sense of the old West with a modern twist. It's a bold choice that adds character to any outfit.

The Chic Gambler

This style features a round, flat crown and a wide brim, offering a unique blend of sophistication and mystery. It's a perfect choice for women who want to stand out with a touch of Old West flair.

The Versatile Open Crown

The open crown style is a blank canvas, allowing custom shaping to suit personal tastes. It's an excellent choice for women who appreciate simplicity and elegance in their Western wear.

The Unique Telescope Crease

Known as the "Golfer," this hat has a crown with a circular indent, resembling a telescope. It's a distinctive style that offers a quirky alternative to more traditional shapes.

The Modern Brick Crease

With its square-shaped crown, the Brick Crease offers a contemporary edge to the cowboy hat, making a bold fashion statement for women who dare to be different.

Each shape carries its own story and personality, allowing women to choose a cowboy hat shape that suits their practical needs and expresses their individual style. Whether for ranch work, a rodeo or as a fashion accessory, there's a cowboy hat shape that's perfect for every woman.

Choosing the Right Cowboy Hat Shape

Selecting the perfect shape for a cowboy hat may seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. The key is considering your face shape, discipline, and personal preference when choosing among different options, such as high crowns with slanted brims or medium to tall crowns with a curved brim.

Aside from face shapes, the cowboy hat can also convey involvement in specific community activities. For instance, working cowboys often prefer flat-brimmed hats, while rodeos and show arenas are typically dominated by pencil roll or kettle curl-brimmed hats. This variety in brim shapes highlights the diverse disciplines encompassed in the rich tapestry of cowboy culture.

Materials Matter: Crafting Cowboy Hats

 The selection of materials is crucial when it comes to creating cowboy hats. The material can significantly impact the hat's strength, comfort, and aesthetic appeal, whether made from straw, felt, or leather.

Understanding how different materials contribute to crafting these iconic hats is essential. Each plays a vital role in the construction process.

Straw Cowboy Hats for Summer Heat

During the summer, straw cowboy hats are a popular option for staying cool in hot weather. They're lightweight and allow for airflow while still providing protection from the sun, making them ideal for sunny days.

These hats are made from different types of straw that have been carefully handwoven to create a tight weave. A great choice with casual attire like jeans and a t-shirt, they add style and practicality to your wardrobe, whether working on the ranch or enjoying outdoor activities on warm days.

Straw cowboy hats offer breathability and Western charm to any outfit. Eric Javit's straw Western hat for women combines style with practicality for the summer. The wired brim is adjustable for sun protection or a playful look, while calf leather lacing adds a touch of the West. Antique brass eyelets ensure ventilation on warm days.

Crafted from Squishee® material, this synthetic straw alternative boasts durability and UPF50+ sun protection, making it a summer staple that's both chic and functional.

Felt Cowboy Hats: Elegance Meets Durability

Felt hats, specifically cowboy hats made from wool and fur using the felting process, are famous for their sophistication and durability.

These versatile accessories often feature hatbands crafted from excess trimmed felt on the brim, adding to their practicality and elegance.

Available in various colors suitable for any occasion (formal or casual), felt cowboy hats offer warmth during colder weather events. From attending high-profile gatherings to enjoying outdoor activities on chilly autumn days, these durable accessories enhance one's outfit while providing comfort.

Wear the essence of Western style with our women's wool felt hats from Eric Javits. Crafted from sustainably sourced wool and shaped by skilled milliners, these hats feature a sculpted crown and rolled brim that embody adventure and freedom.

The elasticized inner band ensures a comfortable fit for most sizes, and you can choose from three neutral shades to suit your style. Each hat is adorned with crocodile-embossed calf leather lacing, adding a touch of luxury to this handmade American classic.

Leather Cowboy Hats: An American Classic

The cowboy hat symbolizes America's pioneer days, and leather versions capture the essence. Made from durable materials like cowhide or full-grain leather, these hats boast an authentic appearance.

The manufacturing process involves various steps with machinery to create the perfect shape and size, including ironing for brim shape, cutting to precise dimensions, curling, and molding on a hat form.

Historically significant in American culture are:

  • Civil War-era slouch hats.

  • Influences from Mexican Vaqueros.

  • John B. Stetson invented the "Boss of the Plains" hat in 1865, which solidified their place as iconic headwear.

Durable yet stylishly rugged, the timeless appeal of modern leather cowboy hats remains strong among enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals who appreciate this quintessential piece rooted deep within the American tradition.

Coordinating Cowboy Hats with Western Attire


Matching a cowboy hat with Western clothing requires skill and attention to detail. From everyday outings to formal occasions, the perfect cowboy hat can elevate your outfit and showcase your style.

In this guide, we will explore how to coordinate cowboy hats with different types of Western attire for both casual and formal events. Whether you're looking for a classic look or something more modern, choosing the right cowboy hat is vital in completing your ensemble.

Casual Encounters: Straw Hats and Everyday Wear

A straw cowboy hat can quickly bring a Western feel to your everyday outfits. Discover the Tucson from Eric Javits, a high-quality women's sunhat crafted from Squishee® material, designed for both durability and style. Our designer's personal favorite!

Sporting a Western-inspired shape, this hat features a fringe-edged band and an adjustable chin strap with a wood bead. The wired brim allows for versatile styling—shape it for a Western vibe or flatten it for more sun coverage. Squishee®'s man-made fibers resemble natural raffia yet outperform it in resilience, maintaining integrity even when wet, without the fragility of natural straw.

You can try out the following looks with our Tucson:

  • Match a white t-shirt, denim shorts, and boots with your cowgirl-style black cowboy hat.

  • For that Southern Boho vibe, pair your prairie dress with heels or ankle-high boots accompanied by a traditional western-inspired headgear.

The versatile straw cowboy hat also goes well with a jeans and tees combination, as trendy today as ever! Consider adding classic plaid shirt accents if you want an old-school look reminiscing of ranch life in earlier days. Furthermore, painting this iconic accessory with cute dresses and feminine leather calf boots will elevate any outfit, whether heading to enjoy country music at festivals or simply stepping outside town on routine errands, soaking up street-style vibes all day long!

Formal Affair: The Sophistication of Black Cowboy Hat

A black cowboy hat can elevate your outfit with sophistication and grace for formal events. These hats are often associated with enigma, resilience, and the spirit of the Old West, making them a perfect accessory for formal occasions.

Pair a black cowboy hat with a suit or blazer to achieve a polished and refined look at formal events. Black is typically chosen for these Western-inspired hats when dressing up since they come in various materials such as cowhide leather, wool, or felt (straw) genuine leather

Whether you're attending weddings or corporate gatherings, donning a black cowboy hat will bring elegant Wild West charm to any occasion.

Accessorizing with a Hat Band and More

Customizing your cowboy hat with various embellishments and bands is an excellent way to enhance your style. There are several options for hat bands, including leather, fur felt or wool, straw, fabric, and metal. Each of these can add a special touch to elevate the look of your beloved cowboy hat.

To attach a band to your cowboy hat:

  1. Keep the hat steady.

  2. Gently tighten the band around the crown's base.

  3. Avoid over-tightening so as not to damage the shape of the hat.

  4. Securely fasten it using either stitches or glue.

Choosing beautiful patterned scarf bands in vibrant colors will give life to any ordinary-looking black Cowboy. Hat thus provides you that admirable chic-cowboy-sticky impression while making fashion statements about who wears such hats – beyond their usual purposes.

Transforming. Your western style from simpleton Butch Cassidy type-look into newly distinguished decadence reborn deserves only Top Head Gear worthy A-list presence adorned properly by costumed consistency respecting traditional headwear creative country capers.

Preservation and Care of Cowboy Hats

Proper storage of cowboy hats in a dedicated glass box

Caring for and Preserving Cowboy Hats

To ensure your cowboy hat remains in pristine condition, follow these essential care and preservation tips:

  1. Day-to-Day Storage: Place your cowboy hat upside down on a clean, flat surface or hang it on a hat rack. This prevents the brim from warping and keeps the crown's shape intact.

  2. Cleaning: Regularly brush off dust and dirt with a soft-bristled hat brush, moving in a counterclockwise direction. Use a damp cloth or a hat-cleaning product designed for the hat's specific material for stubborn stains.

  3. Handling: Always handle your cowboy hat by the brim, not the crown. This helps maintain the shape and structure of the hat.

  4. Long-Term Storage: Store your cowboy hat in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent color fading and material degradation. Use a hatbox with a supportive form inside to maintain the hat's shape.

  5. Avoid Moisture: If your hat gets wet, allow it to air dry naturally without heat. Heat can shrink and damage the hat's material.

  6. Rotation: If you own multiple hats, rotate their use to reduce wear and tear on any one hat.

  7. Professional Reshaping and Cleaning: Consider taking your hat to a professional hatter for extensive cleaning or reshaping.

By adhering to these practices, you can enjoy the timeless elegance of your cowboy hat for years to come.

Embrace Your Western Elegance with Eric Javits

woman on horse's back wearing a cowboy hat

Cowboy hats for women are more than just a nod to Western tradition; they're a fashion statement that speaks to strength, grace, and individuality.

Eric Javits' collection offers a range of cowboy hats that blend classic style with modern femininity, ensuring every woman can find the perfect hat to complement her unique style.

But the journey doesn't stop at cowboy hats. Eric Javits caters to diverse preferences, offering stylish fedora hats for that timeless, sharp look, luxurious wool hats for warmth and sophistication, sun hats that provide chic protection from the rays, and the ever-versatile bucket hat for casual outings.

Whether dressing for a day at the races, a stroll in the city, or an evening at a gallery opening, there's an Eric Javits hat to elevate your ensemble. Each piece is crafted with care and designed to offer comfort and style.

So go ahead and explore the exquisite range of hats at Eric Javits. Embrace the spirit of the West with a cowboy hat, or venture into the world of Fedoras, wool hats, sun hats, and bucket hats. Whatever your choice, let your hat be the crowning touch to your outfit.

Ready to find your perfect hat? Visit Eric Javits today and discover the hat that speaks to you. Your next fashion statement is just a click away!


In the world of different types of cowboy hats, diversity in style, shape, and material is the name of the game. Each style tells a story from the rugged Cattleman Crease and the mysterious Gambler to the timeless Boss of the Plains.

The shape of your cowboy hat can balance your face symmetry, enhance your style, and protect you from the elements. Whether crafted from straw, felt, or leather, the material of your hat can dictate its durability, comfort, and visual appeal.

Whether paired with everyday wear or formal attire, a cowboy hat can add a touch of Western style to any outfit.

Your Cowboy Hat Queries Answered

How does the shape of a cowboy hat influence its functionality and style?

The shape of a cowboy hat influences its functionality and style by providing protection from the sun, balancing facial features, and adding allure. This makes it an essential aspect of the hat's overall design.

What materials are used to craft cowboy hats?

Cowboy hats are typically made from various materials, including straw, felt, and leather.

Straw, felt, and leather are commonly used to produce cowboy hats. Each material offers unique properties that contribute to the functionality and style of these iconic hats.

How can I coordinate a cowboy hat with Western attire?

To properly coordinate a cowboy hat with Western attire, one should consider the hat's type, color, and occasion. It's essential to match the style of your chosen hat with how formal or casual your outfit is for that particular event.

What is a Texas cowboy hat called?

The Texas cowboy hat is commonly called the "Ten-Gallon Hat," although this name is more of a mythic characterization than a true measure of its capacity.

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