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7 Trendy Fashionable Hats for Women and Men in 2024

Ever find yourself staring at a closet full of clothes and feeling like something is missing? Perhaps you need a fashion update, and the answer might just be perched atop your head.

Whether you're a trendsetting woman or a style-conscious man, the right hat can instantly elevate your look. But with so many options available, how do you choose the perfect one?

Let's face it – the world of hats can be overwhelming. From women's hats that scream chic to cute options that make a statement, and the timeless appeal of a classic Panama hat, the choices seem endless. How do you pick the right hat that not only complements your style but also keeps you on-trend in 2024?

Worry not! In this article, we're diving into the fashion forecast and curating a list of 7 trendy, fashionable hats for both women and men that will undoubtedly rule the scene in 2024. Whether you're into cute and quirky or classic sophistication, we've got you covered. Explore the head-turning world of hats with Eric Javits!

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the latest hat trends for 2024 for both women and men.

  • Explore chic options for women, including cute and stylish hats.

  • Embrace timeless sophistication with classic Panama hats.

  • Find the perfect hat to elevate your style and stay on-trend this year.

7 Trendy Fashion Hats for Women

A carefully chosen hat can instantly pull together an entire ensemble, transforming an ordinary outfit into a statement of style.

In this exploration of head-turning accessories, we present a carefully curated selection of seven trendy fashionable hats for women that can protect you from the blazing sun or the harsh rain.

From the timeless elegance of the wool fedora to designs that effortlessly embody the essence of contemporary chic, these fashionable hats are poised to redefine your fashion narrative in 2024.

#1: Anette

floppy hat

Inspired by the iconic floppy hats of the late 1960s, our women's floppy hat, available for purchase online, exudes a water-repellent charm in soft calf suede, delivering just the right touch of a "rich-hippie" vibe.

Beyond its chic aesthetics, this hat serves a dual purpose—shielding you from the sun's damaging rays while offering protection in the event of an unexpected drizzle. Annette's design incorporates a suede tab at the back of the crown, adorned with antique brass collar studs, allowing for easy adjustment to a smaller head size.

Brim span: 4"(10.2cm)

  • Designed in the USA 

  • Water-repellent calf suede 

  • Fully lined 

  • Adjustable head size 

  • Rolls and folds, lightweight and packable 

  • UPF 50+ rating for the best in sun protection 

  • Blocks 95% of UVA/UVB rays 

  • Spot clean with a soft suede brush 

#2: Wool Zora Felt Fedora Hat

felt feldora hat

The Wool Zora, embodying timeless elegance, stands as Javits' quintessential fedora for the Fall season. Meticulously hand-blocked with water-repellent wool felt, this exquisite creation ensures your head remains comfortably warm and dry throughout the autumn and winter months. A classic grosgrain ribbon band, elegantly adorned with a man-tailored bow, adds a refined finishing touch.

Crafted with utmost precision by skilled artisans, the graceful curve of the crown, sculpted under Javits' artistic hands, brings a sense of balance and harmony to a woman's face. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this fedora takes pride in its sustainable roots—crafted from wool shorn and milled from multi-use sheep residing on small, well-cared-for farms.

  • Designed and finished in the USA

  • Hand-blocked by skilled artisans

  • Sustainable wool

  • Made from the highest-quality materials

  • Elasticized Brim Span: 3.5"(9cm) 

#3: Arles Champ Visor

women designer visor

Arles, the picturesque village in Provence that inspired Van Gogh's haystack paintings, lends its essence to the Arles Champ, our women's designer visor for sale online. Mirroring the original Champ design, it features a beige cotton canvas band, evoking the rustic charm of the region.

Whether golfing, reading, or power walking, this visor is your reliable companion, with a unique design that eliminates the need for removal while driving. The detachable terry forehead pad adds comfort and longevity, and replacements are available online.

Crafted from patented Squishee®, the visor promises resilience and style, resembling natural raffia straw while incorporating recycled materials. Embrace versatility and chic simplicity with the instant favorite, the Arles Champ.

  • Blocks 95% UVA/UVB rays

  • Awarded the highest rating of UPF 50+

  • Adjustable head size with Velcro® closure 

  • Lightweight and easy to pack

  • Terry forehead pad detaches for washing.

  • Peak Span: 3.25"

#4: Rain Floppy

rain floppy, rain hat

Introducing our functional rain hat, crafted from elegant Prince of Wales checked fabric. Lightweight, water-repellent, and crushable, Eric Javits' rain floppy seamlessly combines the right style with practicality.

The calf leather belt at the back ensures a customized fit, while the hat easily rolls and folds for convenient storage in your tote.

Fully lined with an elasticized inner band, it provides both comfort and functionality. Designed in Italy, this packable rain hat is the epitome of sophistication, offering a blend of elegance and versatility for your rainy-day style.

  • Designed in NYC

  • Made in Italy

  • Highest Quality Materials

#5: Bandana Visor

bandana visor

Meet the Bandana Visor, the epitome of ultra-glamorous fashion available for purchase online. This stylish visor seamlessly combines our ever-popular Squishee® straw with a washable, detachable scarf made of Tencel—a fully biodegradable fiber meeting the highest environmental standards. The Tencel scarf not only exudes a chic 1970s vibe but also wicks away moisture, allowing your head to breathe.

Adorned with a bow motif inspired by artwork personally painted by Eric Javits, this visor is a unique blend of style and artistic flair. Squishee®, a man-made material with recycled fibers, ensures durability, resisting cracks and melting when wet.

For added comfort, a detachable terry forehead pad, absorbing perspiration, enhances the wearability of the Bandana Visor. The pad is easily washable, extending the life of your visor. Explore the online collection and elevate your style with this glamorous and functional accessory.

  • Blocks 95% UVA/UVB rays

  • Awarded the highest rating of UPF 50+

  • Adjustable head size with Velcro® closure

  • Lightweight and easy to pack

  • Terry forehead pad detaches for washing

  • Tencel scarf detaches for washing

  • Peak Span: 3.5“

#6: Jade Wool Felt Fedora Hat

jade wool felt feldora hat

Discover the epitome of cool in women's hats for sale with Eric Javits. Meet Jade Wool Felt Fedora, a fashion-forward shape inspired by the bounty hunter western hats of the last century, exuding a sense of adventure and individuality. Hand-blocked with water-repellent wool felt and adorned with croc-embossed calf leather lacing, Jade is a stylish fusion of form and function.

Antique eyelets on either side of the crown ensure maximum airflow, adding to the hat's comfort. The fully lined crown, elasticized inner band, and packable design make Jade both versatile and easy to wear.

Crafted in the USA with imported materials, this hat is made from pure sustainable wool, sourced from well-cared-for multi-use sheep on small farms. Elevate your style with Jade, where fashion meets functionality in every detail.

  • Designed and handmade in NYC

  • Hand-blocked by skilled artisans

  • Sustainable wool

  • Made from the highest-quality materials

  • Brim Span: 4"

#7: L'Avenue Wool Felt

wool felt hat

Make a bold statement as you stroll down the avenue with our hand-blocked water-repellent L'Avenue wool felt fedora. This stylish piece, banded with sumptuous pig suede and boasting a rakishly angled brim, is designed to turn heads.

The fully lined crown, elasticized inner band, and packable nature add to both comfort and convenience. Crafted with care from imported materials, this fedora is not just a fashion choice—it's a sustainable one.

The wool is sourced from multi-use sheep living on small farms, ensuring humane conditions and a commitment to ethical practices. Elevate your street style with this statement fedora that marries fashion with sustainability effortlessly.

  • Designed and finished in the USA

  • Highest Quality Materials

  • Hand blocked

  • Sustainable wool

  • Brim Span: 4"(10.2cm)

7 Popular Fashion Hats for Men

In men's fashion, the right headwear can effortlessly bridge the gap between casual and formal styles, completing a look with flair. Whether donning a sharp suit or embracing a more laid-back ensemble, the right hat can be the defining touch. Join us as we delve into the realm of men's headwear, exploring seven popular and versatile fashion hats designed to complement both casual and suited looks

#1: Mr. Squishee Classic Fedora Hat

classic fedora hat for men

A timeless Squishee® straw fedora, adorned with grosgrain ribbon and a tailored bow on the side. Featuring an elasticized inner band for a universal fit, it's both lightweight and packable. This classic blocks 95% of UVA/UVB rays, certified with a 50+ UPF rating through independent AATCC testing. Learn more at Brim span: 2.75".

#2: Squishee Bayou Fedora Straw Hat

straw hat for men

Check out our Squishee® Bayou when shopping for men's designer fedora hats online. Hand-blocked with our patented Squishee® material, it features a laid-back, untrimmed style with a telescope teardrop crown and a medium-sized brim. The integrated open weave band at the crown's base enhances airflow on hot summer days.

Crafted from Squishee®, a man-made material with recycled fibers, Bayou offers the look and feel of natural raffia with superior craftsmanship, packability, and sun protection. Independently tested, it boasts the highest UPF rating of 50+, ensuring effective protection against ultraviolet radiation. Elevate your style with this lightweight and comfortable fedora that blends fashion with sun safety.

#3: Mr. Georgia Fedora Hat

red fedora hat

A Squishee® straw fedora featuring a medium-sized brim, adorned with contrast color blocking on the band and edges. The discreetly placed signature logo rivet is at the back of the crown. Designed with an elasticized inner band for a universal fit, it's lightweight and packable. Offering excellent sun protection, it blocks 95% of UVA/UVB rays, independently tested with a top UPF rating of 50+.

#4: Fringe Pinch

fringe pinch for men

The Fringe Pinch Fedora is a stylish and functional choice for a day out. Designed for enduring style, it features a cotton grosgrain band with a traditional bow and a self-fringe edge on the brim for a touch of tropical sophistication.

Crafted from packable Squishee® straw, it's lightweight and won't splinter or crack. Independently tested with a top UPF rating of 50+, this hat offers effective protection against ultraviolet radiation for the stylish man on the go.

#5: Mr. Wool Western

western felt hat

Effortlessly exude coolness with our men's wool Western felt hat from Eric Javits. These high-style cowboy-inspired hats, crafted from top-quality wool, feature a sculpted crown and rolled brim, becoming a part of you with each wear.

Handmade in the USA from sustainably sourced wool, adorned with crocodile-embossed calf leather lacing, and shaped using a century-old technique, these hats offer both craftsmanship and style. The elasticized inner band ensures a comfortable fit for most sizes. Choose from three neutral shades to find your perfect match and embrace timeless adventure and freedom.

#6: Suede Beret Hat

beret hat for men

Eric Javits' Suede Beret for men—a stylish accessory with an adjustable head size and a sleek leather band.

#7: Guardian Beret Hat For Men

Crafted from Italian distressed canvas and adorned with leather trim, our classic beret silhouette, the Guardian Beret hat for men, featuring side air eyelets, exudes a rugged aesthetic while maintaining water-repellent qualities. The drawstring tie allows for effortless adjustment, ensuring the perfect fit for your head size. This distinctive piece is proudly made in the USA using imported materials, embodying quality and style seamlessly.

5 Ways To Keep Your Cool Hats Trendy in 2024

cool hats trendy

Staying ahead of the curve is not just a choice; it's a statement. And what better way to make that statement than with your choice of fashionable hats?

For women who understand the transformative power of a well-chosen accessory, cute hats aren't just an afterthought; they're a fashion necessity. As we dive into the trends of 2024, one thing becomes clear – keeping women's fashion hats up to date with the finest materials is a must.

Getting Informed on The Latest Styles

Fashion is a constantly evolving landscape, and staying ahead of the curve requires keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest trends.

Follow fashion influencers, browse style magazines, and explore social media platforms to discover the hottest hat trends for women in 2024. From cute and quirky designs to timeless classics, staying informed ensures your hat collection remains contemporary and on-point.

Invest in Timeless Classics

While staying trendy is essential, investing in timeless classics is equally crucial. Certain hat styles, like the ever-stylish Panama hat, have proven their longevity in the fashion world. A well-curated collection should balance the latest trends and timeless pieces, ensuring you're prepared for any occasion and fashion era.

Curate a Versatile Collection

Versatility is crucial when keeping your women's hats up to date. Aim for a diverse collection that suits various occasions and outfits.

From cute floppy hats or even a flat cap for a relaxed weekend makes you look sophisticated for any event, having a range of styles ensures you're ready for any fashion scenario.

Utilize a Stylish Hat Stand

A stylish stand is more than just a storage solution; it's a statement piece in itself. Invest in a hat stand that not only organizes your collection but also adds a touch of elegance to your space.

A well-displayed hat collection not only keeps your hats in top shape but also makes for a visually appealing and accessible wardrobe.

Customize with Accessories

Elevate your hat game by customizing your collection with accessories. Swap out hat bands, add decorative pins, or experiment with scarves to breathe new life into your existing hats. Customization allows you to adapt your hats to the current trends and express your unique style.

What are The Different Hat Styles

Finding the right style is a delightful journey! From the timeless allure of a wool fedora to a plethora of other hat styles, each one adds its unique flair. Let's take a friendly stroll through the diverse hat universe:

Wool Fedora

A classic choice for timeless elegance and versatile style. The wool fedora is your go-to for sophistication.

Baseball Cap

Casual and sporty, the trusty baseball cap is perfect for a laid-back, friendly vibe.

Bucket Hat

Embrace a carefree, cool look with the iconic bucket hat. Ideal for both style and sun protection. Not just that - it can also be a rain hat for the wet season!

Panama Hat

Light, breezy, and effortlessly stylish, the Panama hat is your go-to for warm-weather chic.


Channel artistic charm with a beret – the epitome of chic and a symbol of individuality.


Stay snug and trendy with a cozy beanie, perfect for cooler days and a relaxed, friendly style.

Cowboy Hat

Saddle up for a touch of Western flair! The cowboy hat adds a dash of adventure to your ensemble.


With a shorter brim and a tilt, the trilby exudes a playful, yet polished, professional charm.

Sun Hat

Stay shaded in style! Sun hats, from floppy to straw, bring both fashion and protection.

Top Hat

Elevate your formal look with the timeless and sophisticated top hat, a symbol of elegance.

Newsboy Cap

Capture a vintage vibe with the newsboy cap – a friendly nod to classic, retro fashion.

Boater Hat

Sail into style with the boater hat, a flat-crowned classic perfect for sunny days.

Make Men's and Women's Fashion Hats a Perfect Accessory

men and women fashion hats, perfect accessory

Elevate your style with Eric Javits, where fashionable hats become the epitome of elegance and innovation. Explore our curated collection and discover the perfect accessory to redefine your look. Whether it's a timeless wool fedora, a breezy Panama hat, or a trendy cap, Eric Javits merges fashion and function seamlessly.

Don't just wear fashion; embody it with every stitch and silhouette. Step into a world where hats are more than accessories; they're statements of your unique style. Embrace sophistication – shop Eric Javits today and make your fashion statement unforgettable!

Frequently Asked Questions

faq for hats

What kind of hat is popular?

popular hat outfit

Currently, baseball hats hold the top spot as the favored style, as reported by 51% of regular hat wearers who incorporate them into their daily routines. This popularity likely stems from their remarkable versatility.

Renowned for their informal, laid-back, and adaptable nature, baseball hats effortlessly transition across various settings – from hikes and sports games to informal social gatherings. Additionally, their appeal extends to practical uses, such as concealing bad hair days or addressing receding hairlines, making them a reliable and comfortable choice for everyday wear.

What is the most worn hat in the world?

most worn hat in the world

For over fifty years, the baseball cap has been a dominant force in men's headwear. Known for its soft cap and stiff visor, offering sun protection with a casual vibe, the baseball cap's fame soared when the Detroit Tigers turned it into a billboard, cementing its iconic status in American culture.

From sports legends like Babe Ruth to Hollywood's Tom Selleck and hip-hop icon Ice Cube, the baseball cap transcends generations and genres, earning its title as "America’s national hat," as Vogue Magazine rightfully states. Its popularity isn't confined to the U.S., resonating globally as a timeless and celebrated accessory.

Why are hats important in fashion?

why are fashionable hats important

Hats hold significant importance in fashion, serving as versatile accessories that express personal style and adapt to different seasons. Beyond their practical functions, hats contribute to cultural and historical narratives, representing traditions and social status.

Adding attention to detail, hats complete ensembles and enhance facial features, emphasizing proportions for a polished appearance. Whether following fashion trends or making a personal statement, hats play a crucial role in showcasing individuality and identity.

From classic styles to trendy designs, hats contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, offering both functional and symbolic elements in the realm of personal expression.


You have learned the latest hat trends for 2024 with our curated collection of 7 fashionable hats for both women and men. From timeless classics to cutting-edge styles, this lineup showcases the diverse and ever-evolving world of headwear. Now, you can wear your style most elegantly!

From this blog, we hope you have learned the importance of hats in the modern fashion world and how it affects one's fashion statement. But you shouldn't worry about finding the right fashionable hats for you because Eric Javits always got your fashion sense going! Whether it be from hats to bags, we are your haven of fashion and everything.

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