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Summer Fedora Hats: Guide To Choosing The Perfect Style

Summer is the perfect season to embrace your style and add flair to your wardrobe. One of the most popular accessories for summer is the fedora hat. A versatile accessory that may be dressed up or down, fedora hats, so both men and women can wear them. However, knowing which fedora hat is right for you can be overwhelming with so many styles and materials. That's why we've compiled a list of tips to help you choose the right summer fedora hat.

1. Check the Material

The material is the first thing to consider when choosing a summer luxury fedora hat. Fedora hats come in various materials, including straw, cotton, wool, and leather. For summer, a straw fedora hat is a popular choice. Due to their lightweight and breathability, straw hats are excellent for keeping cool on warm summer days. They come in various styles and colors, so you'll surely find one that suits your taste.

2. Determine Your Head Size

Before you start shopping for a fedora hat, it's essential to determine your head size. Some hats are one size fits all, but others come in specific sizes. To measure your head, use a tape measure around the widest part of your head, just above your eyebrows. This will give you an accurate measurement that you can use when shopping for a hat. If you're unsure about your head size, it's always best to try on a few hats to find the right fit.

3. Consider Your Face Shape

Another thing to consider when choosing a fedora hat is your face shape. Different hat styles suit different face shapes, so choosing a hat that complements your features is essential. For example, if you have a round face, a fedora with a wide brim can help elongate your face. A fedora with a narrow brim can soften your features if you have a square face. If you're unsure about your face shape, you may find many web resources that will assist you in choosing the best hat styles.

4. Match Your Outfit

When choosing a fedora hat, it's essential to think about the outfit you'll be wearing it with. An excellent way to spruce up a casual outfit or add a touch of refinement to a dressier ensemble is with a fedora hat. 

However, you'll want to choose a hat that complements your outfit rather than clashes. A straw fedora, for instance, looks great with a summer dress or a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. On the other hand, a fedora trilby hat is better suited for a more formal outfit.

5. Pay Attention to the Brim

The brim of a fedora hat can make a big difference in how it looks and feels. A wider brim can provide shade and coverage, while a narrower brim can be more stylish and modern. 

Additionally, the shape of the brim can also vary. Some fedora hats have a flat brim, while others have a curved brim. Consider your style and the hat's function when choosing the brim size and shape.

6. Choose a Neutral Color

While fedora hats come in various colors, choosing a neutral color for your summer hat is best. Neutral beige, brown, and black colors are versatile and can be worn with various outfits. Moreover, neutral colors are less likely to clash with other colors in your outfit. If you're feeling bold, you can always choose a hat with a pop of color or a fun print, but make sure it complements your outfit and isn't too overwhelming.

7. Try It On

Finally, the best way to choose the right summer fedora hat is to try it on. While online shopping is convenient, knowing if a hat will fit properly or look good on you without trying it on first can be difficult. When trying on a fedora hat, ensure it fits snugly but not too tight. Additionally, consider the weight of the hat. A lightweight hat will be more comfortable to wear for long periods.


Choosing the right summer fedora hat is about considering your style, face shape, and outfit. By following these tips, you'll be able to find a hat that not only looks great but also feels comfortable and functional. Whether lounging by the pool or attending a summer wedding, any ensemble can benefit from a fedora hat as the perfect finishing touch.

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