selecting fall hat for your wardrobe

Selecting a Fall Hat For Your Wardrobe

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During the summer, you might have been drawn to straw and crocheted bucket hats, but in the fall, you'll want to wear warm materials like felt and wool. Adding one of these hats to the top of your fall outfit is the best way to top it off. There are so many hats out there, so if you're worried that you're not a "hat person," good news: You most definitely are! You just need to find the right way to do it.

You can get beanies, bucket hats, fedora hats, ranchers, baseball caps, and so on, so you might as well start shopping for some stylish accessories for the season. The weather is changing faster than you may realize. And before you know it, your head and ears will be so cold that you'll wish you had something to cover them. 

When winter's wet and chilly weather comes in, it is essential to have a hat that you can rely on to keep your head dry and warm. If you are looking for any type of hat, you can select one from Eric Javits that will keep your head dry when it is wet out. For example, the Fanny Wool Hat is designed with a unique water-repellent design. Not only will this hat keep your head dry, but it will also match your mood and face with its softly sloped brim. 

selecting fall hat for your wardrobe

Are Hats Made of Wool a Good Choice for the Winter? 

When most people think of wool, the idea that it may shield them from the cold is one of the first things that comes to mind. And justifiably so. Wool is an excellent material for maintaining your comfort level during the colder months. Hats made of wool are not an exception. The two main benefits of wool for the winter and fall months are primarily comfort and warmth. 

Wool is comfortable because it has natural crimps in the fiber. Not only do these fibers lock closely together, but they also trap air naturally, which makes the wool feel soft against the skin. 

Do Wool Hats Keep Your Head Warm? 

Whether it's a basic baseball cap, a beanie, or even a winter hat with earflaps, many find that a wool hat is the most comfortable headwear option for the colder months. But why is wool a material that works well for a winter hat? Why do hats made of wool keep you warm? 

The abrasive nature of wool's surface helps it to retain heat. The outside of the wool is highly crimped and tangled in appearance. When something is touched, there is minimal contact between the surfaces of the two objects. Therefore, heat has fewer avenues of escape from contact and will continue to be trapped between the skin of a person's head and the wool of the hat while the two are in touch. The insulation properties of wool are second to none. The substance used to make wool, which is sheep's silky, downy fur, is a superb insulator. Overall, quality wool may maintain its insulating capabilities even when wet. 

Other factors, like the weight and thickness of the wool, will also be essential. The higher the thickness of the wool, the farther the heat must go to be released. It is possible to make similar assertions about weight. 

Here are some fall hats for women. 

Fedora Hats

Most people wore fedoras because they were easy to wear and kept their heads warm and dry. The first fedoras were made of felt and had a wide brim, a crown with a hole in the middle, a pinched front, and a ribbon trim. This hat was known for being able to be folded without losing its shape. It could also be shaped by the person wearing it, making it a hat that could fit anyone's style or personality. Some people will wear their Fedora with the brim down to add some shade to their eyes. Others might opt to wear their brim up to keep the rain out of their eyes. 

When it comes to women's fashion hats for fall, fedoras come back in style repeatedly. This is because they can be worn as a blank canvas that the wearer can make into anything they want. The fedora style is great for anyone because it can be worn in many ways and has a long history. This fall, keep warm with the L'Avenue Wool Felt Fedora Hat. Sustainable wool is obtained by shearing and milling the fleece of multi-use sheep on small farms in the kindest environments. 

Bucket Hats

The bucket hat was made in the early 1900s as a practical rain hat for Irish farmers and fishermen. Its wide, downward-sloping brim helped keep the rain off of their heads. One of the best features is that it can be folded and put in a pocket. A few decades later, troops' necks were protected by a standard-issue style made of olive-drab cotton fabric in the 1940s and during the Vietnam War from the 1950s to the 1970s. But during the '60s, when the mod movement was at its peak, the bucket hat went from being a practical piece to a fashionable one. Instead of cotton or tweed, styles were made out of felt or stiff fabrics that fit the mood of the time. 

A great women's hat for fall is the Meow Charade is a stylish bucket hat that will keep you warm even in the coldest weather. A printed goatskin bucket was made to look like Audrey Hepburn's style from the 1960s. Warm ear flaps can be worn with an adjustable Velcro tab under the chin or tucked into the crown for a different look.

Beret Hats

There is a good reason why the beret is one of the most popular forms of headwear. Because of their unparalleled adaptability, they are an excellent choice to complement a wide variety of different outfits. Berets may be worn in a manner that is either casual or formal, depending on the accessories paired with them. Berets have the power to completely modify an outfit while also boosting one's self-assurance in any given circumstance. 

People have a positive association with the excellent quality shown by our Suede Kate Beret Hat. It's an excellent choice for fall hats for women. You may wear it regardless of the climate since it is constructed from a suede material resistant to water. This hat is wholly lined for comfort, and the drawstring tie can also be adjusted to your head for a precisely customized fit. This hat is ideal for cold weather. Even if you pack or fold it, this hat will keep its shape without developing wrinkles.

Beanie Hats

The purpose of wearing a beanie or a hat of a similar style in cold weather is straightforward: to keep the head warm. Because of their crucial role in keeping heads warm, hats of this kind have been worn consistently in a wide variety of chilly climates around the world throughout history. The Vikings used knitted head coverings. In the 1700s, fishermen, hunters, and other laborers who performed their jobs outside often wore knit hats made of wool. 

The origin of the word "beanie cap" is still a topic of conjecture among fashion experts. Many believe that the beanie cap got its name from the head itself, which in the early 1900s was often referred to as a "bean." This is the theory that is supported by the majority of evidence. Another explanation is that the word "beanie" derived from the top button that first kept the gathered cloth together. This button was about the size of a bean, so some people believe this is where the name originated. 

Today, the beanie cap is the go-to hat for staying warm during the colder months. Try the Beanie with PomPom to shield your ears from the cold and wind. If you are shopping for a fall hat, check out the different varieties that are available from Eric Javits. We have a wide variety of fall and winter hats that will look great and will let you find the great fit to embrace as part of your wardrobe. 

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