Is Investing in a Designer Bucket Bag Worth It?

Is Investing in a Designer Bucket Bag Worth It?

Whether you’re commuting to the office or heading out for brunch, a chance is that you might need a new designer bucket bag. Bucket bags are becoming one of the hottest trends, as the cylindrical design is a stylish alternative to other bag styles. While this bag style is generally more practical than a mini shoulder bag or wallet-on-chain, a chance is that your designer bucket bag is going to become a new staple.

Many top brands have entered the game, offering a plethora of designer bucket bag styles than ever before, making it challenging to find one you'll actually carry around every day. Thankfully, we analyzed what shoppers are searching for to give you a more robust idea of what’s out there, the best bucket bags for boosting your style.

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What Makes a Bucket Bag, a Bucket Bag?

Think of a bucket. Yes, a literal bucket. Because that is where this bag got its name. Typically featuring a flat bottom and open top, the bag also tends to have a drawstring fastening.

Is a Drawstring Essential?

No, not really. A drawstring is generally common with bucket bag styles. But because so many brands are making bucket bags these days, that has changed the very design of the bags. For instance, several brands make a designer bucket bag that has a zip top or magnetic closure.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Designer Bucket Bag?


For some reason, people tend to prioritize fashion over function. A new bag could easily become an essential part of your daily carry, offering practicality that fits all your necessities. Thankfully, several designer bucket bags strike the perfect balance of style and functionality. On that note, there are various factors to consider when exploring new bag options.

Consider the Size

One of the first considerations you’ll want to make when shopping for a new bag is how much stuff you typically carry. If you prefer to travel light, a mini bucket bag could work. However, if you usually carry around more, then opt for a large bucket bag.

Many designer bucket bags easily fit 13-inch laptops. Several options come in different sizes like small, medium, similar to tote bags. This is extremely helpful to shoppers, as you’re guaranteed to find something in the perfect size, without having to compromise.

    Leather is Usually Key

      When it comes to bags, quality is often linked with material. Designer bucket bags frequently come in smooth leather or textured leather. Because a new bag should feel timeless and durable, several editors recommend leather designer bucket bags as an everyday pick. Although vegan leather and canvas make fine choices, as noted in Vogue’s Ultimate Bucket List leather really reigns supreme.

      Not only do many leather bucket bag styles tend to hold up better over time, but they also add a touch of sophistication, regardless of the style.

        Decide Your Strap Style


        Most bucket bag styles come with a thick, short top handle. They also usually feature a shoulder strap or a long crossbody strap. Many designers also put chain detailing on shoulder bag or crossbody bag straps to add visual appeal.

        Before you make an investment in a new designer bucket bag, think about how you prefer to carry it around. Is it easier to have a shoulder bag or would a long crossbody bag make a better fit for your lifestyle?

        Why Are Designer Bucket Bags So Trendy Right Now?

        Toteme and The Row seem to be dominating street style at the moment, thanks to their minimalist shapes. However, many more high-end labels are putting their own creative twists on the history of bucket bags, which also seem to be on the rise. With a slew of variations out there, like drawstring bags and zip-top options, everyone can find a bucket bag they truly love.

        This adds to the bags’ ever-growing popularity. This also explains why there are so many styles in every size, with options under $500 and pricier alternatives. 

        A Structured Bucket Bag

        It’s no surprise structured designer bucket bags have quickly become favorites for office settings and commutes. Offering a sense of polish and just the right touch of luxury, they are a practical solution for carrying documents, laptops, wallets, and your other work essentials.

        A Mini Bucket Bag

        If your personal style tends to lean towards minimalist designs, a mini bucket bag in soft neutral tones would probably suit your aesthetic. Plus, it makes the transition to a dinner date or social gathering look utterly effortless.

        How to Pick Your First Designer Bucket Bag

        With so many bags to choose from, how could anyone know where to even start? With brands like Bottega Veneta making leather bucket bag staples with a woven look, it becomes about considering what makes you tick.

        The Structured vs. Slouchy

        Both Proenza Schouler and Staud make excellent leather options with structural lines. In fact, many fashion-lovers praise these as everyday choices, because you can keep all your important belongings in order and in easy reach.

        But, if the more relaxed style makes more sense to you, brands like Khaite and Staud have options available, as noted in ELLE.I would say, if you're seeking something chic yet timeless, a leather tote or mini bucket bag with structural edges would work best. The defined shape of the bags also enhances an office look.

        Although the slouchy styles make great choices for weekend events and quick outings, a structured leather option will make a better all-around option. Not to mention the fact that many structural picks from high-end brands generally hold up well after years of use, justifying the heftier price tags.

        Solid Color vs. a Pattern

        Solid vs. Pattern Bucket Bags

        One way to make a major fashion statement is through choosing bags in eye-catching patterns or colorways. While there's nothing inherently wrong with the more minimalist route, a touch of personality never hurts anyone. There's just something to say about a person carrying a multicolored bucket bag or tote from designer labels like Paco Rabanne or Coach.

        Leather vs. Fabric

        Leather vs. Fabric

        Choosing between leather or fabric bucket bags depends on personal needs and lifestyle. But let's be real for a minute here, designer leather bags from popular fashion labels tend to retain a greater value over time. As anyone in the reselling game can tell you, leather picks from highly regarded brands frequently demand the highest price tags.

        Even after decades of use. That makes this the winner. Of course, cotton canvas buckets are more budget-friendly and washable, making them an easy everyday companion you don’t have to worry about keeping too pristine.

        Designer Bags to Choose From

        Eric Javits My Way Jr. Bucket Bag

        Discover the epitome of sophistication in the Eric Javits My Way Jr. bag—an exquisite mid-size bucket tote crafted from Squishee® material, adorned with dual bamboo ring short handles and a drawstring pouch top closure. Effortlessly chic, it includes a detachable leather strap for seamless transitions from shoulder to cross-body length.

        Price upon publish date of this article:


        Pros & Cons

        Appreciated for its lightweight design and practicality, featuring versatile styling options ideal for everyday use. However, its casual appearance and material may not suit formal or upscale settings.

        Louis Vuitton Noé Bag

        Made from luxurious materials and showcasing meticulous craftsmanship, the Noé Bag is ideal for both casual outings and more formal events. Its versatile design and classic aesthetic make it a perfect companion for everyday use or special occasions, offering both functionality and sophistication to its wearer.

        Price upon publish date of this article:


        Pros & Cons

        Celebrated for its iconic design, spacious interior, and versatile styling options, making it a coveted luxury accessory. However, its high price point and potential heaviness when fully packed are considerations for prospective buyers.

        Gucci Ophidia GG Supreme Canvas Bucket Bag

        The Gucci Ophidia GG Supreme Canvas Bucket Bag blends luxury with contemporary style, featuring the iconic GG Supreme canvas and classic green and red web stripe detail. Its spacious bucket shape, secured with a drawstring closure and adjustable leather shoulder strap, offers both practicality and elegance. Ideal for any occasion, from casual outings to formal events, this versatile bag complements various outfits with Gucci's distinctive flair and craftsmanship.

        Price upon publish date of this article:

        $ 2,150

        Pros & Cons

        Renowned for its iconic design and practical versatility, offering spacious interiors and the brand's signature materials and craftsmanship. However, some users may find its weight when fully packed and minimal internal organization challenging for daily use.

        Bottega Veneta Small Cassette Cross-Body Bucket Bag

        The Bottega Veneta Bucket Bag is a refined exemplar of the brand's sophisticated craftsmanship. Designed with the brand's iconic Intrecciato weaving technique, it exudes understated luxury. The bag features a classic bucket shape, offering ample space and versatility. Its minimalistic design, often in luxurious leather, makes it suitable for both casual and more formal occasions. 

        Price upon publish date of this article:

        $ 1,800

        Pros & Cons

        Praised for its sleek, modern design and luxurious craftsmanship, making it a stylish accessory choice. However, its compact size and limited interior space may be less practical for those needing to carry larger items or organize belongings extensively.

        Brunello Cucinelli Techno Raffia Bucket Bag with Monili

        The Brunello Cucinelli Techno Raffia Bucket Bag with Monili blends artisanal craftsmanship with contemporary style. Made from techno raffia for a lightweight feel, it features delicate Monili bead embellishments. This versatile bag offers a spacious interior with a drawstring closure, ideal for both casual outings and elegant occasions, adding a touch of refined luxury to any look.

        Price upon publish date of this article:


        Pros & Cons

        Lauded for its unique blend of techno raffia material and elegant monili detailing, offering a distinctive and luxurious aesthetic. However, potential drawbacks include its delicate material that may require careful maintenance and its limited availability compared to more widely distributed brands.

        Jimmy Choo Micro Bon Bon Pearly Satin Bucket Bag

        The Jimmy Choo bon bon pearly satin bucket bag exudes glamour and sophistication with its luxurious satin construction. This bag features a unique gathered design that resembles a wrapped candy, adding a playful yet elegant touch. It is adorned with a sparkling crystal embellished drawstring closure, enhancing its glamorous appeal.

        Price upon publish date of this article:


        Pros & Cons

        Celebrated for its glamorous and eye-catching pearly satin material, making it a standout accessory for special occasions. However, its delicate fabric may require careful handling, and its ornate design might limit its versatility for everyday use.

        Alexander McQueen The Curve Bucket Bag

        The Alexander McQueen Curve Bucket Bag exemplifies modern elegance with its sleek, curved silhouette and luxurious craftsmanship. Designed for versatility, it features a practical drawstring closure and spacious interior, making it ideal for both everyday wear and evening outings. 

        Price upon publish date of this article:


        Pros & Cons

        Praised for its contemporary curved silhouette and luxurious leather craftsmanship, embodying modern elegance. However, its compact size may limit storage capacity, and the structured shape could be less forgiving for carrying bulkier items.

        Loewe Medium Pebble Bucket Bag

        The Loewe anagram pebble bucket bag in mellow calfskin blends luxurious craftsmanship with practical design. Crafted from soft calfskin leather, it features a classic bucket shape with a drawstring closure, offering both style and functionality. 

        Price upon publish date of this article:


        Pros & Cons

        Its supple pebbled leather construction and timeless, minimalist design that exudes luxury. However, its open top and lack of closure might be a concern for those seeking more security for their belongings, and its higher price point reflects its premium craftsmanship.

        Proenza Schouler White Label Bucket Bag

        The Proenza Schouler White Label Bucket Bag offers a blend of modern style and functionality. Known for its minimalist aesthetic and practical design, this bag features a spacious bucket shape with a drawstring closure, making it easy to access essentials while maintaining a sleek silhouette. 

        Price upon publish date of this article:


        Pros & Cons

        Celebrated for its contemporary design, combining functionality with a stylish, minimalist aesthetic. However, its simpler interior organization and material may not suit those who prefer more structured or luxurious options, despite its accessible price point.


        When shopping for a designer bucket bag consider if you need more room. Maybe go with a large bucket bag version. But also don’t be afraid of color. Maybe look at patterns. There really is something to say about the designer bucket bag and how easy it makes your day, while still offering a touch of high-end polish.

        FAQs about designer bucket bag

        FAQ 1: What is the hottest designer bag now?

        The Louis Vuitton Neverfull and Chanel Classic Flap are always safe bets when it comes to bags, but that is subject to change. Ultimately, the current top-selling designer bucket bags come from popular brands such as Mansur Gavriel, Prada, Loewe, the Row, and Bottega Veneta. On that note, designer straw bags are becoming especially popular in the warm-weather months, with designers like Etro, Cult Gaia, Jacquemus, and Loro Piana leading the trend.

        FAQ 2: When was the Louis Vuitton bucket bag made?

        Believe it or not, the Louis Vuitton Noe bucket bag actually first launched way back in 1932. Although the bag launched to solve a specific champagne storage problem, it ultimately changed fashion history by offering women a less restricted handbag silhouette.

        FAQ 3: Are bucket bags in style?

        It would probably make more sense to say a designer bucket bag is making a major resurgence rather than calling them an up-and-coming fad. You probably saw your fair share of these bags from top designers back in the early ‘90s, although many options at the time were smaller styles in classic leathers and soft suedes. Today, brands have taken creative liberties by putting eye-catching accents on straps and using patterns and colors on fabrics, with micro bucket bags, small picks, medium alternatives, and larger choices on offer.

        FAQ 4: What is a designer bag?

        When the discussion focuses on designer bags, people are frequently referencing accessories from luxury fashion houses that use well-known designers as well as fashion and accessories brands from popular high-end labels such as Coach. Many department store brands have entered the game. For instance, several J.Crew purses fall under the designer handbag category.

        While certain bag picks become must-haves— like drawstring bucket bags and backpacks, which shoppers are frequently seeking, as evidenced on popular eCommerce storefronts— many new choices appear as well.


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