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How to Give the Perfect Designer Hat or Handbag

The holidays are just around the corner. A designer handbag or hat is a great option if you are still trying to find the right gift. Eric Javits has the perfect line of hats (all ranges and styles) and handbags.

These designer products aren't just apparel, they are designed so that both women and men can embrace their wardrobe and enjoy style and glamor.
Hats, bags, and other products from Eric Javits unify elegance, gentility, and function.

Let's take a look at some tips for finding the perfect designer hat or handbag this holiday season.

Rain hat Eric Javits

Tips for selecting the perfect designer hat

Designer hats can make the perfect holiday gift. If you are uncertain as to what hat is the best, follow these guidelines to find the perfect hat. 

Consider the function and occasion

Eric Javits hats aren't designed only for formal occasions; they are designed so that the wearer embraces them as part of their everyday wardrobe. Our designer hats, ranging from bucket hats to Fedoras, look great for a day out in the sun or for protection from the rain on the way to work.

Here are a few different hats you might want to try that work great in a wide variety of different functions and occasions:

  • Squishee Bayou Fedora Hat: This hat is untrimmed and works well for a casual style. With a great deal of breathability, this hat works great on a warm summer day or can even look good for a night in a club. 
  • Quilty Bucket Hat: This is a vegan leather hat that is lightweight and packable. Not only is it water repellent, it looks great with a sweater or jacket during the winter months. 
  • Wool Zora Felt Fedora Hat: This is a great hat for the fall and winter months. Made from sustainable wool, this hat is designed for harmony and balance. The water repellent material makes for a great hat to stay dry during your commute to work or out around the town.

Consider the personality of the person wearing the hat 

Some people prefer a different hat every day while others find one that matches their personality and they wear it all the time. Eric Javits has several hats that are inspired by famous figures from history.

For example, the Marella hat is a Fedora that captures the sophisticated flair of a jet setter's lifestyle, drawing inspiration from the elegance and panache of high-flying voyagers.

Maybe the person receiving the hat loves tropical flair and Mediterranean culture. For this person, the Mykonos fedora might be a perfect fit. 

Eco-friendly, functional hat options are always a great choice

Whether you are purchasing a hat for the cold or hot months, Eric Javits hats are both friendly to the environment and functional. Many designer hats bend and deteriorate when you try to pack them.

Eric Javits hats are packable, rollable, and very light. Squishee® is a synthetic straw material that is very similar to raffia. The material is durable, yet light enough so that the only thing you notice about your hat is its glamorous appearance. It also blocks the majority of the sun's harmful UV rays. 

You will also find comfort, convenience, and function with our wool/felt hats, as well as products that are made from vegan leather. 

There are also men's designer hats

Men are often left out when it comes to designer hats. Eric Javits also has several wonderful men's hats that look stylish, glamorous, and create a handsome appeal.

The Georgia Fedora hat is one great option for men who like the west but also want something that will be durable in the outdoors. The Tyler hat is a handmade Fedora that is also a stylish men's design. 

How to find the perfect designer handbag or tote

Bags and totes are also the perfect gift for the holiday season. Our line of designer handbags focus on style and glamour, with an added touch of function. 

Make sure the handbag is comfortable to carry 

All of the handbags from Eric Javits are extremely comfortable to carry.

For example, the Treat Shopper bag is a comfortable shoulder bag made from crocodile embossed leather. The shoulder strap is adjustable for maximum comfort and for crossbody use.

Additionally, this bag has an outside zipper compartment for easy access to personal items, such as a cellphone or sunglasses.

Make sure that the bag is just the right size

Not everyone requires a massive handbag or purse.

The I Bisou is just the right size for someone who only needs to carry their smartphone and a few credit cards with them.

The Maku bag is also a nice mid-sized bag that will allow you to carry your personal items in style. 

Make sure the bag has the right pockets and compartments 

Pockets and compartments are everything when it comes to a stylish, elegant bag. For those wanting a smaller bag, it will need to have compartments and space for personal effects like a cell phone and credit cards.

Larger bags will need to have interior space for things like makeup, keys, and other items. You will find a handbag from Eric Javits with just the right amount of space.

How well does it stay closed? 

Eric Javits handbags stay perfectly closed. The Maku mid-size shopping bag, woven from exquisite raffia straw. Its unique closure, a beautifully woven raffia top, blends style and security.

Featuring secure zippers and thoughtfully designed pockets, it ensures both elegance and practicality for your essentials.

Find the right Eric Javits designer hat or handbag today for the holidays

If you are looking for a gift, be sure to check out designer products from Eric Javits.

Our bags and hats are available in comfortable styles and materials and will be a gift that will last a lifetime for your recipient. 

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