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How To Find The Right Hat Shapes For a Perfect Style

How To Find The Right Hat Shapes For a Perfect Style

For hat enthusiasts, donning a hat is more than just a means to shield the head from the elements. It's a chance to make a fashion statement and express one's individuality. Whether you're a novice to the hat scene or a seasoned hat wearer, here is your guide to navigating the exciting world of different hat shapes and styles.

And let's not forget the iconic symbol of stylish hats - Eric Javits! His designs can transform any outfit and are perfect for every occasion. So, buckle up, and let's embark on this stylish journey with hats!

Key Takeaways

  • Your face shape should guide your hat choice – oblong faces should go for medium crowns and wide brims, while round faces suit high crowns and slanted brims.

  • Hat materials matter for both look and function – straw is breathable for summer, wool felt is versatile for all seasons, and leather is timeless.

  • Confidence is key when wearing hats – start small if you’re a newbie and take care of your hat with proper cleaning and storage to keep it looking fresh.

Understanding Hat Shapes

Variety of western hats including cowboy hats and straw hats

Experience the wide range of hat shapes and styles to suit your look as well as your face shape. Go on an exploration through the realm of headgear - from cowboy hat shapes with their rugged appeal, summer-ready straw hats, or full-brim varieties that provide maximum coverage. Find a style perfect for you!

Cowboy Hats

Classic cowboy hat with cattleman crease

Cowboy hats are a well-known symbol of the American West, with its curved brim and creased crown, two features originally added to increase practicality. With numerous women's designer cowboy hats available from Eric Javits along with various materials like fur felt or bear hide there’s something for everyone. When looking at some, you may have noticed an ‘X’ on it. This denotes 10% bear fur concentration. To other elements which decides the quality of that particular cowboy hat shape.

Straw Hats

Stylish straw hats for summer

When it comes to summer style, straw hats are an ideal choice. Lightweight and affordable, these headpieces provide excellent sun protection while being breathable too from Eric Javits through to the classic Panama – there’s a hat for every taste!

Various types of straw give each type of hat unique properties - from Toquilla and Toyo varieties through Shantung or Seagrass fibers that may be hand-woven using man-made fiber or Raffia palm leaves. The process requires cutting the strands before bleaching them and then braiding them together into your favorite design!

Full Brim Hats

full brim hat

A full-brim hat is an invaluable accessory to any wardrobe. This type of headwear offers maximum protection from the sun and other elements, thanks to a brim that extends all around its circumference. Wearing one also provides extra security with features such as adjustable suspension systems, chin straps, and cushioning for added comfortability. Some types include reflective detailing allowing you more visibility in dark settings too!

When picking out your ideal full-brimmed hat, it’s important to take into account which face shape suits best - those who possess round faces look good wearing sharp or structured hats while angular shaped people should go for softer curves like fedoras or sombreros. Cowboy hats often give off a classic style no matter what facial contours are present!

A Comprehensive Look at the History of Hats

history of hats

The history of hats is a captivating journey through time, cultures, and fashion trends. Originating as a practical accessory designed for protection against weather conditions, hats have evolved to serve a multitude of purposes, from symbolizing social status to expressing personal style.

The earliest evidence of hat usage can be traced back to ancient civilizations. The Egyptians, for example, wore simple straw hats as a shield from the harsh desert sun. Meanwhile, in Greece and Rome, hats were often associated with social hierarchy, with different styles and materials signifying various ranks and professions.

During the Middle Ages, hats became increasingly elaborate. They were frequently embellished with feathers, jewels, and other ornate details, reflecting the wearer's wealth and status. This period also saw the rise of millinery as a respected craft, with artisans dedicating their skills to creating intricate and stylish headwear.

The 19th and 20th centuries marked a significant shift in hat fashion. Iconic styles such as the top hat, the bowler, and the fedora became popular, embodying the elegance and sophistication of the era. The introduction of the baseball cap in the late 19th century offered a more casual and versatile alternative, which remains a staple in modern wardrobes.

In the present day, hats continue to be an essential fashion accessory, combining functionality with aesthetics. They offer protection from the elements, while also allowing individuals to express their unique sense of style. From the runway to the street, hats are a testament to our enduring fascination with fashion and self-expression.

Finding the Right Hat Shape for Your Face

Hat shapes for different face shapes

Choosing the appropriate hat shape for your face is a true art form. Different hats bring out and enhance particular features, creating an attractive overall look. For example, people with oblong-shaped faces can flaunt wide brims while those with rounder visages often benefit from higher crowned and slanted brimmed caps.

We will now examine which specific types of hats are suitable for different facial shapes.

Oblong Faces

oblong faces women

A face shape with an oblong form is characterized by a length that exceeds its width, where the forehead, cheeks and jawline are usually around equivalent in breadth. Hats featuring a crown of moderate height together with wide brims curving outward help to equalize this elongated look while providing more proportionality, adding just enough variety for a flattering style.

Round Faces

round face women celebrity

When it comes to hats round-shaped faces, high crowns, and slanted brims can provide the perfect complement. This type of hat is ideal for creating angles that make a face look less full and more elongated. There are many styles out there which work great including fedoras, boater hats as well as caps from various brands like Conner Hats, Helen Kaminski, Cotswold Country Hats or Lazy J Ranch Wear.

These stylish headwear pieces give an attractive angular appearance while still maintaining the youthful symmetry of your facial features—worth considering when looking to add something new to your wardrobe!

Diamond Faces

diamond faces women celebrity

For those with a diamond-shaped face, featuring wide cheekbones and a narrow forehead/chin, styles of hats that boast modestly broad brims with shallow crowns would look most flattering. These designs aid in adding width to the brow area and simultaneously soften any sharp edges on this facial shape. An ideal hat for this type of visage is one such as a Chapeau Cloche (which has an almost widespread brimline curving downwards slightly) perfect for complementing your features!

Square Faces

square face women celebrity

Hats with a rounded crown and curved brim, such as wide-brimmed hats or floppy cowboy hats, are great for those who have square faces. Such styles help to counterbalance the solid angles of this particular face shape by providing contrast. When selecting the perfect hat for people with square features, they should look out for ones that boast sharp edges and high crowns together with angled brims to accentuate their visage best. A cowboy hat can be worn by cowboys and all other ranch owners appreciating Western-style clothing too!

Hat Materials: Choosing Between Straw, Wool Felt, and More

Comparison of hat materials: straw, wool felt, and leather

Headwear has an abundance of different materials available for selection. From straw, cotton, wool felt and linen to thermoplastics, each one offers its traits with some advantages and disadvantages. Straw hats provide versatility in the summer while being breathable. They may not be able to handle rough usage or water well due to their lightweight nature. Wool felt is perfect whatever the season since it’s warm enough during colder times yet allows your head adequate ventilation when needed too, plus having a high level of durability against rainwater damage. The classic look that leather provides as a material makes these types of hats timeless after folding them into circles before stitching from inside out so that there’s no extra fabric left on top where you place your crown.

Tips for Wearing Hats with Confidence

wearing hat with confidence

Putting on a hat takes a combination of boldness and style. Start by selecting one that fits properly, looks great with your facial features, and displays your exclusive taste in fashion. Remember that the right headwear can not only act as a covering for the head but also demonstrate your character traits.

If you’re just getting into hats, start with simpler models until you work up to more daring styles or materials like straw or wool felt hats. It will help give strength to yourself-assurance when donning them out in public. A hat is an excellent way to add flair while bolstering confidence!

Caring for Your Hat

cleaning hat tips

To ensure your hat’s longevity and fresh look, it is necessary to take proper care of it. Cowboy hats should be brushed with a soft-bristled brush or cleaned using a damp cloth in a counterclockwise direction if made from felt material. Alternatively, straw cowboy hats can be wiped down using water mixed with 1/2 tsp ammonia and 1/4 cup warm water. To guarantee the best results for full-brimmed headwear pieces, store them upside down or on stands instead of laying flat on their brims, and use steamers when needed to reshape and freshen up the stiffener once per month – especially if you wear such items frequently.

Shopping for Hats: What to Look for in a Hat Store

shopping for hats

When purchasing a hat, can be an enjoyable experience. You’ll need to measure your head size and circumference around the crown for proper fit. Use a centimeter ruler or size chart as reference. Next decide on the style, material, color, think of what occasion you might wear it with specific clothes in mind!

Women's Hat Shapes: From Wide Brim to Cool Hand Luke

Women have a range of stylish hat choices, from classic wide-brimmed hats to fashionable straw hats and women's cowboy hat designs and fedoras. Not forgetting the evergreen berets, bucket hats or beanies – there’s definitely something out there for every woman’s face shape and style with a Greeley Hat.

The particular allure surrounding the Lamb Bucket look is well deserved. It adds an edgy vibe when worn in confidence on top of any ensemble without overpowering it! Lastly, as you go about selecting your favourite type of hat(s), remember that they should enhance rather than take away from what you are wearing overall.


Exploring the world of hats can be an exhilarating experience. Hat shapes and sizes, what materials to choose from, learning how to rock your hat with poise – it’s a journey of self-expression that will level up any style game. And Eric Javits helps you step up your styling game. Remember. Hats are not just head pieces but also reflect individual personality so make sure you get yours right for that extra boost in presence and assurance! Find the perfect one (try them on fearlessly) and let yourself shine through its shape today! Explore our hat store today and make a statement for every hat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the right hat shape for my face?

Finding the right hat style to suit your face shape can be tricky. For oblong faces, a wide-brimmed design looks great. For rounder shapes, high crown and slanted brim hats are flattering options. So why not try out different styles until you find one that’s just perfect? It could transform your look!

How do I ensure my hat fits well?

To make sure you have the perfect fit for your hat, take measurements of your head and check a sizing chart to find one that is snug yet comfortable. You may need to try on different sizes until you get it just right!

How do I care for my hat?

In order to ensure your hat stays in good condition, you should use a soft-bristled brush or cloth to clean it and store it correctly. This will maintain its shape and size. You can also give the stiffener an extra boost with steam as needed too! To keep your beloved headgear looking great is easy when these steps are followed.

What should I consider when shopping for a hat?

When selecting a hat, you should take into consideration the fabric it’s made of, how fashionable it is in appearance and design, whether or not it fits your head properly and if its shade matches what other items are within your wardrobe. Make sure that when wearing your hat shape to any function or event (such as weddings) the chosen piece complements the chosen piece.

How can I wear a hat with confidence?

Wear a hat that matches your look and flatters the shape of your face, choose one you feel comfortable with to elevate yourself and showcase your confidence. Let it be an extension of who you are. Own it!

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