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There are numerous reasons for why people wear hats—to keep their heads warm or cold depending on the weather, protect their heads from the elements, to hide bedhead, and fashion.

Fashion. of course, being the most important. Luxury designer hats are some of the most striking fashion accessories one can own. There are many cultures around the world with their own hat style or cover.

So the perfect hat can set you apart from the crowd and compliment any outfit.

In addition to adding flare to your wardrobe, wearing a hat can complement your face shape. There are varying face shapes meaning that not all hats are created equal while worn.

Some luxury hats will work better than others to accentuate your natural look and create a style all your own.

While pondering which hat best fits your face shape, another thing to consider is how it will work with your hairstyle. Factors that come into effect are your hair's length, texture, and how you style it.

By taking these factors into account, you can enable the addition of a hat to emphasize your personal style even more.

So how do you choose the right Eric Javits designer hats to fit your hairstyle? Whether fedora hats, bucket hats, felt hats, or otherwise, we can assist you in discovering which of our designer hats will fit your hairstyle best.


The Best Designer Hats For Your Hairstyle

When purchasing new designer hats, the length and texture of your hair play an important role. Don't be overwhelmed. It's actually simpler than it sounds.

Hairstyles are easy to modify, so you can still select your favorite designer hat and adjust accordingly. Here are some hairstyles and the Eric Javits designer hats that pair perfectly.

Long Hair Style

Numerous designer hats can complement long straight, wavy, and curly hair. However, you won't find a one-size fits all solution. Instead, you'll have to rely on your face shape and aesthetics, and your own personal reasons will have to come into play.

Yet, there are a few factors to consider on how to choose the right hat to go with your long hairstyle.

Bucket hats, wide-brim straw hats, and some berets can go really well with long hair. All work incredibly well during the summer months and are ideal when the heat creeps in.

Our Marina Bucket is one of our classic bucket hats. It's chic, timeless, and provides a bit of shade from the sun. You can pair it well with your favorite beachwear or a classy dress.

The Sea La Vie wide-brimmed Squishee® fedora provides similar comfort and protection. 

Each option is a lightweight, comfortable, and cool choice when the sun's heat begins beating down on you.

It stands to mention that these designer hats will also protect your head from the sun's ultraviolet rays.

On the flip side, during winter months, wool hats and beanies are ideal. In the fall and winter, it's not uncommon to see trendsetters wear this hat style.

Our classic Beanie w/ Pom Pom is an excellent choice to stay warm during those cold winters. It's made of a cashmere wool blend and surpasses all other luxury women's knit hats for sale.

Short Hair Style (Bobs and Pixie Cuts)

The short hairstyle has numerous options in terms of designer hats, regardless of the season you're in.

Fedora hats are excellent choices that can be worn in both summer and winter. In the summer, felt or wool hats can complement attire for both formal and informal occasions.

The L'avenue Wool Felt is one of our felt hats that is also a fedora.

Similarly, a wide-brim hat, such as our Winter Dotti or Gigantic Javits Dotti, can provide the same appeal. 

In fact, a wide-brim hat during the summer is likely the better option. Just remember to keep the color neutral, like black or brown, so that it pairs well with any outfit. This allows you to mix things up and experiment with whatever style of attire you wish.

Beanies are just as good for short hair as they are for long hair. They're actually one of the more flexible options when it comes to the perfect hat-to-hairstyle pairings.

The Knit Fisherman Cap is a fabulous choice. You can cover your ears' edges with the beanie to remain both warm and stylish. Just be sure to pull some of your hair down in front, so it's visible while wearing the beanie.

Visors are also amazingly stylish for women with short hair. It keeps the scalp open, allowing your head to remain cool, and is suitable for sporty women with short hair. Our favorite hat for this style is the Arles Champ Visor.

Curly Hair Style

Natural curls and afros usually need help finding a suitable hat. The biggest issue is that many materials might cause hair issues that a woman would otherwise choose to avoid.

Fabrics like leather or other synthetic materials in winter hats can cause curly hair issues that lead to dryness or brittleness.

So what can you do? Look for designer hats made of wool, felt, or straw.

Wool hats like our Fanny Wool hat are perfect for keeping natural curls safe. Likewise, the Bella made of Squishee® is your primary choice during the warmer months.

Men's Hairstyles

Men with short hair can wear practically any hat they wish. Lengthier locks are what create a challenge when finding the proper cover.

However, fedora hats are some of the best designer hats for men of any hair length and style.

Fedora hats look and feel traditional and masculine while allowing your hairstyle to show.

The Mr. Squishee® Classic Fedora will accentuate a man's hairstyle while providing a masculine look when paired with almost any attire.

Ultimately, when choosing designer hats for your hairstyle, options are not as limited as they first seem. Choosing the right cut or style can alter your face shape and open up additional options to accessorize.

For slimming down a rounded face, try a layered look. Long faces can appear shorter by adding bangs. You have many options to choose from and now you know what designer hats work best for each hairstyle.

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