8 mens hat ideas in 2023

8 Men's Hat Styles That Are Making a Huge Resurgence in 2023

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Are you ready to add an elegant and fashionable edge to your wardrobe? 2023 marks a return of classic men's hat styles in fashion; and with it comes their revival combining tradition with contemporary chicness.

Imagine this: an exciting city street filled with confident men wearing eye-catching hats that reveal much about their style and character. Hats have an extensive history spanning cultures and eras; now, however, they're experiencing something of a renaissance - from stylish Fedora hats to classic Newsboy caps, these iconic headpieces have returned as must-have fashion statements.

Channel the sophistication of the 1920s with a Gatsby-inspired Panama hat or exude effortless cool with a trendy Bucket hat; these styles don't simply serve as accessories; they make an unmistakable statement of your unique taste and sophistication!

Explore our handpicked selection of 8 trendy men`s hat styles! Find something perfect to complement your personality and elevate your fashion game - don't miss this chance to embrace timeless elegance while staying on-trend in 2023.


What Are The Men`s Hat Styles That Are Still Trendy in 2023?

One process that has revitalized men's hat style trends is the blend of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary materials. This approach marries age-old techniques like hand blocking and shaping with cutting-edge sustainable fabrics or polymers for weather-resistant properties and classic designs while honoring classic aesthetics with durability, comfort, and weather resistance properties - creating timeless styles while simultaneously offering functionality in contemporary fashion trends.

We've created the following list of eight of our top hats for men. These styles highlight the merging of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary materials with hats that embodies both classic style and modern practicality.

1. Flat Cap

A flat cap is also known as a newsboy hat or bakerboy cap was the most popular hat style during the early 20th century. It's a rounded cap that has a brim with a small size and a button on the top. It was a popular choice for people of the working class, but has since been incorporated into the fashion world. It's a versatile hat that is suitable for formal and casual outfits.

2. Newsboy Cap

Also referred to as a baker's cap or flat cap, a newsboy cap is like the flat cap, but it has an exaggerated style and the larger and more prominent cap's brim. Newspaper boys and middle-class men during the 20th and 30th centuries usually were wearing caps, however it is now gaining popularity as a man's accessory.

3. Fedora

For more than a century, fedoras have epitomized timeless elegance in men's hat fashion. Their wide brims and creased crowns, often adorned with a stylish ribbon or band, define this iconic style. Available in wool, felt, and straw, fedoras offer versatile options to elevate any ensemble. Our Squishee Classic Fedora Straw Hat, in particular, stands out as a beloved choice, renowned for its popularity among fashion enthusiasts seeking a blend of style and comfort. 

fedora hat men

4. Pork Pie Hat

It is believed that the pork pie hat is becoming increasingly sought-after due to its use in the Breaking Bad character, Walter White. But, the hat's design has been in use since the 1930s. It's distinguished by its flat, low crown, and a cap that curls at the edges. The hat is generally made from straw or felt and makes a wonderful accessory to any informal or semi-formal dress.

5. Panama Hat

If you are thinking of Panama it is unlikely that you immediately imagine hats, but Panama hats are a must. Panama Hat is an iconic and timeless style. The hat is made of parts of palm toquilla that is grown in Ecuador. The broad brim and the high crown distinguish it offering an excellent sun-protection. The hat features a broad top and brim, along with natural colors and a light feel, making it ideal for wearing in summer.

6. Bucket Hat

Bucket hats were a hit in the 90s, but their casual, natural style makes them an enduring accessory for males. They are made of various fabrics, such as denim, cotton and nylon. It is distinguished by its downward-sloping brim as well as its circular shape. A bucket hat is typically used in connection with activities outdoors, such as the outdoors, fishing or camp, however it could also be worn as a fashion accessory.

bucket hat men

7. Trilby Hat

Like the fedora, the Trilby hat is a hat with a narrow brim with a creased crown, but it has a few minor differences. One of them is that the brim of a trilby is a bit shorter and angled in the back. Likewise, the crown tends to be shorter and sharply angled. The trilby hat was first popular throughout the 20th and 30th centuries, but is now a common item for male fashions until today.

8. Baseball Cap

Baseball caps do not require any explanation, since they're one of the most sought-after and well-known caps. They were originally designed for baseball players but they have since become an essential fashion item for both men and women. They are usually constructed of wool or cotton and come with an angled brim and built-in crown.

baseball cap men


Hats are among the most versatile fashion choices and can enhance any outfit with their design and character. From the traditional elegance of a fedora, to the casual appeal of a baseball cap choosing the right cap requires consideration of the occasion, your personal preferences and the weather in deciding on your cap. Eric Javits has been known for its top-quality styles that fit with any outfit or event Their collection at Eric Javits has something for everyone!

Find the best men's hats from Eric Javits. Since over 40 years, Eric Javits has created top-quality hats that are fashionable and practical. No matter if you're looking for an elegant fedora or a stylish baseball cap Eric Javits has an hat to suit every occasion and fashion.

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