15 Stylish and Functional Trends for Fall 2023

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Every year, around the middle of August, those interested in fashion begin to sense a faint shift in the air that is almost apparent but recognized. The thought of putting on shorts has suddenly lost some of its appeal, and whenever they open a closet door, their gaze is drawn to a blazer at the back of the wardrobe that has been worn for a few months. Suddenly, shorts seem less appealing. Fall fashion is suddenly rumbling beneath the surface, eagerly waiting for a day with temperatures below seventy degrees to make its grand premiere for the year. We are aware of what is occurring.

Summer brings particular happiness, but it's hard to imagine anybody who doesn't look forward with excitement to the first few days of fall, with their lovely colors and cool breezes. Regardless of how much you like the summer months, after many weeks of oppressive heat, wrapping yourself in a warm sweater and exchanging your sandals for a pair of chunky loafers will be a nice change. Fortunately, that transition is almost upon us.

The fashions of Fall 2023 will be soon, so it is time for us to change our priorities appropriately. Hold on tight because your ideal wardrobe for autumn is just around the corner. As we delve into the upcoming trends, get ready to discover the "15 Stylish and Functional Trends for Fall 2023," unveiling the perfect fusion of fashion and functionality for the season ahead.

Stylish Accessories From Eric Javits

Eric Javits has everything you need regarding accessories to help you build your wardrobe for the fall. We aim to help you embrace hats, shoes, and accessories as part of your wardrobe. If you find an item you like, you can quickly build the rest of your wardrobe around it. If you find a comfortable pair of shoes or a stylish leather bag, you can incorporate it as a centerpiece into what you will wear during the fall. Here are some things that drive design at Eric Javits and trends we see for our customers this fall. 


  • Convenience: At Eric Javits, we make our hats, bags, and shoes convenient for you. If you are looking for a great hat to embrace as part of your wardrobe, all our hats are packable and foldable for travel. If you are looking for a designer leather bag, you will find a bag that is adjustable for comfort and has plenty of storage options for your daily needs.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Our products are framed with the environment in mind. For example, our Squishee® straw, used in many of our hats, is an innovative, sustainable material perfect for everyday use. You will find the Squishee® material in many of our hats and bags. 
  • Comfort and Function: Our designer hats, shoes, and leather bags are comfortable and functional. For example, many of our leather bags, like the Farah I, are designed with expandable storage. The bag will match your size based on what you carry daily. 
  • Breadth of Use: You will find a hat, leather bag, or set of shoes for virtually any occasion. The Farah I and the I Got U bags are designed with a particular celebrity icon in mind, giving you the personality you need for your occasions. 


With this in mind, let's look at some of the hats, shoes, and leather bags from Eric Javits that will inspire you this fall. 


Clogs are here to stay; whether you like it or not, they now come in chunkier and more eccentric styles than ever. You've undoubtedly already caught a peek of TikTokers sporting the traditional Birkenstock styles that had a stranglehold on us when we were in middle school. Still, variants covered with bright embellishments will also enjoy their day in the sun. Imagine shoes with thick bottoms, vivid hues, and maybe even a touch of sherpa here and there. For a sleek, classic look, try the Genevieve Clog. This is a minimalistic design that pairs well with anything. 


You'll move toward the more significant patterns seen on the fall/winter 2022 runways as the weather becomes chillier over the following several months. However, you should not feel compelled to purchase a whole new wardrobe: Your jeans, sweaters, and leather jacket will all have the appearance of being updated if you buy a new pair of slingbacks to go with them. A striking shearling slide is the perfect piece of footwear to take you from summer to autumn with ease. This shoe can be worn throughout the year and gives a touch of shine to any ensemble worn for any event. The Peyton Slingback is made to be comfortable, so it is soft and flexible, and it has a square toe and an open back. To keep the foot in place, it features a delicate leather-covered sling.


If there's one area that's sure to go a touch out-of-the-box come autumn, it's accessories, and this year's are fuzzy and fun. This year's accessories are fuzzy and fun. Accessories for this season are anything from mundane and are designed to grab the attention of onlookers. Examples include sherpa shoes, handbags, and wooly bucket hats.

Crescent Handbag

This will likely be THE most popular handbag trend for the fall of 2023. It is a blend of a hobo bag and a shoulder bag, and owing to the form of the pouch, you could also hear it referred to as a half-moon bag or a straw leather bag. 

If you want to show that you are committed to this style, choose a bright color of unusual leather. In addition to that, there are a lot of quilted textures and vivid designs. Try this Croissant straw leather bag to accentuate your next fall ensemble.

Large Totes 

These are the reverse of the crescent, but I'm seeing a lot of huge, sleek bags created in neutral colors. They're trendy right now. Additionally well-liked this season is the hue green, which may be considered neutral. The Eureka Bag Brown Mix is the most luxurious pouch for daily use.

Hobo Bags 

These are almost a combination of the two above, but the hobo is typically a more prominent shoulder bag with a single compartment and a single strap rather than two. The Cargo Hobo is a large hobo bag worn on the shoulder and made of sturdy 16oz water-repellent canvas trimmed with leather. 

It`s sophisticated and practical design inspired by safaris, the bag blends lightweight durability with stunning details. From the double-stitched pockets on its outer sides to the strap with an adjustable width that wraps around a massive two-ring design, the bag seamlessly blends fashion and practicality.

Fedora Hats 

The best way to embrace the hat for autumn, a time when it's not so much about the warmth of a snug hat or the protection of a sun hat but much more about creating a mood or a style, is to discover the one (or three!) that fits you the most. This is the best approach to embracing the hat for fall. The felt fedoras are now enjoying their day in the spotlight, one of the most exciting things about the current fashion climate. The Jade Wool Fedora looks great casually and can be dressed up for more formal occasions.   

Prints and Patterns 

There are still some classic designs, in addition to some brand-new ones, to be excited about. For example, there is a resurgence of cow prints and the popularity of flowery patterns in autumn! Therefore, you shouldn't anticipate a dull season just because there will be less emphasis on unusual print patterns next year.

There will always be an expectation for flowers in the spring but in the fall? What a pleasant and welcome shock this is! By increasing the size of floral designs to create a brand-new style for autumn 2023, several fashion designers were drawn to a revival of floral patterns for the cooler months of this year.

Once again, the pattern of the cheetah, known for being both speedy and stylish, inspired fashion designers. It has probably been a few years since cheetah spots were at the height of their popularity, but one thing is sure: the pattern will always stay in style as far as print trends are concerned.

The color-blocking effect was particularly influential because each component of an outfit had a different hue. The Sweetie Bag adds a pop of color to an otherwise monochromatic outfit. It is made of Squishee straw, giving it a sophisticated appearance that is always smooth and large enough to carry enough items for leisurely day trips. Pack an additional pair of shoes in your bag to change into when you get to the workplace. A safer and more fashionable option than an open tote, this bag has plenty of space for the kids' food and beverages and looks excellent. 


Leather with the autumn season is a combination that has continued to flourish as a go-to look from the catwalk to street style throughout the years, particularly in the category of outerwear, and it's one of the reasons why leather is so popular. However, on the autumn 2023 runways, presentations, and appointments, modern, emerging, and luxury fashion designers amplified the style with new and surprising layers covering the body from head to toe, using alternative, fake, and genuine leather garments. If you don't want to don head-to-toe leather, try incorporating this trend with the I Got U. The small, multipurpose flap bag is quilted in the softest water-repellent Napa leather and boasts a dramatic shoulder-length chain as well as a gentle, detachable crossbody strap that adapts to your body size. The pouch also has a distinctive design.

Trends for Fall 2023 to Inspire the Rest of Your Wardrobe 

Now that we've looked at designer items from Eric Javits let's look at other ways to highlight your wardrobe this fall. 


Corseted Tops

In contrast to the loose-fitting, cover-up garments popular in previous autumns with COVID-19, the waist is returning for this season. Suppose you've been on social media recently. In that case, it won't come as a surprise to learn that the rise of corsets is here to stay, as the sensual, shape-shifting item has been steadily gaining popularity for quite some time. This autumn, corseted waists will be constructed into tops and skirts and—you guessed it—in plenty of leather, resulting in a seductive atmosphere that will give you a reason to leave home and enjoy the fall weather.

Oversized Button Up

The button-down shirt will always stay in style, although this season's version has a little more padding than average. Put away your button-ups with a slimmer fit and replace them with an oversized version. The most exciting part? Even when worn just with jeans, they will seem fashionable.

White Tank Top

Another trend for autumn '23 that undoubtedly already exists in your wardrobe is the white tank top, which pays homage to the fashion of the early 2000s. On the catwalks for the autumn of 2023, collections of white tanks that shone on their own were highlighted. Please pair it as the best item for transitioning with leather trousers, your favorite baggy jeans, or a maxi skirt.


Cargo Pants

Y2K, as well as everything else, is making a significant return this year, and one of the most likely to induce feelings of nostalgia is cargo, which is at the forefront for autumn. The ever-recognizable khaki hue and casual style are favorites for becoming the bottom of the season. This is in part because celebrities have lately been seen wearing it. This season, the practical attitude can be found on various bottoms, including skirts and trousers.

The Maxi Skirt

After what seems like eons, the mini skirt has been one of the trendiest. For autumn, however, hemlines are taking a considerably longer turn than before. We're eager to give maxi skirts of all lengths, styles, and sizes the spotlight they deserve since they provide the perfect contrast to the ultra-mini skirts that have been trending recently.

Straight Leg Leg Denim

Straight-leg jeans are a classic for a reason. They work on any body type to create the image of longer legs, especially if your jeans have a high waist. This fall, look for cuffs, raw hems, and darting. Straight-leg jeans will work nicely with any look you want on a given day. 

Shop Eric Javits for the Designer Hats, Shoes, and Leather Bags for the Fall

Now that you know what's going on this fall with fashion trends, you need fashionable hats, shoes, and bags to complete your wardrobe. Shop Eric Javits if you want to embrace fashion as part of your wardrobe this fall. 


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