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Western hats, also known as cowboy hats, are an iconic staple of American headwear for both men and women. The traditional silhouette includes a medium to high crown and a wide upturned brim. Originally this shape was designed to provide shade for cattlemen working on desert ranches in the Wild West. Today numerous iterations of it have been adapted by young people that want a cool looking hat. 

While the basics of the style have not changed much over time, today's Western hats are more than just hats — they project a spirit of adventure, hard work and self-reliance. Whether you're looking for a cowboy hat to wear to a concert or you're planning an exciting summer hiking trip, you can find what you need in our collection of stylish Western hats.

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2 products

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Squishee® Straw Western Cowboy Hats for Women

Our Western hats for men and women made of Squishee® material are resilient, durable and non-traditional. The material doesn't melt or crack when wet, and it doesn't require any special care. Since Western hats need to be more structured, the material is treated with a hardener in order to give precision to the shape. These Western hats for sale online are still packable, as they can be packed upside down in a suitcase by stuffing the crown with hosiery and using surrounding articles to support the brim. After many wearings, the hat may soften up sufficiently to fold it and pack it flat. However, this is not recommend unless you are an expert hat wearer and know how to manipulate and reshape it with your own hands. 

Because the fit of a hat is as important as the fit of a shoe, all Eric Javits Western hats have elasticized inner bands, which hug the head gently and comfortably. Some of our Western styles have chin straps enabling the hat to stay secured on windier days.

If you are an individual with a special head size, your favorite Western hat can be ordered in a custom size for a nominal additional fee. Our customer service department can assist you in getting the hat with the correct head size. 

Our attractive, practical Squishee® fabric has been tested and awarded the highest rating for 50+ UPF protection according to independent tests in line with standards set by the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC). The broad brims of these sun hats provide shade and block up to 95% of the sun's harmful UVA/UVB rays, protecting your skin. Today the fastest growing cancer among young people is melanoma, which is caused by sun exposure. Dermatologist recommend wearing a sun hat in conjunction with sunblock in order to protect your skin from premature aging due to ultraviolet radiation.

Wool Felt Western Hats for Sale

Western hats made of wool felt are appropriate for cooler weather or rainy days. Our wool felt Western hats are hand-blocked and water repellent. This is an ideal style, keeping your head warm and dry. Our Western wool felt hats are made from sustainable wool shorn and milled from small farms. Multi-use sheep are cared for under the most humane conditions possible. Though our wool is imported, all of our hats are meticulously designed and hand-trimmed in NYC.

The hand-blocking process allows us to carefully sculpt each hat to achieve the perfect shape and feel. Our skilled artisans uphold the highest standards while producing each piece.

Some of our men’s and women’s wool felt Western hats have wired brims that permit adjusting their shape and slope to complement an individual’s face. Others with no wire and a raw edge can be manipulated by using your hands to roll the brim and then facing steam in the desired area while holding it until the material cools. In order to flatten the brim, it can be ironed flat on an ironing board using a damp cloth between the iron and the felt. Never touch a hot iron directly onto the felt material itself. Our Western hats for men and women look best once they get worn in. Like a good pair of boots, they become part of you and take on the character of the person wearing them after a long period of time. 

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Eric Javits's non-traditional Western hats are designed to be used everyday no matter where you live. They are proportioned for a variety of face shapes. You can get one delivered directly to your door with international shipping. Browse our online collection of men’s and women’s designer Western hats to find your new favorite accessory.