Women’s Packable Sun Hats for Sale Online

Stay cool this summer with show-stopping sun hats from Eric Javits. Our stylish, high-quality sun hats provide shade and protection from the sun's harmful rays, allowing you to enjoy your favorite summertime activities. Choose from a wide variety of styles and materials to find the perfect hat to take on your next sun-soaked adventure.

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Turn Heads With Your New Sun Hat

From casual classics to stunning silhouettes, our collection of summer sun hats will complement any outfit. Several styles are available in different colors, including neutral tones, bright hues and exciting patterns. They also include a variety of feminine finishing touches like bold bands, grosgrain ribbon chin ties and stylish fringe edges.

Our sun hats offer a sufficiently wide brim to shade your face and head from the sun and protect your skin. Melanoma is the fastest growing skin cancer among the 20-30 age group. All dermatologists recommend wearing a sunhat in conjunction with sunscreen. It is known that sunscreen’s effectiveness diminishes after two hours of exposure to air and light and needs to be reapplied. While it feels good to be out in the sun, it can be your skin’s worst enemy. No single method of sun defense can protect you perfectly, but a hat providing sufficient coverage is the best protection. Why not protect your face while looking stylish? Our favorite summer sun hat designs include:

  • Visors: Choose between classic visor silhouettes or more modern styles to find the right fit for every activity, from picnics and beach days to tennis and golf trips.
  • Floppy hats: These fun, dramatic styles offer broad brims that wrap all the way around to protect your head, face, neck and shoulders.
  • Fedoras: Browse modern takes on this timeless, elegant style in lightweight Squishee® straw that keeps you feeling cool and looking attractive.
  • Bucket hats: Always in style, bucket hats offer playful silhouettes to enhance your summer wardrobe and keep you shaded.

Whether you're looking for a easy to wear visor or an eye-catching floppy hat, you're sure to find a packable sun hat to suit your style.

Signature Squishee® Styles

Our summer sun hats are made from our patented Squishee® material, which is practical and durable. Hats made of Squishee® are so lightweight and comfortable, you will forget you have one on. Squishee® is a man-made, sustainable material incorporating partially recycled plastic which resembles natural raffia straw. Eric Javits hats far outperform natural fiber styles.

Squishee® straw has been granted the highest 50+ UPF rating after independent testing in accordance with guidelines from the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC), meaning this fabric is able to block up to 95% of the sun's harmful UVA/UVB radiation. You can enjoy a carefree summer and live a normal life, with the protection of a Squishee® sun hat. It is clear that putting shade on your face can help prevent skin cancer. Keep in mind that those harmful ultraviolet rays not only contribute to skin cancer, but they also lead to the skin’s premature aging. Sun exposure causes a breakdown of collagen and causes sunspots. Small efforts cumulative and will add up over time. Hat wearing in conjunction with sunscreen should become a daily practice and you will always have beautiful skin. 

Packable Women's Sun Hats

Summer is a time for on-the-go adventures and trips to your favorite destinations, and our sun hats are the perfect travel companion. Our Squishee® material is unlike any other because it permits hats to be packed without damaging. 

Some styles can be rolled or folded to pack in your beach bag. Others are put in a suitcase upside down with surrounding articles to support the brim. With either method you hat emerges from packing undamaged. Squishee® doesn’t crack, splinter or melt when wet. Wear an Eric Javits hat and you will look great and be protected; now you can have fun in the sun. 

Find Your New Favorite Sun Hat

Enjoy the outdoors fearlessly this summer knowing your head, face and neck are protected with an Eric Javits Squishee® straw sun hat. Browse our online inventory of bold, feminine sun hats to find the right style to take on your next summertime adventure.