Women's Designer Rain Hats for Sale Online

Ditch your umbrella and invest in a chic rain hat from Eric Javits. These women's rain hats feature outstanding designs, materials and patterns that will brighten up even the dreariest days, while keeping your head warm and dry. Browse our collection online to find the perfect rain hat to complement your style.

10 products

10 products

Kaya Rain Hat - Final Sale
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Patti Bucket Rain Hat - Final Sale
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Rain Bucket - Final Sale
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Kaya Rain - Final Sale
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Rain Floppy - Final Sale
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Patti Bucket Hat - Final Sale
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Chevra Bucket - Final Sale
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Gogo Rain Bucket
Rain Bucket - Purple - Final Sale
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Top Quality Water-Repellent Materials

Eric Javits designs stylish women's rain hats that are also very practical. The highest quality rain nylon and recycled polyester fabrics with a very tight weave are treated for water repellency. These materials are lightweight, feel great and are extremely durable. They are also easy to spot clean with mild soap and a damp sponge. Our collection of rain hats for women also include a variety of other water repellent materials such as: vinyl, canvas, and vegan patent leather. Each is meticulously constructed with attention to detail, and proportioned to flatter a variety of face shapes. 

  • Microfiber nylon: Many of the rain hats in our collection are made from superfine microfiber nylon fabric that repels water. This material is lightweight and versatile.
  • Patent leather: This high-gloss, leather-like material is virtually waterproof but still flexible. It's the perfect material for a comfortable, stylish rain hat. Make a statement with a chic, shiny hat that keeps your head totally dry.
  • See-through vinyl: Our see-through vinyl is crystal clear, which means your view is totally unobstructed. This material is used for our Gogo rain bucket, a 1960’s inspired bucket, which features a wide downward sloping brim.
  • Nylon mesh interlining: For some rain hats with larger brims, we incorporate a nylon mesh interlining for added support. This in-between layer holds the brim in position during a heavy downpour, keeping your head dry.
  • Water-repellent canvas: Cotton canvas fabric treated with a water-repellent coating is durable and sturdy, adding support to our vegan patent leather rain hats. We use this canvas material strategically placed over the stitch holes to help keep you dry.

Most of our hats are made in the United States using these imported, top-quality materials.

Style and Practicality

For over 35 years, the Eric Javits brand has become known for offering a superior product to all others. Neither style nor function are ever compromised. There is always a perfect balance in every product. Eric’s background in fine arts, and as a sculptor give his products an edge. Each women’s rain hat is designed and proportioned to bring harmony and balance to a woman’s face. Women come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our women’s rain hats for sale online. 

Eric Javits rain hats are lightweight and crushable, so you can roll them up and stow them in a coat pocket or tote bag when not in use. Unlike cumbersome umbrellas that you need to check at the door, your rain hat is compact and easy to store wherever you have space. Stash your hat in your car or office so it's always there when you need it, and you'll never be caught in the rain again.

Rain hats also offer hands-free protection on rainy days. Every hat in our collection features an elasticized inner band which hugs your head gently, providing the perfect fit, and keeping your hat in place during windy or stormy weather. 

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