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When summer ends and the cool days of fall and winter set in, a comfortable wool felt hat becomes a great addition to your wardrobe. These stylish, durable wool hats will keep your head warm, enhance your features and update your look. No other accessory can give you an edgier look or add to your cool factor the way wool felt fedora will. 

9 products

9 products

Wool Zora Felt Fedora Hat
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L'Avenue Wool Felt
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Wool Western
Ms Cool Wool Felt Fedora Hat
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Wool Mod Cap 65% OFF - Final Sale
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Jade Wool Felt Fedora Hat
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Tracy Wool Felt Fedora Hat
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Jamie Felt Fedora
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Wool Gaucho Boater Hat

Designed for Elegance and Function

Since 1985, Eric Javits has designed some of the most stylish and innovative fashion accessories on the market. His outstanding wool felt hats are no exception, combining down-to-earth sophistication, practicality, and comfort. We encourage you to manipulate wool hats when trying them on into a variety of positions, that way you will see how it works best on you. 

Our collection of wool hats for women for sale online include several timeless styles, including:

  • Gaucho Boater hats: Embrace a dramatic look with our flat-crowned, extended flat brim Gaucho Boater hat available in black or red. This fully-lined hat is finished with a beautifully embroidered grosgrain ribbon. This shape flatters oval and long oval faces when the brim is worn low and titled, reducing the length of the face. 
  • Wool felt fedoras: Stylish and timeless, felt fedoras recall the elegance of old Hollywood and film noir fashion. Our collection includes several styles of wool felt fedora hats for sale online in a variety of colors and finishes.
  • Wool Mod caps: Perfect for keeping warm on chilly Autumn days, this wool, six-sectioned hat features exciting patterns and color options to spice up your wardrobe.
  • Western felt hats: Our hand-blocked wool felt Western hat features a wired brim so you can change its slope to suit your mood and your face. This hat is finished with crocodile-embossed calf leather lacing for a rugged yet polished detail.

Our Western hat, and some wool felt fedora hats are packable by turning them upside down in a suite case, stuffing the crown with hosiery and using surrounding articles to support the brim. Many of our wool hats for sale online are packable. You can roll or fold your wool mod cap or wool cloche to stick it in your coat pocket, or stow it in your tote bag. When you're ready to wear your hat again, just unroll it. Your wool hat will regain its original shape. Wool hats should take on the character of the person wearing them. Expert hat wearers feel the dents and contours due to packing and everyday use, give your hat character, making it even more special. A felt hat that appears too mushed or misshapen can be revived with steam from a steam iron. Use a towel or potholder to support the dent or wrinkle into the desired position while steaming, holding it there until it cools. This should reduce or remove the dent or wrinkle as desired. 

Exceptional Materials and Craftsmanship

Wool felt is historically one of the most common materials used in creating semi- structured hats for winter. Our classic women’s wool felt hats are made from sustainable wool shorn and milled from small farms. Multi-use sheep are cared for under the most humane conditions possible. Though our wool is imported, all of our hats are meticulously designed and hand-blocked in NYC.

Each cold-weather hat in our collection features the finish and detail to enhance the style of your hat. Most styles are available in a range of colors, including black, and shades of camel, and brown. Some are available in lighter shades or bright red so you can find the hat that best suits your style.

The fit of a hat is as important as the fit of a shoe. All Eric Javits hats have elasticized inner bands, which hug the head comfortably. If your head itches while wearing the hat, it means it is fitting too snuggly, cutting off your circulation. If the hat spins around on your head, it means the hat is too loose. 

If you are an individual with a special head size, your favorite hat can be ordered in a custom size for a nominal additional fee. Our customer service department can assist you in getting the hat with the correct head size. Hand-blocking is an old-fashioned technique where the felt material is dampened, steamed and then sculpted over a carved wooden hat block. It then goes into a drying oven to set the shape. The hat then undergoes several steps for finishing and trimming. This method takes skilled craftsmanship and time to complete, but we think it's worth it because the result is a much higher-quality finish that feels better, lasts and retains it’s shape. All of our felt hats for women for sale online are hand-blocked.

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Eric Javits wool felt hats are made in the United States using high-quality materials imported from around the world. Shop our online collection today for international shipping on any of our wool felt hats.