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Women's clutches were popularized in the 1920s and continued to be used in all subsequent decades. Style icons like Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s and Audrey Hepburn used them in the 1960s. When these glamorous women donned the small, hand-held bags, they became synonymous with Hollywood and high-end fashion. Today’s fashion icons like Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Rhianna have all been photographed wearing various iterations of the ever popular clutch bag. 

Clutches are compact hand-held purses used to carry your essentials when carrying a larger amount of possessions is unnecessary. These sleek, elegant pouches can be incorporated for everyday use by slipping them into a larger bag. They add a pop of Hollywood glamour for an evening out on the town or special event. They also are best for dinning out since they do not take a lot of space up at the table. 

At Eric Javits, we have a tightly edited selection of stylish clutch purses that are guaranteed to suit your small bag needs. You can dress them up for a special occasion or use them as an accent to freshen up your late day wardrobe. Shop our selection online of women's fashion clutch bags for sale.

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Minimal, Modern and Contemporary Clutches for Sale

While clutches come in a range of sizes, styles and shapes, they are traditionally small and sleek. These compact handbags are designed when you need access to a minimum of items such as lipstick, cellphone, wallet and keys. In many ways, a clutch serves as the ideal answer to not being encumbered by a larger bag. A clutch bag should be a small accent to your overall look and not be the first thing you notice.

Today’s clutches are the perfect size to add flair to an outfit without overpowering the whole ensemble. Eric Javits clutches have detachable, longer straps which add versatility and end use options. Add a statement clutch to an otherwise simple outfit to transform it into something spectacular — or take the opposite approach and simply ad a pop of contrast color to a monochromatic look. Eric Javits offers fashionable crocodile embossed clutch bags in different finishes, including metallics. You will also find rich velvet and embellishments such as Swarovski crystals.

 Clutch bags only hold what's necessary, you don't have to clean out your whole bag when you decide to try a new look. Simply transfer the essentials over and rock your new clutch.

Women's Leather Clutches

Eric Javits designed our collection of women's clutches for sale online. He developed the first models and guided the pattern makers in every detail. The hallmark of Eric’s style is intelligent luxury. Each clutch is constructed from the highest quality material and designed to be lightweight, practical and durable.

Eric believes that versatility is key when it comes to handbags. It should hold exactly what you need for that specific occasion and fit seamlessly into your style for many seasons.

Our women’s clutch bags for sale online will add the perfect touch. Because of the strap options you will use them more than you think. Most styles include straps and detachable chains so your bag can be converted from a clutch to a wristlet, to a handsfree shoulder or crossbody bag. This versatility is what makes clutches modern for today’s active lifestyle. 

Shop Women's Leather Clutch Bags for Sale Online

Enhance your wardrobe by adding a stylish, practical Eric Javits clutch. Eric Javits is based in NYC, his clutch bags are sold exclusively online at Ericjavits.com. Now you can get your new clutch delivered directly to your door with international shipping. Browse our collection of women’s handbags for sale online to pick the perfect one for you.